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Sidewalk Art

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Sidewalk Art. 7 th grade art project. How is art like this created?. How long do you think sidewalk art has been around?. Sidewalk Art. Sidewalk Art dates back to the Renaissance It was done to bring the great masterpieces to the common people. Madonnari.

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sidewalk art

Sidewalk Art

7th grade art project

how is art like this created
How is art like this created?
  • How long do you think sidewalk art has been around?
sidewalk art1
Sidewalk Art
  • Sidewalk Art dates back to the Renaissance
  • It was done to bring the great masterpieces to the common people
  • The Madonnari were the artists who created the works.
  • They often did works of the Madonna (Our Lady) or Virgin Mary
  • How did the Madonnari help people to see art?

The art is temporary

  • It wears away or is washed away by rain

They realize the work will go back to being a sidewalk

  • Many festivals take place over several days
  • Festivals today are held in many countries including ours

Works can take hours to create

  • There are many layers of chalk
  • The final layers are usually bright pastel which yields brilliant colors
the role of photography
The role of photography
  • Photographing the work preserves it long after the festival is over and the work has been walked on

How does photography help the process?

  • Why would gridding be a good way to work?
  • Photographing the work in process also provides a record of its creation
  • The artist usually has a reference which is gridded
work by melanie stimmel
Work by Melanie Stimmel
  • Once gridded, they start with a drawing
  • Then they will fill in with cheaper pastels to fill in the “tooth” of the sidewalk.
  • Then they will layer on fine pastel colors
  • They blend with fingers, scrubbies or brushes

Rembrandt brand are the finest pastels.

  • Chalk artist Julian Beever creates a 3d drawing of a box of them
sistine chapel
Sistine Chapel
  • This is multi artist recreation of the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo created under the direction of Melanie Stimmel
anamorphic drawings
Anamorphic Drawings
  • Do you think the dome is real?
  • Why or Why not?
anamorphic drawings1
Anamorphic Drawings
  • Anamorphic Perspective was a technique first used by Renaissance artists to create the illusion of 3-d space on a flat ceiling.
  • The dome is painted, not real.
anamorphic drawings2
Anamorphic Drawings
  • Artists like Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever create amazing Anamorphic Sidewalk Drawings

Why would these illusions contain someone falling in or climbing out?

  • What would be effective about such an image?
how do they work
How do they work?
  • An anamorphic drawing requires a working of knowledge of math
  • They must be viewed at the correct angle or they appear out of proportion

Beever sets up a camera that is at the right angle for the work to be viewed and checks it constantly as he works

video on julian beever
Video on Julian Beever
kurt wenner
Kurt Wenner
  • Another amazing anamorphic artist is Kurt Wenner.
high school advanced art students
High School Advanced Art Students

Students spend an entire day creating artworks to a theme that they vote on.

The works last a few weeks.

We use hairspray between layers to seal them.

hudson valley chalk festival july 2012
Hudson Valley Chalk Festival July 2012

Water Street Market Parking Lot, New Paltz

our project bringing the art museum to vcms
Our ProjectBringing the Art Museum to VCMS
  • Work in Groups
  • Recreate a work of art
  • Drawing on paper
    • Avoid Rain
  • Install outside in courtyard
    • Let it wear away
  • Bringing the Art Museum to VCMS