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Mrs. Elizabeth Briscoe-Wilson University Librarian Dr. Rinalda Farrar

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Mrs. Elizabeth Briscoe-Wilson University Librarian Dr. Rinalda Farrar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY INTO THE CURRICULUM OF LEARNING COMMUNITIES AND UNIVERSITY SEMINAR CLASSES. Mrs. Elizabeth Briscoe-Wilson University Librarian Dr. Rinalda Farrar Coordinator, Library Commons Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri.

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Mrs. Elizabeth Briscoe-Wilson

University Librarian

Dr. Rinalda Farrar

Coordinator, Library Commons

Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri

learning communities and university seminar classes
Learning Communities and University Seminar Classes
  • Learning Communities
  • - Clusters of courses
  • - Organized around a common theme
  • University Seminar
  • - Introduce students to college experience
  • - Provide valuable information, skills and strategies
  • Abstract
  • Introduction to project
  • Project Review
  • Challenges
  • Change Model
  • Resistance to Change
  • Insights and learning
  • Initiative fit into the university strategic plan
  • Summary and conclusion
  • Incorporating technology into the classroom to enhance traditional teaching methods is not a new idea.
  • Yet the use of technology as an instructional tool in curriculum is still often considered an innovative way to engage students in learning.
  • The use of technology to implement curriculum supports new ways of teaching and learning.
  • The inclusion of technology can provide continuity of instruction throughout a school/environment and create new layers in the curriculum.
introduction to project
Introduction to project
  • Project Goal
  • Project Structure
  • Process
  • Overall outcomes
  • Key breakthroughs or innovations
project review
Project Review

Inman E. Page Library

Lincoln University

Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Meeting with faculty
  • - Flexible schedule
  • - Appointments
  • Syllabi
  • - Projects
  • Descriptions of projects
  • - Moviemaker
  • - Excel
  • - YouTube
  • - PowerPoint
  • Class presentations and preparations
challenges swot
Challenges - SWOT
  • Strength
  • - Technologically innovative building with Information Mall concept.
  • - Vibrant faculty that teach library science classes
  • - Learning Commons that has technology to supplement al the classes
  • - OCLC & Mobius give students, faculty & staff access to more than 10 million volumes in Missouri
  • Weaknesses
  • - Budget is not big enough to do any new programs
  • - No increase in budget in 10 years
  • - Need at least two additional librarians
  • Opportunities
  • - Grants are available
  • - Interns are available for library work
  • - Administrative support from Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Threat
  • - New technology, no new money
  • - Higher usage by students, require more librarians
  • - New opportunities for training, no funds to travel
change model
Change Model
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • - Faculty
  • - Students
  • Involvement of stakeholders
  • Key change issues
  • - Faculty use of technology
  • - Increase student use of technology

Dr. Derek Smith, Assistant Professor - Music

Dr. Walter Johnson, Associate Professor - Psychology

Ms. Katrina Blau, Media Center Coordinator

Mrs. Paula Clay

Director, First Year Experience

Mrs. Shirley Sanders,

University Seminar Instructor, Academic Advisor

Mrs. Sally Brown,

University Seminar


Dr. Leon Stevens

Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Rachel Sale, Director of e-learning and Assistant Professor

Ms. Benecia Williams

Media Assistant

resistance to change
Resistance to Change
  • Targeted faculty made resistance to change a lot less likely.
  • Faculty were elated to be included in this project and future endeavors
insights and learning from leadership institute
Insights and Learning from Leadership Institute
  • Strategic Planning
  • Collaboration – internal and external
  • Webinars – present and future
  • Change and Transition
lincoln university 2008 2012 strategic plan
Lincoln University 2008-2012 Strategic Plan
  • GOAL TWO Academic Quality Improvement: Lincoln University will prepare students for careers and lifelong learning by enhancing the value and quality of the academic programs.
  • - Objective 2.2 Lincoln University will improve access to educational offerings and programs through enhanced delivery methods and innovative scheduling.

- Strategy 2.2.1: Review and enhance the instructional delivery of existing courses and programs.

summary and conclusion
Summary and Conclusion
  • Projects have increased in other departments
  • Faculty are more involved in assigning projects using technology and using technology in the classrooms
  • Librarians involved in LUTC (Lincoln University Technology Committee)
  • Students are more involved in use of technology
  • The demand has increased for technology tutorials and “how to” information