Sometimes there s too much of this don t smoke crap changes in young smokers beliefs 1977 2008
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“Sometimes there’s too much of this ‘Don’t Smoke’ crap”: Changes in Young Smokers’ Beliefs 1977-2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Sometimes there’s too much of this ‘Don’t Smoke’ crap”: Changes in Young Smokers’ Beliefs 1977-2008. Brennen Mills Dr Owen Carter. 1977!!!. Project 16. 1982!!!. Project Plus/Minus. Has anything changed in the last 5 years?. 2008!!!. Objectives of our study.

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Sometimes there s too much of this don t smoke crap changes in young smokers beliefs 1977 2008

“Sometimes there’s too much of this ‘Don’t Smoke’ crap”:Changes in Young Smokers’ Beliefs 1977-2008

Brennen Mills

Dr Owen Carter

1977!!! crap”:

Project 16 crap”:

1982!!! crap”:

Project Plus/Minus crap”:

Has anything changed in the last 5 years?

2008!!! crap”:

Objectives of our study
Objectives of our study crap”:

Re-create examination done by Project Plus/Minus (1982)



Relevance of 1982 in Canada crap”:

to now in Australia


1971 - Media advertising ban

1972 - Health warnings on cigarette


1977 - Laws restricting where smoking is


1979 - National Canadian Newspaper runs

a stop-smoking campaign

1982 – Smoking causes Coronary Heart


1988 - Can’t sell to minors, no smoking in

aircraft or on trains

2000 - Graphic images cover half of

cigarette pack

2005 – Ban of point of sale displays

2006 - Banned in all enclosed public places


1976 - Media advertising ban

1983 - First tobacco control TV ads

1990 - Magazine advertising ban

1991 - WA schools become smoke-


1994 - Billboard advertising banned

1997 - First national TV campaign

1999 - Prohibits smoking in public

places with food

2006 - Pubs, nightclubs and sporting

clubs smoke-free in WA

2006 - Graphic images on cigarette


2007 - Point of sale displays limited

1 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. 2007 National

Drug Strategy Household Survey: state and territory

supplement. Drug statistics series no. 21. AIHW cat. no.

PHE 102. Canberra: AIHW; 2008.

10 Coase P, Miller J. ASSAD smoking report 2005: a research

report prepared for the Drug and Alcohol Office WA. Perth:

TNS Social Research; 2007.

Methodology crap”:

Male smokers 16-18

Female smokers 16-18

Male smokers 19-24

Female smokers 19-24

Male ex-smokers 19-24

Females ex-smokers 19-24

Why do young people start smoking
Why do young people start smoking? crap”:

1982 - “All the really popular people were smoking

and they’d offer you a cigarette.

‘Aw come on, sure you can try it!’

So you’d cough your guts out, but it was cool you know”

1982 – “I was curious…and everyone else was

smoking so I thought I’d be with the crowd”

1982 – “I just smoked occasionally to be part of the gang”

Peer Pressure

2008 - “I don’t think any smoker wants to make

anyone else smoke”

Peer acceptance

1982 - “I started working in this place;

everybody smoked there, so I started too.

You were a goof if you didn’t”

Perceived Pressure

The ‘in’ factor

1982 - “Because others I worked with did it, I did it. If I was offered a smoke I’d take it because

I was new and you don’t want everybody to think your above them, you have to blend in”

2008 - “You just felt like you were in… Who doesn’t want to fit in with everyone else?”

2008 - “You’re bonding with that group….you find yourself doing it because everyone else is”

2008 - “It wasn’t like, if you don’t smoke your not ‘in’, they probably just subconsciously

accept you more”

Why do young people start smoking? crap”:

1982 - “I had this real boring summer job and a lot of time there was

nothing to do except smoke, or suck ink out of a ballpoint or something.”

2008 - “It’s a nice little break in

your life, it kills time”

2009 - “It’s like an escape having

a schmoke”

Peer Pressure


Peer acceptance

1982 - “If your sitting around having

coffee, it’s easier to talk and stuff,

you’re certain to have a good

conversation if you pull out a cigarette”

1982 - “It’s really cool to take one when smokes go round”

2008 - “They said this other girl was doing it at school and I was like ‘Are you serious? Give it here…if she’s doing it then I’ve got to try it’….I guess because we all thought we were cooler than her and if she was doing it I’d better do it too”

Social advantages

The ‘cool’ factor

2008 - “For some reason ciggies seem to stimulate conversation and chit chat I find, if your standing

around just doing nothing you might have an awkward moment in your convo [conversation]

whereas if you’re having a ciggie you both have something to do between your chat”

Why? crap”:

Health Effects crap”:

Smoke Socially

Find it difficult to quit

Begin Smoking

Will quit when the ‘time is right’


1982 - “Smoking is something that I find such a minor problem at the

moment that I don’t worry about it…because I know I’m going to quit.

