nwa 2012 strategic planning survey results
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NWA 2012 Strategic Planning Survey Results

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NWA 2012 Strategic Planning Survey Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NWA 2012 Strategic Planning Survey Results . NWA Annual Meeting Salem, OR April 2012. Survey Results. NWA has 202 active members Survey was sent to 209 members 74 survey responses were received and analyzed A 36 \% response rate!. Question 1. Question 2. Question 3.

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nwa 2012 strategic planning survey results

NWA 2012 Strategic Planning Survey Results

NWA Annual Meeting

Salem, OR

April 2012

survey results
Survey Results
  • NWA has 202 active members
  • Survey was sent to 209 members
  • 74 survey responses were received and analyzed
  • A36% response rate!
question 3
Question 3

NWA does these things well re: Continuing Education:

  • Hosting SAA workshops (EAD and DACS, etc.)
  • Mentoring program
  • Annual meeting sessions re: professional development
  • Holding workshops in various places around the Northwest
  • Holding workshops at various times of the year
  • Being present when called upon
question 4
Question 4

NWA could do these things better re: Continuing Education:

  • List of local / national experts to call with specific issues
  • Focus on innovative skills development
  • Listen to members’ wants / needs
  • Better mentoring / helping new archivists get jobs
  • More offerings throughout the year
  • Offer workshops toward DAS certification
  • Partner with other local / regional groups to increase offerings
  • Bring in SAA training at times other than annual meeting
  • Alternative methods of delivering training (online, etc.)
  • Develop comprehensive plan that includes topics / instructors
  • Develop a funding model
  • Distribute training throughout the region
  • Advertising and outreach
  • Increase frequency of offerings
  • Give support to institutions / subgroups needing assistance
  • Need general workshops for beginners / new archivists
  • Have at least 1-2 SAA workshops available at each annual meeting
  • Develop home-grown workshops that are less expensive than SAA’s
  • Include non-members
question 7
Question 7

NWA does these things well re: Advocacy / Outreach:

  • State representatives
  • Archives Month
  • Manageable membership fees
  • Emails and new member welcome
  • Active interest of new members
  • Sense of community among members
  • Mentor program
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Represents entire region
  • Easy Access
question 8
Question 8

NWA could do these things better re: Advocacy / Outreach:

  • Partner with libraries, museums, historical societies
  • More activities within each state to galvanize members (AK)
  • Provide guidance in how to recruit new members
  • Outreach to students and new professionals
  • Partner with other archival organizations more often
  • Better promote our scholarships, mentor program, awards, and grant programs (via website)
  • More efforts toward local issues / advocacy / crises (budget, etc.)
  • Encourage NWA members to get together locally
  • Benchmark other regionals to learn new things
  • Give members a break in cost for meeting and workshop registration – make it close to or above cost of membership
  • Aim for national impact like MARAC and MAC
  • Bring in general public and professional groups as allies
  • More involvement in History Day, Archives Month, other groups with interest in preserving records
  • More inclusive outreach
  • Identify ways to lobby / promote archives’ funding and support in state and local govt.
  • Work with SAA on national issues
  • Communicate more effectively with membership about what’s being done avocacy-wise
  • Demonstrate advantages of professional development and opportunities
  • Outreach to programs that train archivists
  • Approach members who rarely serve on committees to become involved
question 11
Question 11

NWA does these things well re: Organizational Structure:

  • State reps engaged with local members
  • Recruiting young professionals into positions
  • Clearly defined officer positions
  • Organizational guidelines clear and easy to use
  • Fair and well-publicized elections
  • Good mix of elected and appointed service opps
  • Regional news in Easy Access
question 12
Question 12

NWA could do these things better re: Organizational Structure:

  • Encourage more people to participate in leadership
  • Better use of state reps – expand their duties / highlight their contributions
  • Add a Board position representing students / new professionals
  • More communication between Board and membership throughout year
  • Interact with state agencies
  • President should communicate more with membership – discuss initiatives and work being done for NWA
  • Share the workload to prevent burnout
  • Add a Board position of “NWA Archivist” for knowledge management and outreach
  • Put one Board member on every NWA committee
  • Establish Board-member-only committees as well – Finance Committee with Treasurer / state rep(s) – Compliance Committee with Secretary / state rep(s) – Member Outreach Committee with Member Coordinator /state rep(s) – etc.
question 15
Question 15

NWA does this well re: Committee Structure:

  • Targeted, project-based committees
  • Current committees sounds good in theory
  • Committee goals get accomplished
  • Recruiting new people for committees
  • Use of committees to address needs and issues
  • Great = local arrangements, program, mentoring
  • Guidelines and expectations are very clear
  • Doing fine = publications, awards, nominating
  • Always have enough members
question 16
Question 16

