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ULA High School Boys League. Scoring, Timing and Statistics Fred Witesman. Importance of Your Job. Affects Individuals Stats – Player Motivation and Recruiting Awards Affects Teams Team Technical Development Affects League/ULA Program Development Community Perception – Honor the Game

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Ula high school boys league

ULA High School Boys League

Scoring, Timing and Statistics

Fred Witesman

Importance of your job
Importance of Your Job

  • Affects Individuals

    • Stats – Player Motivation and Recruiting

    • Awards

  • Affects Teams

    • Team Technical Development

  • Affects League/ULA

    • Program Development

    • Community Perception – Honor the Game

  • You are a representative of the League and the ULA when performing your duties

General guidelines
General Guidelines

  • Honor the Game

  • Home Team Responsibility

  • Both Team Responsibility

  • Table “Team” with Officials

  • Data Input

  • Data Confirmation

  • Policy and Penalties

    • Training

    • Badge – Badges are NOT transferable

    • Investigation

    • Forfeit

Table logistics

Tables for 3 (min)

Chairs for 5 (min)



Horn with Recharge

Score Sheets/Stats


Writing Instruments

Team Contracts & Medical Releases

Scorer Cert. Badges

Rain/Wind Protection

Scoring Handbook

Cell Phone

Emergency Instructions

Rule Book

Table Logistics

Running the table
Running the Table

  • Table Location on the Field

  • Rif-Raf is NOT welcome

  • Spotters make the Difference ***

  • Staff Competence and Teamwork/Communication (Both Teams)

  • Timer (1), Scorer (1 each team), Spotter (1 each team)

Interaction with officials
Interaction with Officials

  • You are part of the Officiating Crew

  • Prior to the game, determine what the Officials want (work with the R)

  • Make sure the Referee (the R) signs the score sheet/book – Get ALL names

  • Double horn @ dead ball if you need to talk to the officials

  • Use the officials to deal with coaches, players, can’t see, etc.

Interaction with coaches
Interaction with Coaches

  • Respond to Reasonable Requests

  • Don’t take any abuse – Double Horn at the next dead ball to get officials to take action

  • Ask coaches to keep players behind the coaches box

The process
The Process

  • Observe

    • You have to see it to record it

      • On the field

      • Officials signals

  • Recognize

    • You have to understand what you are seeing

    • You have to know the definitions & signals

    • You have to practice

      • Watch games

  • Apply Judgment

    • Fair and Consistent – Game & Season

Timer duties
Timer Duties

  • Account for time for each Period

  • Account for time for each Penalty

  • Account for time @ Half Time - No need for Qtr.

  • Sound Horn

  • Keep Running Time

  • Don’t try to time and score at the same time

  • Keep the Rif-Raf away from the Table

  • Working the Clock/Stopwatches/Timers

Timer guidelines
Timer Guidelines

  • Start the timer when whistle blows to start play

  • Stop the timer when the whistle blows to stop play

  • Notify officials verbally @ 20 seconds left in quarter

    • In 4th quarter also notify @ 2:10 & 2:00

  • Notify officials @ 4:20 and 2:00 left in half-time

  • Horn

    • If coach calls for horn during dead ball & officials have both arms raised – 1 horn

    • Double horn @ next dead ball if coach requests, player leaves early from a penalty, or you need help from the officials

    • NEVER sound horn when ball is in play except @ end of period – watch clock, not play! BE PRECISE!!!

  • Clock Malfunction – Count in your head, notify officials, double horn @ next dead ball

Horn horn horn i said horn or call 911 for the coach s stroke
Horn, Horn, Horn – I Said Horn!!!Or – Call 911 for the Coach's Stroke

  • The Coach can call for a Horn WHEN:

    • There is a SIDELINE Out-of-Bounds

      • The officials will have both arms up

    • There is a Dead Ball and they ask for a Coach-Referee Discussion (Coach’s Challenge)

    • Th…, Th…, Th…, That’s All Folks

  • There will ALWAYS be Emotion – Play it cool, but don’t accept Disrespect

Definitions and details dead ball substitution and horns
Definitions and DetailsDead Ball, Substitution And Horns

  • There is NEVER a Horn or Regular Substitution on an ENDLINE Out-of-Bounds

    • The officials will only raise one arm

  • There is no need for a Horn for Substitution at a Time-Serving Penalty, After a Goal or on a Team Time Out

    • The officials automatically give 20 seconds for regular substitution

  • There are NEVER Horns or Regular Substitutions on Non-Time-Serving Penalties.

  • Special Substitution can be made anytime during Play or Dead-Ball, except when there is an Official’s Time-Out for an Equipment Violation

Scorer stats duties
Scorer/Stats Duties

  • Rule Book-Required Score and Record Keeping (Record both teams data)

    • Goals, Assists, Time-outs, Penalties (w/times)

  • League-Required Stats

    • Ground Balls, Saves/allowed (record for both teams)

  • Team-Required Stats

    • Optional per Head Coach Requirements

    • Face-off, Clearing, Man-up/Down, Take Away, Turn-over, Shots, Maybe others

  • Interaction with the Referee (R)

Definitions and details shot
Definitions and DetailsShot

  • Read Definition – Articles 1 & 2

  • “Shot” vs. “Shot on Goal” – RECORD SHOTS!!!

    • Shots on Goal = Saves + Goals\

      • Some coaches want SOG by-player

    • Pipe is NOT a shot on goal

      • Therefore it CANNOT be a Save!!!

