us postal stamp printmaking project n.
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US. POSTAL STAMP Printmaking Project PowerPoint Presentation
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US. POSTAL STAMP Printmaking Project

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US. POSTAL STAMP Printmaking Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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US. POSTAL STAMP Printmaking Project.

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US. POSTAL STAMP Printmaking Project

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US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectGOAL:Create a stamp design to be printed from a linoleum block Composition must showcase: - one word that embodies your chosen book/film/show - imagery from your chosen book/film/show - stamp iconography: “forever” or “46 cents” & scalloped edge


US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:You will have many steps ahead of you… 1. Research chosen book/film/show (collect photo reference)2. Brainstorm meaningful words, imagery, and compositional possibilities (thumbnails) 3. Create a to-scale sketch & transfer to linoleum plate4. Gouge out negative space from the linoleum plate5. Print 6. Crop and Mat


US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:1. Research chosen book/film/show… Using the internet, home movies/books and home television find a book, movie, or show that you would like to use as your inspiration. If you haven’t seen/read it in a while, and you don’t have time to catch up, maybe it isn’t the best choice to be inspired by!In your sketchbook write down:Important imagery, Characters, Scenes, Feelings, Moods, Messages or Meanings from the book, movie, or showPrint many photo references of recognizable visual elements


US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:2. Brainstorm meaningful words, imagery, & compositions- Create a list of 4 possible words that embody the book/film/show- Print the words that embody the book/film/show in at least 3 different font types- Complete 12 compositional thumbnailsThumbnails must include: imagery from the short film1 meaningful word in a font type worked inStamp iconography: “forever” or “46 cents” & scalloped edge


US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:3. Create a to-scale sketch In pencil create a complete sketch of your design to-scale.- Choose and print text at actual size to trace onto this complete sketch.- Transfer to-scale sketch to linoleum plate.

us postal stamp printmaking project objectives 4 gouge out negative space from linoleum plate
US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:4. Gouge out negative space from linoleum plate

BE SAFE! Pay attention to safety tips during demo - Cut away from your body, not towards

Remember that your plate will print everything backwards - Flip sketch upside down and trace over your lines to get the reverse image

Use different gouges to create a variety of line weights.

IMPORTANT - Carved out areas will not print in ink; they will be left the paper color.


US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:5. Print- Print using the techniques demonstrated in class.- You may print multiple times- One color per print- Wash and dry your plate between prints- Walk wet prints to drying wrack in between prints- Do not leave your tray or brayer in the sink!!


Conceptual & Compositional Brainstorming & DesignElements & Principles:Use your knowledge of the elements & principles to fuse text and imagery together into a successful composition. How does an artist generate compositions that follow the elements & principles?Let’s review…


Dave McKeanCONTRASTthe HUGE changes we make in art elements can make even the smallest elements stand out. Light vs. DarkOrganic vs. GeometricBright vs. DullTextured vs. Smoothetc…


Drew StruzanEMPHASISthe size, texture (or lack of texture), placement, and color of shapes and imagery can create a focal point in a composition. You want a viewer to look around the entire image however one element or area of focus is essential. Balance can also work in your favor to create emphasis. Chaotic compositions will not have a focal point.


Robert RauschenbergPROPORTIONthe sizes of shapes and imagery can create interest in a composition. Don’t be afraid to make an image smaller or larger than it should be in relation to other imagery. Doing so can create emphasis to or away from this object.


Greg SpalenkaBALANCEsymmetry does not have to be perfect, but should be considered: vertical, horizontal, radial & asymmetrySHAPEhow will the shapes layer morph & extend to each other?


Fred OtnesVARIETYorganize & layer similar art elements throughout your compositionTEXTUREuse a variety of textures sizes to create areas of emphasis make negative space more interesting


Leo & Diane DillonSPACEuse layering to add depth to simple compositions to create variety and interestMOVEMENTuse a variety layers to create movement and emphasis


Leo & Diane DillonTEXTURE use texture to transform simple compositions into a more complete and complex visual appearance. use texture to create gusto in areas of numerous empty shapes making interesting areas of negative space