drilling fluid processing equipment and design n.
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Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment and Design

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Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment and Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment and Design. Exceeding our customers expectations for more than 10 years. History.

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drilling fluid processing equipment and design

Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment and Design

Exceeding our customers expectations for more than 10 years


Dahlson Industries is an oilfield design and manufacturing organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have brought together a team of proven individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds in order to provide the resources required for our customer’s projects.


Dahlson Industries Calgary facility includes:

  • 3 Acre (12,200 m2) Yard
  • 14,000 ft2 (1,300 m2) of shop and office space
  • 2 x 20 ton overhead cranes
  • 24’ (7.5 m) x 8’ (2.5 m) plasma burning table
  • Internal machine department
  • 16 welding stations
  • 100’ (31 m) x 100’ (31 m) Rig Up Pad

Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Dahlson Industries is committed to implementation of our QMS and is in final stages of being certified as compliant with ISO 9000, API Spec Q1 and COR HSE management system
  • Currently using project and design controls such as management of change, documentation control and non-conformance reports
  • Compliant with ISNETWORLD
  • ABSA quality manual registered for ASME B31.3 piping (AQP-21224)

Engineering and Design Services

Engineering, Drafting and Project Management Services

Dahlson works with customer’s to ensure the end product meets their requirements.

2D and 3D Design Capabilities


Total Project Management Solutions

  • Use of Dahlson’s 100’ x 100’ cement rig up pad
  • On site private and data ready client office available
  • Administration facilities and support staff available
  • On site engineering, drafting, welding and mechanical services
  • Commissioning and rig up of completed units possible
  • Temporary housing facilities
complete systems
Complete Systems

Turn Key Fluid Handling Solutions

  • Dahlson can provide a complete fluid handling system or individual components that will be tailored to the customers needs
  • System components include:
    • Degassers and well control lines
    • Solids control through shakers, centrifuges and desanders
    • Fluid treatment with mixers, hoppers, mud labs and chemical storage and handling systems
    • Compartment tanks of various sizes and designs for each use
    • Fluid transfer equipment such as centrifugal pumps, agitators and mud pumps.
    • Interconnect piping and hoses
    • Electrical and instrumentation as required
    • Ancillary items such as walkways, handrails, stairs, work and office spaces and any other items required

Degasser Vessel with U-Tube

Vacuum Degasser with Piping


Scalping and Secondary Shakers

Dual Centrifuge System

De-Silting Cones


Caustic Mixer

Chemical Pallet Cart

Dual Mixing Hopper System

Custom Mud Lab


Conventional Oilfield Skidded Tanks

  • Conventional Mud Tanks
  • Multiple tank and compartment system
  • Complete with solids handling and mixing capabilities
  • Includes ancillary equipment like shakers, pumps, agitators and piping
  • Design can be based on Dahlson’s own design or customer’s preferred design
  • 40’ ISO Container Tanks
  • Tanks designed for ease in shipping and ground transportation
  • Can be supplied with detachable oilfield skid
  • Heli-Portable Tanks
  • Tanks designed for reduced weight in order to transport by air
  • Multiple units combine to provide equivalent system volume

Dual Compartment 50 BBL Trip Tank

Custom Specialty Tanks


Tank Agitators

Centrifugal Feed Pumps

Twin Mud Pump Module


Mud Ditches

High Pressure piping is manufactured in accordance to ASME B31.3

Interconnect piping between tanks, pumps and modules


Stairs, hand rails and platforms as required

Module extensions and passage ways


Complete electric and steam heating systems including boilers


Benches and Storage

Compressors and generators as required

High Pressure piping is manufactured in accordance to ASME B31.3


Conventional Oilfield Skidded Systems

  • - Complete mud system can be designed by Dahlson Industries or they can be built to customer supplied drawings like the system below – 6 tank, 1500 BBL system
  • Scope can include all items for turn key operation or specific modules

Dahlson can customize a system to match the customer’s specific requirements


Integrated Trailerized Fluid Conditioning System

Trailerized Drilling Mud Modules

  • - Complete mud system designed by Dahlson Industries: 1700 BBL, integrated 12 tank system
  • Winterized and trailerized for use in Alaska
  • Complete unit is integrated into an existing drilling rig

Coiled Tubing Mud and Auxiliary Equipment System

Winterized and trailerized mud system with tanks on lower level, piping and pumps on middle level and office and electrical on upper level

14 Interconnecting modules including boilers, electrical room, offices, water tanks, shop room, mud pumps, pump room, solid handling equipment and mixing pumps

we welcome the opportunity to handle your most challenging projects

235093 Wrangler Drive SE

Rocky View (Calgary), Alberta, Canada

T1X 0K3

Ph: (403) 279-8258

Fax: (866) 580-1251

We welcome the opportunity to handle your most challenging projects