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IETF TRADE Working Group. 17 March 2003, San Francisco, California Chair: Donald E.Eastlake 3rd <[email protected]> <[email protected]> <>. TRADE WG Agenda. 13:00 Agenda Bashing 13:10 WG Efforts and Documents Status

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Ietf trade working group

IETF TRADE Working Group

17 March 2003, San Francisco, California

Chair: Donald E.Eastlake 3rd <[email protected]>

<[email protected]>


Trade wg agenda

  • 13:00 Agenda Bashing

  • 13:10 WG Efforts and Documents Status

    • IOTP Update

    • ECML Update

    • Voucher Update

  • 13:30 IOTP use of DNS SRV RR

    • IOTP Tokens

    • draft-ietf-trade-srv-higher-services-00.txt

  • 13:55 SCCD and IOTP v2, the search for authors

    • RFC 3354 – IOTP v2 requirements

  • 14:10 Future Actions/Meetings

Trade wg efforts
TRADE WG Efforts

  • IOTP – Internet Open Trading Protocol

    • An XML syntax for shopping that

      • Assumes no prior relationship between the customer and the merchant

      • Is payment systems independent. (Payment messages are tunneled through IOTP.)

      • Allows the merchant functions of shopping, payment acceptance, fulfillment, and customer care to be distributed to different host computers if desired.

    • Status: Informational Version 1 Done. Need token document for SRV RR use. Need Author/Editor/Energy for Version 2.

Trade wg efforts1
TRADE WG Efforts

  • ECML – Electronic Commerce Modeling Language

    • A standard naming and hierarchical structure for identity, shipping, and payment information between customers and merchants.

    • Version 1 was oriented to HTML Forms completion by wallet software.

    • Version 2 is generalized and XML oriented.

    • Status: Version 2 Proposed Standard submitted.

Trade wg efforts2
TRADE WG Efforts

  • XML Voucher

    • An XML syntax to describe a logical entity that represents a right to claim goods or services.

    • A voucher can be used to transfer a wide-range of electronic-values, including coupons, tickets, loyalty points, and gift certificates, which are often necessary to process in the course of payment and/or delivery transactions.

    • Status: Version 1 Proposed Standard submitted.

Document status
Document Status

  • RFCs out

    • IOTP

      • 2801-I: Internet Open Trading Protocol - IOTP Version 1.0

      • 2802-I: Digital Signatures for the 1.0 IOTP

      • 2803-I: Digest Values for DOM (DOMHASH)

      • 2935-P: IOTP HTTP Supplement

      • 2936-I: HTTP MIME Type Handler Detection

      • 3354-I: IOTP Version 2 Requirements

      • 3504-I: IOTP Version 1, Errata

    • ECML

      • 3505-I: ECML Version 2 Requirements

    • Voucher

      • 3506-I: Requirements and Design for Voucher Trading System

Document status cont
Document Status (cont.)

  • Documents Being Considered by IESG

    • IOTP

      • SET Supplement for the v1.0 IOTPdraft-ietf-trade-iotp-v1.0-set-02.txt - IN

      • Payment API for v1.0 Internet Open Trading Protocoldraft-ietf-trade-iotp-v1.0-papi-05.txt - IN

    • ECML

      • ECML Version 2 Specificationdraft-ietf-trade-ecml2-spec-08.txt - PS

    • XML Voucher

      • XML Voucher: Generic Voucher Languagedraft-ietf-trade-voucher-lang-05.txt - PS

      • VTS Applications Program Interfacedraft-ietf-trade-voucher-vtsapi-05.txt - IN

Document status cont1
Document Status (cont.)

  • Active Documents in the Working Group

    • DNS SRV Location of Higher Level Services

      • draft-ietf-trade-srv-higher-services-00.txt

Iotp use of dns srv rr

  • The service, or SRV, DNS resource record provides a facility for indicating where to find a particular service for a particular domain name. It is like MX for finding mail servers except:

    • It can map to different ports.

    • It can give different weights to different servers.

    • It uses a constructed name based on the service such as

    • See RFC 2782.

Iotp use of dns srv rr1

  • To extend this for higher level services such as IOTP and the XML Key Management Service (XKMS) draft-ietf-trade-srv-higher-services-00.txt extends the syntax to allow a third level such as


  • To provide separate search for IOTP services, we need to define tokens such as _iotp-merchant, _iotp-payment, _iotp-delivery, and _iotp-care.

    • _iotp-payment._http._tcp.merchant.example

Sccd and iotp v2
SCCD and IOTP v2

  • SCCD – Secure Channel Credit Debit

    • Simple payment system to be tunneled through IOTP.

    • Equivalent to filling in a credit card form

    • Can use ECML syntax.


  • IOTP v2 – Internet Open Trading Protocol

    • New version for Proposed Standard corresponding to the IOTP v2 Requirements RFC.

    • Can be one document or multiple documents.


Future actions meetings
Future Actions/Meetings

  • Needed:

    • Author/Editors for

      • SCCD using ECML Specification

      • IOTP v2 Specification

  • Next IETF Meeting:

    • Vienna, Austria, July 13-18, 2003

    • see info as it appears on the IETF web page