federal procurement data system fpds version 1 3 n.
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Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS ) Version 1.3

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Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS ) Version 1.3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS ) Version 1.3. FPDS Version 1.3. Deprecation of Versions 1.0 and 1.1 Vendor Business Size Rerepresentation 2007 NAICS Codes CCR business categories Local Area Set Aside Domestic or Foreign Entity Dollar Threshold Adjustments

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Presentation Transcript
fpds version 1 3
FPDS Version 1.3
  • Deprecation of Versions 1.0 and 1.1
  • Vendor Business Size Rerepresentation
  • 2007 NAICS Codes
  • CCR business categories
  • Local Area Set Aside
  • Domestic or Foreign Entity
  • Dollar Threshold Adjustments
  • Booleans (check boxes removed)
  • Administrative Transfer Capability
  • Inter-agency Contract Directory (ICD)
fpds version 1 31
FPDS Version 1.3

Recertification and Deprecation:

  • Certification on version 1.3 performed by GCE
    • Certification information (Certification Process Document (May 30, 2008) is available on the project website: http://fpds-ng.com/downloads.html
  • Versions 1.0 and 1.1 will no longer be supported
fpds version 1 32
FPDS Version 1.3
  • Version 1.3 implemented in three phases:
    • 1st Phase: fall 2007 included Rerepresentation
    • 2nd Phase: winter 2008 included 2007 NAICS codes and CCR categories
    • 3rd Phase: summer 2008, includes dollar threshold adjustments, local area set asides, domestic or foreign entity, removal of check boxes, and administrative transfer
fpds version 1 33
FPDS Version 1.3

Vendor Business Size Rerepresentation:

  • Two new “Reasons for Modification” added: Rerepresentation and Rerepresentation of Non-Novated Merger\Acquisition
  • If either of the two reasons above are selected the vendor’s socio-economic info will be refreshed and the Contracting Officer’s Business Size Selection will be opened
  • Novation situations assume the possibility of rerepresentation
fpds version 1 34
FPDS Version 1.3

Vendor Business Size Rerepresentation (cont’d):

  • Three new reports were added:
    • Rerepresentation report displays actions where a representation has taken place
    • Eligible Rerepresentation report displays contracts that are eligible for rerepresentation (i.e., they fall within the time frame established by FAR 19.301-2)
    • Socio-economic Rerepresentation report displays the vendor’s socio-economic categories before and after rerepresentation
fpds version 1 35
FPDS Version 1.3

2007 NAICS

  • Codes that were deleted as a result of the 2007 NAICS changes were given an end date in FPDS (i.e., new base awards will not be able to use those codes)
  • New codes were added and descriptions changed
fpds version 1 36
FPDS Version 1.3

CCR Business Categories:

  • Previously only a select few CCR business categories were displayed in FPDS
  • All CCR business categories applicable to a given vendor are now displayed on the NG screen.
  • Reports are being changed to incorporate the additional categories in the award detail
fpds version 1 37
FPDS Version 1.3

Local Area Set Asides (LASA):

  • FAR 6.207 allows Contracting Officer’s to set aside solicitations for local vendors in response to Stafford Act declarations
  • A new field has been created in FPDS and the drop down menu options are Yes and No
  • Orders against single Award IDVs will automatically have the LASA field pre-filled with the value entered on the IDV. All other reports require user entry
fpds version 1 38
FPDS Version 1.3
  • LASA (cont’d):
    • LASA is only applicable from the date the rule became effective (August 4, 2006). FPDS will not allow you to enter LASA information prior to this date
    • The LASA field is NOT tied to the National Interest Action (NIA) field, i.e., a LASA action may or may not be a NIA
    • A new LASA report was created and the NIA report was changed to include LASA actions
fpds version 1 39
FPDS Version 1.3

Domestic or Foreign Entity:

  • New field was created. Options include:
    • U.S. Owned Business
    • Other U.S. Entity (e.g. Government)
    • Foreign-Owned Business Incorporated in the U.S.
    • Foreign-Owned Business Not Incorporated in the U.S.
    • Other Foreign Entity (e.g. Foreign Government)
fpds version 1 310
FPDS Version 1.3

Dollar Thresholds:

  • Changes to dollar thresholds were made effective September 28, 2006
  • Bundling & Consolidated Contract field labels were changed to remove the dollar threshold displayed
  • Validation rules were changed
  • Under Type of Set Aside, the ‘Reserved for Small Business $2501-100K’ label was changed to ‘Reserved for Small Business’
  • The Bundled and Consolidated Contracts report was changed to reflect the correct dollar threshold based on the date signed
fpds version 1 311
FPDS Version 1.3

Booleans (check boxes removed):

  • All check boxes (except system derived fields) have been converted to drop down menu fields
  • User must select an answer
  • In cases where drop down options are Yes, No, and Not Applicable, Not Applicable should be used when dollar thresholds are not met or circumstances do not apply. For example:
      • The Service Contract Act does not apply to a contract with a value of less than $2,000
      • Davis Bacon Act does not apply if your contract does not involve construction
fpds version 1 312
FPDS Version 1.3

Booleans (cont’d):

  • Economy Act field has been changed to Interagency Contracting Authority. Options include:
    • Economy Act
    • Not Applicable
    • Other Statutory Authority (If selected you must cite the

authority in the Other Statutory Authority field)

  • Funded by Foreign Entity field has been changed to Foreign Funding. Options include: Foreign Funding-Foreign Military Sale (FMS), Foreign Funding-Non-FMS, and Not Applicable
  • Letter Contract has been changed to Undefinitized Action and drop down options include: Letter Contract, No, and Other Undefinitized Action
fpds version 1 313
FPDS Version 1.3

Booleans (cont’d):

  • SBA\OFPP Synopsis Pilot & Alternative Advertising fields have been removed
  • Pre-Award Synopsis field has been changed to FedBizOpps and options include: Yes, No (exempt under FAR 5.102(a)(5) or 5.202), and Not Applicable (under $25,000)
  • Performance Based Service Acquisition & Clinger-Cohen Act fields are now available on Indefinite Delivery Vehicle (IDV) actions
  • Other fields that now have drop down menu options: Commercial Item Acquisition Procedures, Government Furnished Property/Equipment, Purchase Card Used as Payment Method, Multi Year Contract, Consolidated Contract, and A-76
fpds version 1 314
FPDS Version 1.3

Administrative Transfer:

  • Ability to transfer FPDS contract action report (CAR) from one agency to another.
  • Transfer can be inter- or intra- departmental
  • PIIDs can be changed
  • The transfer privilege is automatically given to agency and contracting office system administrators
  • Prior to any transfer both agencies MUST review any data in FPDS to ensure it is correct
fpds version 1 315
FPDS Version 1.3

Administrative Transfer (cont’d):

  • Transferring agency:
    • Creates a modification and selects Transfer Action as the Reason for Modification
    • Changes the contracting office agency id and contracting office id to reflect the agency that will be receiving the contract
    • Once the CAR has been approved an e-mail is automatically sent to the transferring agency’s system administrator
    • Can no longer act on the record (i.e., no corrections, no new information can be entered)
    • Retains Small Business goaling credit (if they were the funding agency) for all work up to the point of the transfer
fpds version 1 316
FPDS Version 1.3

Administrative Transfer (cont’d):

  • Receiving agency:
    • Agency System Administrator will receive an e-mail notifying them of the transfer
    • Log into FPDS, searches for PIID and opens it
    • Note that the dollar amount fields display the totals as they appeared at the time of the transfer
    • Click on the Change PIID button
    • Change Agency ID, PIID, and enter next modification number in sequence
    • Reason for modification should be administrative action
    • Save document and all fields are now enabled.
fpds version 1 317
FPDS Version 1.3

Administrative Transfer:

  • Receiving agency (cont’d):
    • Approve
    • Can correct previous entries made by the transferring agency – BUTonly if necessary!
    • Will receive Small Business goaling credit (if they are the funding agency) for all work after the point of the transfer
    • Advanced Search on either PIID will provide a link to the other PIID