I have no doubts about that”

Happily ever after!

2008 - “Things would change for me in the future if

I started smoking more heavily but at this rate its not effecting my health”

The life of the young smoker
The Life of the Young Smoker crap”:

“People really look down on the whole smoking thing, like if you’re

sitting at a meal and someone is having a smoke people are unimpressed”

“It’s a good social icebreaker, someone you’ve never met before,

you know you stand there with them and have a dart [cigarette]”


“Just going out, having a gas like you’d wake up with a

twice as bad hangover because you’ve just been

smoking a shitload of cigarettes”


“I think its definitely like a stress reliever as well, like if something really

bad happens to me, like the first thing I’ll do is be like ‘where’s the cigarette?’”



“It’s really cool to take one when smokes go round”

“I don’t want to be the only one smoking….it makes you that much

more filthy you know if you’re the one guy out the front of a party

just by yourself, its like so anti-social”


“You just felt like you were in…

Who doesn’t want to fit in with everyone else?”


When I started doing it during the day you could feel it twice as bad I

reckon in your body. I just felt really unfit, that’s the reason why

I gave it up”

“It made me want to yack [vomit] because I was hell

maggot, [intoxicated] I hated it.”


Social Unacceptability;

Physical Discomfort;

Not being last smoker;


Significant changes since 1982
Significant changes since 1982 crap”:

Smoking prevalence in teenagers has dropped dramatically

Smoking prevalence in 15-18 yr olds

Smoking prevalence in 16-17 yr olds

1985 28%

2004 18%

1984 30%

2005 20%

Significant changes since 19821
Significant changes since 1982 crap”:

Social Acceptability

2008 - “I went out one night and was having a few smokes outside. I went back in and I’d

been talking to a girl pretty much the whole night and thought it was a done deal….

she asked me if I’d had a cigarette. I said ‘yep’ and then she walked away from me”

2008 - “And it used to be much more socially acceptable, like there are so many fewer people

that smoke now and sometimes you can be sort of an outcast when you smoke”

2008 - “If you’re picking up chicks and there’s a chance that she’s going to turn to you and

say ‘look if you’re a smoker this isn’t happening’, I just reckon it’s not worth risking”

2008 - “I’ve had a lot of guys tell me that smoking is really off-putting and it makes me

look like a skank and stuff like that”

2008 - “None of your mates are actually going to tell you that you shouldn’t smoke but you

definitely know that people are looking down on you or that they wouldn’t be happy

with you smoking, and that can get to you”

Important similarity
Important Similarity crap”:

Reaction to the idea of government tobacco cessation interventions?

Reaction to laws limiting smoking in public places

1982 - “Non-smokers have more right than we do, to be really honest”

1982 - “Don’t blow smoke at people, and don’t smoke when you shouldn’t.

Sometimes there’s too much of this don’t smoke crap, but mostly, I observe it”

2008 - “It’s definitely starting to impinge on your own personal freedoms

2008 - “Yeah I reckon its good, it clears the air a lot more and the people that

want to go outside they can just have a smoke outside.”

2008 - “I think the government oversteps there mark sometimes …you can’t smoke

in an enclosed area right? Not all these pubs have a beer garden so they’ve got

like a designated smoking area and like smokers are being ostracised in society”

Conclusions crap”:

While prevalence of smoking amongst the young has decreased, the

reasons young people take up smoking has changed little over

the past thirty years.

Thirty years of social engineering has decreased acceptability of smoking

which in turn has made Overt Peer Pressure less acceptable

Smokers continue to be happy with any government restrictions that

outwardly protect others from their smoking

Long-term health effects of smoking provide little motivation for young

smokers to quit

Young do not believe they will become addicted and therefore they believe

the health effects of smoking will not have any impact on them

Are there any questions
Are there any questions? crap”:

My mate Dave