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Kelly Olsen

Kelly Olsen

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Kelly Olsen

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  1. Kelly Olsen

  2. We invite you to catch the vision of Shirley J

  3. Nationwide Brand *Quality *Value *Reputation *Authenticity *Culture

  4. Completely Unique Business Model “Build something that is protected and lasts forever!”

  5. Products that energize customers.

  6. Income Plan that rewards at every level

  7. The Shirley J Brand • Our vision is to steadily build the brand with consistent and focused messaging. • The reward will be name recognition and loyal customers.

  8. The Shirley J Business Model Area Developers are treated like Career Business Owners. • We offer the ability to “Build to Own” • We protect your investment of time and effort • We reward you apart from every other re-seller • We support you as partners—Our interest is in your Success

  9. The Shirley J Business Model • Our vision is that you own a thriving business that gains in value as times goes by. You own the territory, and thus you own your effort with no competition, forever!

  10. The Shirley J Business Model • As we do our job and you do yours, your territorial organization becomes a true income annuity that you benefit from your entire life and can pass to heirs.

  11. The Shirley J Business Model • Think how different this is than any other opportunity, or job, you have been exposed to. • You have to think in terms of what we offer And • What we expect of you.

  12. The Shirley J Business Model • To do this, you must be engaged. • Regular Reporting • Communications • Attend meetings and participate in webinars/conference calls • Set a schedule • Learn the products, the business and get caught up in the vision of SJ

  13. Shirley J Product Vision • Our Basic System is the Foundation: • Whisk Bliss (Entry Point) • Solutions offered/Good experience • Recurring Delivery to get free shipping • Shirley J Market • Enter the world of Shirley J Products

  14. Shirley J Product Vision • We create great products that must fit many criteria: • Engage customers * Create Happiness and Success • Out of the Ordinary * Capture attention and loyalty • True to our Brand Message and Values • Formulas that are clean and pure • Process that we can control to protect our business and reputation • Priced to offer customers a great value • EC’s/AD’s a great profit • EC’s/AD’s overrides to create longevity

  15. Shirley J Product Architecture • Shirley J Market is a virtual Food Market. • Products are arranged in aisles, each managed separately.

  16. SJ Market Product Aisles • 1. Whisk Bliss • 2. Shirley J “Master” Bakery • 3. Shirley J Breakfast • 4. Shirley J Spices and Seasonings • 5. Shirley J Select Ingredients and Special Buys • 6. Shirley J Kitchen and Home • 7. Gifts by Shirley J

  17. Promotions and Invitations • Cook with Whisk Bliss Tonight • Free Shipping—“Never pay for shipping again!” • Try it! Monthly Theme • What’s New!

  18. Shirley J “Master” Bakery 1. Old School Brownies/Blondies 2. Mom’s Best Friend: Healthy and Delicious After School Snacks 3. Master Specialty Breads 4. European Pizzeria Crust 5. NKNY Gourmet Breads (No Knead/No Yeast) 6. New York Bakery Display Case Cookies 7. Cake, Perfected.

  19. Micro Bakery A completely new concept that Shirley J will develop and own.

  20. Building a lasting business means creating a loyal customer base Use Whisk Bliss to capture the hearts of your customers then let Whisk Bliss open the door to Shirley J. We will capture their loyalty and hearts with the products.

  21. Mike Olsen

  22. 4th of July Grilled Burgers

  23. Bacon Pecan Waffles

  24. Black and White Chili

  25. Cream of Asparagus Soup

  26. New England Clam Chowder

  27. Salmon Wiggle

  28. Baguettes

  29. Clover Leaf Dinner Rolls

  30. Utah Scones

  31. French Style Spring Peas w/Bacon

  32. Tahitian Dream Dessert

  33. Product Update • Pancake • Whole Grain • BBQ Sauce • Whisk Bliss • Curry • Instant Alfredo • Slow Cookers • Chicken • Pork

