Cb bangoy sr fire station situational update
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Cb bangoy sr fire station situational update


Known is the fact that the City of Davao is the biggest in the whole world in terms of land area. It became a chartered city in 1937. As it is known today, Davao City was once a part of one Davao Province before it was divided into different provinces in 1967. The city, with the influx of immigrants became congested. Business bloomed and different structures consequently sprouted. Fortuitous calamity threatened the Growing Queen City of the south. The major disasters waiting ahead are fires, floods, earthquakes and crimes.

Shortly after the liberation, there was still no fire department until 1947. The big fire which occurred in Magallanes Street, Davao City compelled the Davao City Council to pass a resolution appropriating funds for the operation of a fire station. In late of year 1947, Lt Col Isidro Palacio started the pioneering fire department at Ponciano Reyes Street, presently known to us now the CAYETANO B BANGOY SR FIRE STATION or CB BANGOY SR FIRE STATION.

Cb bangoy sr fire station situational update

The first Davao City Fire Station at Ponciano Reyes Street started with eight (8) personnel. During that time, Chief Palacio made effort in appropriating bigger funds in acquiring three (3) equipped firetrucks which later until 1958 increased to eight (8) firetrucks, the employed firefighters increased to fifty two (52) and one hundred fifty one (151) fire alarms were installed in the City and in suburbs. Horrible, disastrous, treacherous fires increased also happening as far as Mintal, Calinan and Toril. In 1958, the second fire station was born near the Sta. Ana wharf, at the corner of Alvarez Street and Monteverde Avenue. The main building which was recently demolished formerly housed the office of the then Fire Department and the main fire station. In the beginning, the entire lot surrounded by roads was reserved for Davao City Fire Station building site purposes by then President Ramon Magsaysay. We are referring now to the Central Fire Station and the office of the District Fire Marshal.

General o verview

  • No. of Barangays - 26

  • Land Area - 1,138.47 Has.

  • Population - 171, 097

  • No. of Households - 30, 690

  • No. of High Rise Bldg. – 15


Firefighter to fire truck ratio

  • Ideal Fire Truck to Firefighter ratio

    – 1:7:3 shifts = 21 Firefighters

  • Actual Fire Truck to Firefighter ratio

    - 1:7:2 shifts = 14 Firefighters

  • Firefighter needed

    Based on the ideal Fire Truck to population ratio of 1:20,000, we need… Fire Trucks to meet the standard.

Firefighter to Fire Truck Ratio

On leave special training japan schooling fsbrc

* On Leave

** Special Training (Japan)

*** Schooling (FSBRC)

A. Personnel Strength

Operational updates

  • Fire Suppression

    Type of Fire Incidents

    Estimated Amount of Damages

  • Fire Prevention

  • Logistical Update


Fire suppression

Type of Fire Incidents

Fire prevention

No. of Building Inspected -

No. of FSIC issued -

No. of Fire Drills conducted - 2

No. of Fire Brigade organized - 6

No. of lectures conducted - 30

(Educational Field Trips, school info drive, UgnayansaBrgy. Program)


Special accom plishments

Renovation of Station Office thru the generosity of Special Friends of FO3 Nestor H Beltran. Engineering brigade is composed of Bangoy Fire Station Personnel from structural planning, layout, masonry, carpentry to food preparation for the laborers.


Long Term Priority Program

In order to attain IDEAL operation capability and efficiency that meets the present and fast economic development of Davao City as a highly urbanized city locally and globally.

I – Allocate funds for RENOVATION of the fire station. Now is the right time to show concern to save the effort of our predecessors and campaign for the preservation of the landmark of fire department in Davao City, the monument that stands for the heroism of firemen fighting for the most dreadful fires in the entire Davao.


Cb bangoy sr fire station situational update

Short Term Emergency/Immediate Actions Firefighting Apparatus

At least somehow the firefighters of CB BangoySr Fire Station at present, can respond to emergencies, rescue operations particularly during calamities and can render assistance as needed.


Existing Operation Capability Firefighting Apparatus

Public Responsibilities/AOR