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Administering and Managing TWO

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Administering and Managing TWO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Administering and Managing TWO. 79 sites – 77 using TWO. Do you know how to login?. The first time user “admin” logs in the password is the 20 digit registration code (all caps with hyphens). Who are Administrator users?. Could be TC, ERO, LC - anyone. ADMIN user

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administering and managing two

Administering and Managing TWO

79 sites – 77 using TWO

do you know how to login
Do you know how to login?

The first time user “admin” logs in the password is the 20 digit registration code (all caps with hyphens)


Who are Administrator users?

Could be TC, ERO, LC - anyone

  • ADMIN user
  • Any user given the role of Administrator

ADMIN user

  • ADMIN is the name of the “original” TWO user – that is, ADMIN is the only program user when a Client ID is assigned.
  • ADMIN is the user to first open the new Client ID (by logging in).
  • ADMIN initially uses the Registration Code as the password; later it can be changed to an 8 character password.
  • ADMIN must accept the CCH License Agreement for each tax year to open that year’s program for tax preparation.
  • ADMIN creates additional users and assigns user roles.
what do administrators do

What do Administrators do?

1. “Build” the program using:

a. Manage Users

b. Settings

c. Return Templates

2. “Repair” the program using:

a. Delete Returns

b. Clear Sent E-files

c. Restore Deleted Returns

d. Move Returns


Building Tools

Repair Tools



Suggest - Local Coordinator’s email address

Active = check in box; Inactive = no check in box

Return Preparer = pre-certification

SuperUser = after certification

Administrator = 3 per site

Interviewer = not used

Template Manager = admin only

Reviewer = QR

Efile Manager = ERO only


“New Return Template” window:

Choosing an existing template to modify simplifies creating a new template – using the Master Template is not recommended


“Assign Return Template” window:

Choose the template that is to be assigned

Check the boxes to identify who will use this template to prepare future tax returns


Repair Tools

(on TWO Home Page)


This screen lists all submitted e-files, not yet acknowledged and is only completed when requested by CCH. This tool is rarely used.


Screen lists all returns in the database.

“Move Returns” removes the identity of originating user, replacing it with new user’s identity.

Select a user; select returns; click “Move”; wait;

click “Close”


Login to TW13 Training with ADMINprivileges

Name your template

Select Create


Make any desired changes to the Client Letter in your Word processor.

  • Highlight the entire letter. Copy to the clip board.
  • Return to your Client Letter Template and paste.
  • This puts the client letter in your list of client letters and can be selected when the return is completed.
ero primary duty
ERO Primary Duty

Electronically file Federal and State tax returns with the IRS and State tax agencies using TaxWise™ software (TWO) once returns are Quality Reviewed


Establish a process to insure all returns are promptly submitted

Track status of all returns from creation to acceptance

Receive return acknowledgments

Ensure all rejects are promptly corrected & accepted, or converted to paper returns

use activity reporting quality review ero tracking log
UseActivity Reporting/ Quality Review ERO Tracking Log

Use the ERO Tracking Log to track status of federal and state returns, questions asked, paper returns or pending completion

ERO Tracking Log is available on Sharenet (Search on “Activity Log”)

Site can modify the form if needed to meet local needs.

return stage
Return Stage

Return Stagein TaxWise can be helpful in tracking return status

Return Stage –Can be helpful in keeping the ERO informed on the status of each return

All volunteers can update the Return Stage each time a return is changed

return diary information
Return Diary Information
  • Taxpayer Diary new last year
  • Used to provide information on in process returns
e file process
E-file Process

Quality Reviewer validates return, creates e-file(s) and sets Return Stage

Complete ERO Tracking Log to see that all completed returns are accounted for

now wait
Now Wait

Federal and state acceptance estimated timeframes

15 – 60 minutes – Federal returns

Time varies for State returns

Review acceptances/rejections – If using ERO Tracking Log, update

Correct rejects

Provide feedback to all counselors

state returns
State Returns

State returns submitted together with a Federal will be held (Desktop or TWO) until the Federal Return is accepted

After Federal acceptance transmit State – Preferred

State returns can also be submitted on their own by checking [unlinked] on state return

a return was rejected
A Return Was Rejected!

Correct error

New 8879 signatures needed if :

SSN or name changed

Change in total income or AGI is $50 or more and….

Change in total tax, federal tax withheld, refund or amount due is more than $14

Advise taxpayer of change and provide a corrected copy

If cannot be e-filed, convert to paper

The taxpayer must mail the return

Provide feedback to counselor, quality reviewerand LC