NWA could do these things better re: Committee Structure:

  • Keep track of standing committees and keep them functioning
  • More activity in committees – have phone conferences, etc.
  • Need progress reports from committees
  • Publicize all committees and member opportunities to increase involvement
  • Strategically tap new people to serve
  • Recruit more new professionals for committees
  • More formal integration into NWA organizational structure
  • Board member on every committee
  • Committees need formal mandates, charges, timelines, accountability
  • Committees need structure, direction, monitoring
  • Form new committees for special projects
  • Don’t let committees get lost from one administration to another
  • General awareness of which committees are active, including ad-hoc
question 19
Question 19

NWA does these things well re: Communications / Publications:

  • Website
  • Easy Access (electronic)
  • Emails / Listserv
  • Social media
  • Facebook page
  • Responsive to correcting errors
  • Multiple methods to reach diverse membership – good balance
  • Creating member interaction for fun and bonding
  • Website for job vacancies
  • Website for paying membership dues
question 20
Question 20

NWA could do these things better re: Communication / Publications:

  • Enhance awareness of and use of Listserv
  • Newsletter is difficult to read in current format
  • More member contributions to Easy Access re: projects and challenges being faced
  • Update website more frequently
  • Publish annual meeting details earlier
  • Give less attention to social media – too time-consuming
  • Empower people to communicate
  • Website is hard to navigate – how to find Board minutes?
  • Make “News from the Northwest” more concise
  • NWA blog – is anyone using it? Shall we keep it?
  • More communication from officers on regular basis
  • Social media being under-utilized
  • ALL communication should go out via Listserv to create dialog between all members
question 23
Question 23

NWA does these things well re: Annual Meeting:

  • It’s a good length
  • Rotating meetings around wide geographic area
  • Well-organized
  • Excellent content
  • Very welcoming
  • Sessions feature innovative projects and professional content
  • Registration is affordable and process is easy
  • Sessions feature variety and appeal to the entire demographic
  • Involving students
  • Local interest at meeting site
  • Meeting minutes are helpful
  • Local Arrangements Committee always does a great job
  • Makes good use of alliances
  • Well-promoted
question 24
Question 24

NWA could do these things better re: Annual Meeting:

  • Have archival researchers as speakers
  • Hold the meeting during the work week – not on weekend
  • Give advance guidance to local arrangements committees
  • More sessions about practical problems – donations, state archives, processing
  • Problem with distance and lack of funds
  • Explore other meeting collaborations
  • Hotel with free wi-fi
  • Sessions should appeal to all types of repositories
  • More sessions on records management
  • Stop having meetings with non-archival groups – especially ones devoted to a single state
  • Hold meetings in centrally-located venues (most members are in the I-5 corridor)
  • More sessions to promote networking and getting to know one another
  • Better coverage on website regarding what to expect at meeting
  • Experiment with session formats
  • Have ALL states present on general topics
  • Offer three sessions per time period in “tracks” – 1) how-to sessions from beginning to advanced, 2) theory, philosophy, history, 3) showcase state in which meeting is held
  • Coordinate between Education Committee and Program Committee on sessions and workshops
  • Put a student / new professional on annual meeting committees
  • Put chairs of Local Arrangements Comm. and Program Comm. on 3-year cycle to gain more experience
  • Session ideas – panel of State Archivists; open forum where members interact over current issues
question 25
Question 25

NWA should also address these areas:

  • Align with libraries and museums
  • Address digital collections
  • Address future of archives
  • Need to boost membership in Idaho
  • Diversity in employment AND in the historical record
  • Better communication between members outside annual meeting
  • Designate a repository for the NWA Records
  • Highlight accomplishments of members more often
  • Determine role NWA plays within larger scope of archival organizations – collaborate!
  • Address finances
  • Address growth plans for next 5-10 years
survey priorities most important
Survey Priorities – Most Important
  • Continuing Education / Professional Development – 77% very important
  • Communications / Publications – 67% very important
  • Annual Meeting – 64% very important
  • Advocacy / Outreach – 40% very important
  • Organizational Structure – 17% very important
  • Committee Structure – 13% very important
survey priorities most improvement needed
Survey Priorities – Most Improvement Needed
  • Committee Structure – 6% not well
  • Continuing Education – 5% not well
  • Advocacy / Outreach – 3% not well
  • Annual Meeting – 3% not well
  • Communications / Publications – 2% not well
  • Organizational Structure – 0% not well