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Thomas Edison Adventure

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Thomas Edison Adventure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thomas Edison Adventure. Patricia Cook Pickens Elementary March 26, 2002. Inventions. Thomas Edison created 1,093 inventions. He is best known for perfecting the incandescent light bulb.

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Thomas Edison Adventure

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    1. Thomas EdisonAdventure Patricia Cook Pickens Elementary March 26, 2002

    2. Inventions • Thomas Edison created 1,093 inventions. • He is best known for perfecting the incandescent light bulb. • He also invented the phonograph, a motion picture camera (kinetograph) and a motion picture viewer (kinetoscope). Some other inventions include the storage battery, a talking doll, an electric motor, and a telegraph. How many more can you name? • Visit

    3. Timeline •

    4. Education • Thomas Edison attended school only briefly when he was seven years old. • His teacher described him as “addled.” That means he was very distracted in school. • His mother did not like the strict ways and decided to home school Thomas. She was a teacher and taught him to love reading. • When Thomas got his first chemistry set, he discovered his love for mechanical things and experimenting. • He lost most of his hearing at age 12 when he was pulled onto a train by his ears. He did not let his disability stop him from learning.

    5. Personal Information • Thomas Edison was born on Feb. 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio. • He had three children by his first wife, Mary Stillwell. She died in 1884. • He married Mina Miller in 1886 and had 3 more children. • He loved to do experiments and was still inventing and working when he died at the age of 84. (Oct. 18, 1931) • He lived through the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I.

    6. The Phonograph • This invention was Edison’s favorite. • The phonograph was developed due to Edison’s involvement with the telegraph and the telephone. • Edison wanted a phonograph in every home. • The first phonograph used tin foil on a cylinder. • Edison recorded Mary had a little lamb. • His invention was very original and was patented on Feb.19, 1878.

    7. The Light Bulb • Edison began working on the light bulb in 1877. • He discovered a carbonized thread could burn for about 40 hours. • This led to the first commercial light system that was constructed in Manhattan. • Edison gave the company his patents in exchange for large amounts of stock. • This invention was the most time-consuming project for Edison.

    8. Edison’s Companies • 1859- started Grand Trunk Herald-first newspaper to be published on a train. • 1870-started Newark Telegraph Works • 1878-started Edison Speaking Phonograph Co. -Edison Electric Light Co. • 1881-Edison Ore Mining Co. • 1889-Edison Portland Cement Co. • 1896- National Phonograph Co. • 1911- Thomas A Edison, Inc.

    9. Patents • The first US patent law was passed in 1790. • The patent office has granted about 4 million patents since 1836. • Patents protect a person’s invention from being copied, sold or used without the inventor’s permission. • All patents are numbered. • Edison held 1093 patents for his inventions. • Patents last 14-17 years.

    10. Interesting Web Sites • Thomas A. Edison Public School- • American Memory Collection-

    11. Credits • Pictures in slides 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 are from the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress. • Information from the Thomas Edison Inventing Entertainment Web Site: