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CATCOM September 26, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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CATCOM September 26, 2006

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CATCOM September 26, 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CATCOM September 26, 2006. Happy Autumnal Equinox!!!!!. Celebrate the Gifts of Nature!. Agenda. Roll Call Schedule for pulling ADUN statistics Nightly Advisor Maintenance is ready for the Upgrade! CATCOM Testing Results Let this be Your Meeting 8.9 Upgrade Project Status

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September 26, 2006



  • Roll Call
  • Schedule for pulling ADUN statistics
  • Nightly Advisor Maintenance is ready for the Upgrade!
  • CATCOM Testing Results
  • Let this be Your Meeting
  • 8.9 Upgrade Project Status
  • Presentation: “Louie On-line Upgrade - What’s Coming in October”

Schedule for Pulling ADUN Statistics

Warning! Warning!!

Fall Census

Just prior to Spring matriculation in November

Spring Census

Just prior to Fall matriculation in April


Nightly Advisor Maintenance is Ready!

  • Enhancements will take effect with Oct 22 Upgrade Implementation
  • Notable enhancements
    • Introduction of Graduate Career processing
    • Re-activation of inactivated students/advisor assignments
    • Removal of “excess” INAC and ADUN rows
  • Future enhancements?
    • Specific criteria for assigning something other than ADUN?
      • E.G. - if Undergraduate undecided then Gateway or
        • - if Undergraduate < n Hours then Gateway
    • Other batch processes?
      • E.G. - “migrating” Gateway kids to actual school/dept via ADUN

CATCOM Testing Results

  • Sit downs with...
    • Debbie Berktold
    • Debbie Wildermuth
    • Glen Hansen
    • Kathleen Carpenter & Colleen Rice (the “een” sisters)
  • Fruitful sessions...many items of concern were identified
    • Some items were already “in the works”
    • Some items I have put on the wish list
    • Many items have been addressed...

CATCOM Testing Results

  • Your feedback really does matter! The following items were identified and corrected...
    • NAU_ID missing from "Record Dept Equivalencies” search dialogue (miscommunication/misunderstanding)
    • Advisee Class Schedule missing filter options for Enrolled, Dropped and Wait Listed (Vendor oversight)
    • Advisor ID prompt within advisor maintenance not returning a full set of search arguments (now you see it, now you don’t)
    • All sections of a class do not appear at once (if more than 3) on a class search requiring the operator to click "view all". (New mod created and applied)

CATCOM Testing Results

  • On Class Schedule, search results show the number of reserve cap seats assigned to the section but no indication is given of how many of these seats have been taken/remain. (worked with AIO to develop/enhance a modification)
  • Study List accessed from Enrollment Request no longer carries the "Tuition Calculation" link (local mod that fell through the cracks)
  • Academic Institution (NAU00) is not defaulting on the Degree Progress report request(vendor eliminated standard default behavior, new local mod created)
  • Two or three security-related glicthes were addressed

Let this be YOUR Meeting!

  • Let me know what you want to discuss.
  • Let me know if there is something you would like reviewed.
  • Let me know if you want to present a topic.
  • Let me know your wish list.
  • Futures
    • Consideration of wish lists. Determination of system change requests.

8.9 Upgrade Project Status

  • Full reports available at under “Notes and Minutes”
  • Highlights
    • We just completed a major milestone – the completion of all scheduled modifications and re-development
    • Business Objects Report Verification is on-going
    • Training Classes are in dress rehearsal this week and begin next week
    • Parallel and Integration Testing now begins
    • System Performance Test is scheduled for Oct 10
    • Test Move #8 is in progress
    • Dress Rehearsal is scheduled to begin at 12:01am on Wednesday, Oct 3.


Louie On-line Upgrade - What’s Coming in October



Good of the Order

Next Time