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Horseback Riding Instructor

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Horseback Riding Instructor. By: Kim Waite Period 7. Kim Waite. Experience Needed. Respectable horseback riding Patience and tolerance of all students Noteworthy communication skills to all age groups Motivation and encouragement skill First aid skills

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horseback riding instructor

Horseback Riding Instructor

By: Kim Waite

Period 7

Kim Waite

experience needed
Experience Needed
  • Respectable horseback riding
  • Patience and tolerance of all students
  • Noteworthy communication skills to all age groups
  • Motivation and encouragement skill
  • First aid skills
  • If I am self-employed then business skills would be a bonus, but I do not need any particular level of education
  • If I am not self-employed then a high school diploma or the finishing of my freshman year in college and a clean criminal record is required to be employed

do i want to get serious
Do I Want to get Serious?

ARIA or the American Riding Instructors Association

  • Through the ARIA I may receive a certificate from the American Riding Instructor Certification Program (ARICP), which will open up many more opportunities
  • This proves I’m committed, dedicated, and educated
  • Will provide possible insurance discounts
  • It’s not a certificate that you buy, it is something you have to earn through evaluation
  • The ARICP is a national credential
  • It puts me in a directory to be discovered by students and in a quarterly magazine, Riding Instructor; therefore, improving advertisement

what needs to be known
What Needs to be Known?
  • I need to be aware of the investments included in the business
        • May include horses, hay, facilities, tack, etc.
  • I need to know what money needs to be spent on and when it needs to be spent
    • When do horses need shod or trimmed, when do you need to buy more hay, etc.
  • A common knowledge of horses, safety, and correct procedures when around them.
  • Lesson plans, availability, limitations, and your own experience level
  • What discipline I want to teach and am capable of teaching

Kim Waite

show me the money
Show me the Money!
  • $28,000-$42,000 if I work at a camp
  • The general hourly wage of self-employment runs from $20-$50
    • Why does the price vary?
      • Location
      • How well I am known
      • Availability
      • Disciplines and what I excel in
      • Advertising
      • I offer equipment and horses vs. they provide their own, Equestrian Horseback Riding Instructor – How much do instructors earn?, 2011

what am i getting m yself i nto
What am I Getting Myself Into?
  • I am expected to know how to ride and handle different situations on horseback
  • I should know how to answer questions the students may have
  • The students should benefit and learn from what I have taught them
  • I need to realize that even domesticated horses are completely unpredictable
  • I should know how to deal with emergencies involving both students and horses
  • I am expected to be capable of helping and teaching students of all levels
  • I should be prepared and aware of what I will be teaching that day
  • It’s very necessary for me to listen to what the student has to say and know when he/she is or isn’t ready for something

Kim Waite

what are the different d isciplines
What are the Different Disciplines?
  • Western
    • Gymkhana, teampenning/sorting, western pleasure, trail, reining, cutting, freestyle, halter and horsemanship, and etc.
  • English
    • Gymkhana, cross-country, steeplechasing, fox hunting, hunter hack, jumping, show jumping (stadium), saddle seat, equitation, dressage, english pleasure, and etc.



Western Pleasure,r:5,s:0




Fox Hunting



Egg and Spoon

Cloverleaf Barrel Race


Ribbon Race,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=784&bih=577&wrapid=tlif132034143439710&safe=active&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

rewards versus drawbacks
Rewards Versus Drawbacks

Drawbacks include:

  • Risking my health and well being because horses are a very unpredictable and dangerous animal
  • It takes real dedication and I will never stop learning myself because can never know everything there is to know
  • Everything in the “horse world” is expensive!!!!

Rewards include:

  • Flexibility of the job
  • I can create my own schedule
  • There are no programs or specific levels of education required
  • With good business I will make great money
  • Watching your students succeed
works consulted
Works Consulted,r:0,s:24,r:5,s:0,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=68e3ed0c64601a9d&biw=784&bih=577