  34. Product Update • Bouillon • Vegetarian Chicken • Vanilla • Honey • SJ Spices

  35. Timeless Grains™Original Flavor 

  36. Timeless Grains • Almonds • Amaranth • Barley • Brown Rice • Buckwheat • Cinnamon • Cornmeal • Cranberries • Wheat • Flaxseed • Millet • Oats • Quinoa • Rye • Sea Salt • Sesame Seed • Spelt • Sugar (natural cane)

  37. Timeless Grains

  38. “Micro-Baking”

  39. Shon Whitney

  40. 3 ways to participate with Shirley J • Home Chef: Registered Customer, benefits from Recurring Delivery promotions, Free Shipping, Secret Rewards and other promotions. • Executive Chef: Registered Re-Seller. In addition to the benefits of a Home Chef, and EC may represent Shirley J products to their customers, earn Commissions and Overrides and other recognition and benefits reserved for our Re-Sellers. • Area Developer: Registered Sales Organization Builder/Manager. AD’s receive exclusive territorial rights to a given region, participate in a more accelerated and lucrative compensation program and receive exclusive training and support from Shirley J.Area Developers are independent business people. They are not employees or Franchisees of Shirley J. AD’s set their own hours and manage their time and activity independently.

  41. Area Developers Commitment1 of 2 • Area Developers make a commitment to meet certain performance requirements in order to maintain the AD benefits. • Complete the Shirley J Area Developer training and certify as an Executive Chef Trainer. • Maintain monthly personal sales of $2,500 per month, for newly recruited AD’s or $2,500 per month in excess of a pre-determined base-line for existing EC’s who desire to become an AD. • Recruit, Sponsor and Train new EC’s within their region on a regular monthly schedule. The standard will be to achieve: • 1 active Senior Executive Chef per 10,000 population • 1 qualified District Executive Chef per 25,000 in population • 1 qualified Regional Executive Chef per 50,000 in population • Monthly progress toward this standard must be achieved by recruiting, sponsoring and training at least 6 new EC’s per year. • Build a group volume of $2500 per month over the first year after qualification • Hold Weekly Whisk Bliss demonstration meetings for my own personal business and attend demos held by sponsored EC’s to support their growth.

  42. Area Developer Commitment2 of 2 • AD’s and Prospective AD’s must provide Shirley J with their prospective customer lists, prospective EC lists and specific plans for pursuing the business each month. This position requires a consistent commitment to pursuing the business and a regular report to Shirley J. This report will be done monthly officially, but regular and frequent communications between Shirley J and each AD will help keep the momentum going. Shirley J will hold weekly AD Conference Calls for the purpose of seeking progress reports from each AD. • Hold one Shirley J Food Show per month in my region. • Organize and Administer the monthly Recurring Delivery for my group and assist each of my EC’s with their R.D. process each month. • Become Shirley J’s Ambassador within my region, including: Social Networking, Recognizing achievement of my sales force, introducing Shirley J products in various venues throughout the region and creating a buzz regarding Shirley J in my region.

  43. Shirley J AD Compensation Plan(Effective March 1, 2012) *20% is the maximum paid to non- recurring delivery qualified EC’s

  44. Override Schedule

  45. AD Residual Override Note:  Only AD’s have the ability to earn Residual Overrides.  An AD may earn residuals on Personally Registered AD’s, as long as there is a differential in either or both of earned override rate, or levels qualified for.

  46. AD Achievement Bonus • AD’s who achieve $2500 EV + 15 PR Sr EC’s + at least one PR Area Developer who has achieved the same level, will qualify for a 1-3% override to infinity on the PR AD’s business unit volume.

  47. Commission Advance Program *Must sponsor 2 EC’s during the 6 month period **Upon completion of the program as outlined, all advances become actual income to the AD. If in any given month, the AD outperforms this schedule, they will keep the additional income in addition to the advanced amount.

  48. Our goal is to get our customers to “Shop Shirley J” each month. Whisk Bliss is the door opener, Recurring Delivery is the commitment to shop, Free Shipping and Secret Rewards are the motivator. You are the organizer, reminder, mentor.

  49. Activity Recommendation