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The Royal House of Thebes

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The Royal House of Thebes. By: Robert Black, Alexandra Hachmeister , and Kelsie Franke . Cadmus and his Children. Cadmus and his brothers went to search for Europa. His father said not to return without her. Cadmus went to the city of Delphi. He asked Apollo were she was

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the royal house of thebes

The Royal House of Thebes

By: Robert Black, Alexandra Hachmeister, and Kelsie Franke

cadmus and his children

Cadmus and his Children

Cadmus and his brothers went to search for Europa.

His father said not to return without her.

Cadmus went to the city of Delphi.

He asked Apollo were she was

Told him not bother with finding her but, to fallow a heifer and build a city where she rested.


First he had to fight and kill a terrible dragon who guarded a nearby spring.

Athena told him to sow the dragons teeth into the earth.

An army of men sprang up from the furrows.

With there aid they build Thebes.

Herodotus introduced the alphabet to Greece.

Cadmus married Harmonia.

The daughter of Aphrodite and Ares.


Had four daughters and one son.(Seleme, Ino, Agave, Autonoe,)

  • Seleme bore Dionysus but died by seeing Zeus in his full glory.
  • Ion's husband went mad and killed her son, Melicertes.
  • With her son she threw herself into the sea.
  • The gods saved them and the became gods of the sea.
  • Agave was driven mad by Dionysus.

Believing her son, Pantheus, was a lion she killed him.

  • Autonoe had a son named Actaeon, who was a hunter.
  • Actaeon found the bathing place of Artemis.
  • Artemis turned him into a deer.
  • When he ran his own dogs killed him.

Cadmus and Harmonia fled from Thebes.

  • When they reached Illyria they turned into serpents.


King Laius was king of Thebes.

He married his cousin Jocasta.

A prophecy was said to Laius from Apollo, god of truth.

It said that he would be killed by his son

He bound his son and left him on a mountain.

The king then died.


Thebes terrorized by the Sphinx.

  • Told riddles to travelers.
  • When they answered wrong she ate them.
  • Oedipus had left his home, Corinth.
  • Son of king, Polybus, who's was also be killed by his son.
  • He left so he would not kill his father.
  • He wondered to Thebes were the Sphinx ask him the riddle.

When he solved the riddle the Sphinx killed herself.

  • He married the queen Jocasta.
  • A plague fell over the kingdom.
  • Punish the man who killed Laius.
  • He asked Teiresias, a blind prophet.
  • The prophet would not tell.
  • Then told Oedipus he was the one who killed Laius.

Oedipus was actually the son of Laius.

  • Killed him on his way to Thebes.
  • The queen upon learning she had married her own son killed herself.
  • Oedipus then blinded himself.
  • Oedipus lived on in Thebes.
  • Had two sons(Polyneices and Eteocles) and two daughters(Antigone and Ismene).
  • The thrown went to Creon, Jocasta’s brother.
  • Oedipus was cast from the city.
  • Antigone went with him.
  • His son’s both tried to be king.

Eteocles succeeded and expelled Polyneices from Thebes.

  • Polyneices went to Argos.
  • Oedipus was received by Theseus.
  • He died rejoicing.
  • Ismene was there when he died.
  • Both were send home safely by Theseus.
  • When they arived their brothers were fighting over the thrown.

There were seven champions marching against Thebes, lead by Polyneices, and seven defending it, lead by Eteocles.

  • A prophet had said that the king’s son, Menoeceus would have to died if they wanted Thebes to be saved.
  • Creon would not do it, so without his fathers permeation Menoeceus went to join they battle and died instantly.
  • They finally decided to have the brothers duel it out.
  • They ended up killing each other.

The balled renewed and Thebes won, all died except one, Adrastus.

  • He fled to Athens.
  • Creon decided that all of the men that fought agianst Thebes should be left unburied.
  • He said that anyone would burry them would be put to death.
  • Ismene and Antigone were shocked. Antigone decided to burry her brother.
the seven against thebes
The Seven Against Thebes
  • Adrastus and the wives of the men dead had gone to Thesus to convince him to get the Thebans to burry the dead.
  • At first he would not do it, but than his mother intervened and he finally agreed to go to Thebes and get Creon to burry them.
  • Creon did not listen so Athens marched against Thebes.

Athens won the battle, but all they did was take the dead and leave the city.

  • The mothers of the dead man found peace in their being buried, though the wife of Capanues, threw herself from a cliff to join her husband.
  • The sons of the men however wanted vengeance on Thebes.
  • After 10 years they marched to Thebes.
  • They were victories.

As the Thebans fled their city was leveled to the ground. All that was left was Harmonia’s necklace.

  • They were called the Epigoni, The After-Born.
  • One son Diomedes was to be known as one of the most glorious warriors who fought before the walls of troy.