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  1. Directory • The company introduction • Us office history • The main product • Multinational management concept • Multinational marketing concept

  2. The company introduction • Kraft Company is the world's second largest food company, in 145 countries to develop their business, Philip morris, a subsidiary of one. In the global hire about more than sixty thousand employees. Kraft of the three core product series for coffee, candy, dairy products and drinks. Kraft in more than 70 countries to develop their business, its products are available in 150 countries worldwide.

  3. By Eileen · kraft rosen ms phil will, she in kraft service for over 20 years, had dedicated, kraft and beth grams of merger, 2001 more help kraft food market successfully. In 2003, the parent company Altria group ascension announced two competent beth Howe's and DaiLuoMei di as joint chief executive after, she run under Pepsi potato chips in production division Frito-Lay. Since starting in June 2006 in back executive President, in March 2007, chairman of the company. She in 2008 Forbes global 100 list of a power in the 69 women. Forbes global 100 in 2011, a power ranking of global women ranked first. Us office history

  4. The main product • Pacific 太平系列饼干 • Oreo 奥利奥 • Ritz 乐之   • Chips Ahoy 趣多多 • Trakinas 鬼脸嘟嘟 • Tang 菓珍 • Maxwell House 麦斯威尔 • Miracle Whip 卡夫奇妙酱 • Philadelphia 卡夫菲力乳酪 • Toblerone 瑞士三角牌巧克力 • Planters 绅士 (花生,果仁)

  5. Oreo • Founded in 1912, oero rapidly become a listed the biggest selling double fudge sundae. • Now, it has already like basketball and cola became a part of American culture, and is known as the king of cookies. Oero cookies unique black and white sandwich, well-crafted, popular all over the world, people see unforgettable. Today, it continued "twist a twist, licking a lick and a dip," a unique how to eat.

  6. Maxwell House • Maxwell house coffee, selection of the finest coffee beans, through the careful research into special baking the McIntosh mellow. In 1907, former U.S. President franklin Roosevelt first taste of maxwell house in coffee, amazed by it's delicious, great praise "drops fragrant, boundless". From then on, "drops fragrant, boundless" also become maxwell house always following criteria.

  7. Pacific • Peace its products can be traced back to the earliest digestive bread in Britain in 1892 • Peace to comb dozen born, and Chinese consumers too • Flat the understanding of the brand is began in the year 1989 the listing of the soda peace, peace after 16 years of soda has become China's soda biscuit leading brand of products. For many years, peace has been committed to the development of brand healthy nutrition delicious cookies, has introduced the peace fragrant crisp delicious crisp and milk peace cookies

  8. Multinational management concept • Kraft Company all the hard work and success are kraft foods with consumers a proof of advanced technology. • To succeed and clearly transfer the concept of healthy life, is not simple "eat well", that is in itself a practice.

  9. Multinational marketing concept • Kraft family plan • New media help • Beyond shelves concept

  10. Kraft values: Innovation--unique creativity to meet consumer demand(创新 –以独特创意满足消费者需求) Quality-a commitment to provide the best quality products(履行承诺,提供质量最优的产品) Safety-to ensure a high standard production in all products(确保以高标准生产所有产品) Respect-care staff, focus on community and the environment(关心员工、关注社区和环境) Integrity-do the right thing(做正确的事) Open-listen to commend says, encourage communication(听取荐言,鼓励沟通)

  11. Thank you! 成员:江金碧 黄甘平 林桂真 梁咏娴