the roots of american government l.
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The Roots of American Government

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The Roots of American Government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Roots of American Government. Team Yukon History. Judeo-Christian Tradition. America was founded by people who believed in various forms of Christianity Judaism teaches that even the most powerful ruler is subject to God’s law

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judeo christian tradition
Judeo-Christian Tradition
  • America was founded by people who believed in various forms of Christianity
  • Judaism teaches that even the most powerful ruler is subject to God’s law
  • Christianity teaches that anyone, rich or poor, can achieve everlasting life
    • In other words: “In the eyes of God, all people are . . .?”
ancient greece
Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greece was a DIRECT DEMOCRACY
  • Ordinary citizens made laws for the society
  • Jury service – Athenians were required to serve on juries so the accused could have a jury of their peers
ancient rome
Ancient Rome
  • Rome was a REPUBLIC
  • A REPUBLIC is a system of gov’t in which the people choose representatives who govern for them
  • Another name for a republic is a REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT
england magna carta
England – Magna Carta
  • In 1215, the English nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta—the first time limits were placed on the king’s power
  • Limits the monarch’s power to tax
  • Protects right to own private property
  • Guarantees right to trial by jury
  • Created a Great Council to advise the king
    • This later becomes Parliament
english bill of rights
English Bill of Rights
  • A bill of rights is a written list of freedoms that a government promises to protect
  • Secures many of the rights from Magna Carta, including trial by jury
  • Upholds habeas corpus
    • Latin for “present the body”
    • A person cannot be held in prison without being charged with a crime
mayflower compact massachusetts
Mayflower Compact - Massachusetts
  • It is the first written document to create a representative government in the colonies
  • Signers promised to obey the “just and equal laws” to be made by the government
  • Strengthened the English tradition of representative government
virginia house of burgesses
Virginia House of Burgesses
  • Created by Virginia Company in 1619
  • The HoB made laws to ensure the survival of the colony
  • It is the first example of a working representative government in the colonies
    • A representative government is a system where voters elect others to make laws for them
new england town meeting
New England town meeting
  • A town meeting is a gathering in which residents meet to make decisions for the community
  • Once a year, New England villagers gather to discuss and decide local issues
  • The town meeting keeps what tradition alive???