making sensors work underwater n.
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Making Sensors Work Underwater

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Making Sensors Work Underwater - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making Sensors Work Underwater. Fred Donelson Kevin McKone. Why Have Sensors?. Study Wildlife. Investigate Archeological Finds. Monitor/Evaluate Equipment. Map the Sea Floor. Study Climate/Circulation Effects. There are LOTS of types of Sensors!. Temperature Pressure Dissolved O 2

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making sensors work underwater

Making Sensors Work Underwater

Fred Donelson

Kevin McKone

there are lots of types of sensors
There are LOTS of types of Sensors!
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Dissolved O2
  • Dissolved CO2
  • Various types of salts
  • Conductivity
  • And many, many more …
here s the big picture
Here’s the Big Picture:

We want to make a sensor connector that will

  • be powered by our laptop USB port or controller card
  • easily hook up to several different types of Vernierprobes
  • enable users to quickly swap out tools/probes during or after a work session
here is the basic idea
Here is the basic idea:

Wires come from computer CAT5 on left and go to sensor on right

here we ve opened the connector
Here We’ve Opened the Connector

Opening the connector reveals wires with snap connectors

we will also need
We will also need:
  • Plumbers putty
  • PVC primer and cement
  • A hot plate or pan that can be made into a double boiler
  • A beaker or container in which to melt wax
  • A six terminal barrier strip
melt some wax until liquid and pour into the open end filling the tube approximately full
Melt some wax until liquid and pour into the open end, filling the tube approximately ½ full
Use a six-terminal barrier strip to connect the top of the CAT5 to the computer side of the wire for the probe
Connect the computer end of the probe (left) to your CAT 5 wire in your tether (on the right). You only need 6 wires.
Here’s a close up view. Remember the order so you can connect the wires the same way in your connector