Definitions and details goalkeeper save
Definitions and DetailsGoalkeeper Save

  • Read Definition – Philosophy Statement

  • Focus on what would have happened to the ball if the goalie wasn’t there

  • Intercepted Passes-GB but no save unless it would have gone in the goal

  • Save-GB-Shot-Goal

  • Save-GB

  • Others in the Crease

Definitions and details goals
Definitions and DetailsGoals

  • Individual Goal

  • Team Goal (Own Goal)

  • Ricochet

  • Pass that goes in the Goal

  • Forfeit Win, 1-0, Charge Own Goal

  • Any goal (or other statistic) in a game and subsequently forfeited shall be counted for the appropriate player

  • If a forfeit occurs prior to the end of the third quarter, all statistics (other that won-lost and coaches’ records) are voided

Definitions and details assist
Definitions and DetailsAssist

  • Read Definition – Article 1

  • Read Definition – NCAA Rulebook

  • Philosophy

  • Dodges

  • Steps

  • Continuation of Play

  • Oddity of A.R. 14 – Judgment & Consistency

Definitions and details face off
Definitions and DetailsFace-Off

  • Read Definition

  • Face Off is credited on clear possession

    • Credit to F/O man, regardless of which individual gets the ball

  • Credit GB

Definitions and details groundball
Definitions and DetailsGroundball

  • Read Philosophy

  • GB Always credited on the face off whether contested or not

  • Intercepted Pass

  • Keeping ball from going OB or over mid-line whether contested or not – if retained

  • What constitutes “contested”?

  • Dropped ball – unforced error

Definitions and details groundball cont
Definitions and DetailsGroundball (cont.)

  • Goalie GB’s

    • Pick up the trash

    • Goalie recovery of rebound – contested

    • Goalie Interception

  • GB’s on Shots

  • Fool’s Goal – no GB

Definitions and details clear
Definitions and DetailsClear

  • An attempt by a team to move the ball from its defensive half of the field to its offensive half (NFHS 4-5 art.8) A successful clear should only be awarded when the clearing team crossed the center line with the ball and is clearly able to initiate an offensive attempt from the play. (NCAA Rule Book Appendix II, section 1(f))

  • NCAA Statisticians’ Manual in conflict

  • Discussion of ability to initiate “offensive attempt”

Definitions and details turnover
Definitions and DetailsTurnover

  • Turnovers occur when a player or team in possession of the ball or entitled to possession of the ball loses possession of it.

  • Individual or team turnovers

  • Missed shots are NOT turnovers

  • All failed clears are turnovers

  • Penalties and Goalie Play

Definitions and details
Definitions and Details

  • Caused Turnover

    • A caused turnover is credited when the player’s positive, aggressive action(s) causes a turnover by the opponent

Definitions and details extra man offense and man down defense
Definitions and DetailsExtra Man Offense and Man Down Defense

  • Only when teams are not even

  • Can have more or less attempts than penalties – multiple attempts possible on non-releasable penalties

  • Count if released player has not arrived to help

  • Multiple concurrent penalties equals one attempt

Definitions and details team penalties and goals
Definitions and DetailsTeam Penalties and Goals

  • Not credited to an individual

  • Not credited to the “In-Home”

Definitions and details games played
Definitions and DetailsGames Played

  • A player should be charged with a game played if he is in the game while the clock is running

  • Do not charge if game is forfeited or stopped before the end of the third quarter

Score and statistics input
Score and Statistics Input

  • Input within 24 hours of the end of the contest

Rules primer

Technical Fouls

Face Off Violation

Ball Stuck in Crosse

Failure to Advance

Ball Mired

Ball Caught in Equip

Crease Violation

Goalkeeper Interference


Technical Fouls





Illegal Off. Screening


Warding Off


Illegal Procedure

Rules Primer

Rules primer1

Personal Fouls




Unnecessary Roughness

Illegal Body Check

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Personal Fouls

Illegal Crosse

Illegal/Not work Equipment

Rules Primer

Officials signals
Officials’ Signals

  • Game Control

  • Penalty Process

    • Relay

    • Team (color), Number, Penalty, Time

      • Examples and hand numbers

  • Penalties

  • Get a Rule Book and Study and Keep for Reference

Other penalty rules
Other Penalty Rules

  • Without comment and within 20 seconds, leave the field through the table area.

  • Penalty time shall begin with the next whistle commencing play

  • Releasable penalties are released when the penalty time expires or when the opposing team scores a goal

  • Non-releasable penalties are released only when the penalty time expires

  • Penalties carry over between periods

  • Penalties on opposing teams that begin on the same tick of the clock have common time non-releasable

  • Multiple releasable penalties on a single player are all releasable on an opposing goal

  • Non-releasable penalties are served first

  • Goalies serve all their own penalties

  • If the in-home is in the box, the next player on the roster serves

Principle of advantage disadvantage
Principle of Advantage/Disadvantage

  • Always call

    • Fouls that present a safety issue – most personal fouls

    • Fouls to maintain proper behavior

    • Fouls obvious to everyone – lines, crease, offside

    • Technical fouls that disadvantage the fouled team or create unfair advantage for fouling team

Points of emphasis
Points of Emphasis

  • Pre-game Management – Drills around goal

  • Illegal body checking around head

  • Stalling

  • Stick Specifications

  • Cap Plugs

Nfhs lightening rule
NFHS Lightening Rule

  • Stop play and take shelter when thunder is heard or cloud to ground lightning bolt is seen

  • Wait at least 30 Minutes after last thunder or flash of lightening

  • Any subsequent thunder or lightening after the 30 minute count starts, start a new 30-minute count