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School Finance and Management Benchmark Assessment PowerPoint Presentation
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School Finance and Management Benchmark Assessment

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School Finance and Management Benchmark Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Finance and Management Benchmark Assessment

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  1. School Finance and Management Benchmark Assessment John W. Brown

  2. Develop a brief description of the significance of the Program reviewed on current activities to improve student success and how student diversity and special needs are included in program. This review will examine funding for the Athletic program at Holmes Middle School in Eden, NC. Holmes Middle School’s Athletic directly affects those involved by assisting in the development of leadership abilities, responsibility, teamwork and the need for practice. These skills have a direct impact on student academic achievement. All students enrolled at HMS have the opportunity to engage in sports programs; special needs students are encouraged to participate as active team members.

  3. Special Needs Inclusion • According to S. Carter, Athletic Director, all team sports had at least one member who was a special needs student; larger teams such as Track and Football had multiple special needs students. • Carter, S. April 29, 2008.

  4. Program Diversity 1.8% 40.9% 57.3%

  5. Holmes Middle School Enrollment Total Enrollment: 888 6th Grade: 287 7th Grade: 293 8th Grade: 308 Retrieved May 2, 2008 from:

  6. Complete a review of this budgetary program and evaluate its connection to the school’s Vision Statement. Holmes Middle School Mission Statement Our Mission: To empower students through learning experiences that are meaningful, practical, and motivating. Athletics play a large role in the life of the Holmes Middle School student body. These activities are designed to enhance the school mission by providing growth experiences and leadership opportunities outside of the regular classroom setting.

  7. Holmes Middle School Demographics 7.4% 1.5% 26.7% 65.4% Retrieved May 2, 2008 from:

  8. Holmes Middle School Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunch Through Title 1 29% 48% 52% 71% Source: Dillon, M., Principal, April 25, 2008

  9. Describe how the finances of the program reviewed supports teachers and the instructional process. The idea that Athletic Programs support and enhance learning and the instructional process are well documented. Athletes and students participating in these activities learn teamwork, responsibility and dependability along with developing a competitive spirit. Working with coaches and sponsors help them develop listening skills and improve attention and retention of detail. Perhaps the greatest result of participation, however, may be improved attendance and punctuality, which results in immediate gains in learning.

  10. How is Success Measured for the Program Reviewed • Success is measured by the amount of student participation, as follows: Total participation: 328 Source: Team Rosters 2007 - 2008

  11. Program Support for Effective Teaching • School Athletes in North Carolina: • Make higher grades. • Have less disciplinary issues. • Graduate and are promoted at a higher rate. • Have a lower drop-out rate than non-athletes. Source: Jefferies, S. and Nethery, V. (2002).

  12. Program Support For Effective Teaching • A 2002 Brookings Institute Report found that schools with top-ranked athletic teams performed better on state exams than schools with less-successful sports programs. • “Winning at basketball can go hand-in-hand with winning at mathematics.” Tom Loveless, Director of the Brown Center on Education Policy Source: Gehring, J. (September, 2002).

  13. Program Support for Effective Teaching • “When two groups of similar students—those who participated in Sports … and those who did not—are compared based on their grade point average, conduct grades, occurrence of suspensions and attendance, …participants fare better in all areas.” Ledford, S. (2000).

  14. Program Revenue – by Source 0.0% 20% 80% Source: Wyrick, C., Bookkeeper, April 28,2008.

  15. Federal Revenue Used by Program No Federal Revenue is received for this program

  16. State Revenue Used No State Revenue is received for this program. All funding is a combination of local allotments and gate receipts.

  17. How was community leaders or parents involved in the development and implementation of this program? Community leaders are not generally involved in this program at the Middle School level. Parents are not involved in this program unless they serve as Coaches and Assistant Coaches. However, in this capacity they become very involved and actually are the success behind it. Holmes Middle School Sports employs or accepts volunteer coaches in seven out of 13 sports. 14 out of 20 Coaches and Assistant Coaches are parents or other volunteers. Coaches salaries are not funded by the school; they are directly funded by the system and are not paid by individual schools. Source: S. Carter, Athletic Director.

  18. From the Data Analysis for the finances of this program, how does the program reflect a community need? The HMS athletic program serves as an extension of the effort to develop the whole child. This effort seeks to “promote health awareness, safety, personal achievement, making positive contributions and ultimately achieving economic well-being. Sport, in general, is recognized as having an important contribution to make in delivering these outcomes.” Source: Draper, R. Sport Playing Its Part.

  19. Local Revenue Used Source: Carol Wyrick, Bookkeeper, April 28, 2008.

  20. Illustrate the Decision Making and Budgetary Process for Local Funding Rockingham County Board of Education Superintendent Assistant Superintendent in charge Of System Athletic Program Football Helmet Refurbishment Program HMS Athletic Director Principal

  21. Decision Making and Budgetary Process for School Gate Receipts Principal Official’s Salaries HMS Athletic Director Transportation Costs for Away Games Various Team Needs

  22. Total Expenditures for Athletic Program This data is year-to-date, not final, as Spring Sports are ongoing. Source: Wyrick, C., HMS Bookkeeper, April 28, 2008

  23. Educational Grade Level Involved in Program indicating enrollment numbers Source: Carter, S. Team Rosters 2007 - 2008

  24. Present conclusions drawn from this research and present implications for how this program supports the school’s plan to meet current state and federal standards. The evidence seen throughout the research of improvements in student achievement, development and activity will have direct impacts on all areas. Improvements in achievement, attendance and behavior should translate into improvements in learning as evidenced by End of Grade test scores and meeting Safe Harbor for Annual Yearly progress. However, this data is not available for the current year as teasing has not occurred. Participation in Athletics will also have a direct impact on compliance with the North Carolina Healthy Child Initiative. While increased funding from local sources will not necessarily translate into increased numbers of athletes, as each team sport generally has to cut players to meet number limits, it will improve the experience of those athletes that are chosen for teams.

  25. For accountability purposes, explain the process used to evaluate the success of this program. This evaluation was conducted by review of accounting records for receipts and expenditures, through review of team rosters and general demographic information, through personal interviews with the Principal, Athletic Director and Bookkeeper of HMS and through a literature review on the positive results of team sport participation.

  26. Illustrate Performance Indicators

  27. Illustrate how the Local Revenue Supports Program 0% Other Resources 100% Helmet Repair Source: School Expense Report, 2008

  28. Procedures Used in Allocating Funds (use note page to describe this process) Rockingham County Board of Education Policy Gate Receipts Principal Local Funds Athletic Director Requests Bookkeeper Helmet Refurbishment Only Officials’ Salaries Equipment Replacement

  29. Process for Distributing Funds (use note page is describe this process) Athletic General Account Local Funds Gate Receipts Principal Athletic Director Bookkeeper

  30. Describe the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the program. (graphics or narration required)

  31. Describe how teachers could use the information developed from this program review. Have you identified gaps where the program needs to improve in areas of student progress? The data that has been developed in this review is not of significant use to teachers in improving student progress in the same sense that data from an instructional program would. However, the fact that the Sports Program at Holmes Middle School is seriously under-funded should lead faculty and staff to assist in ways to improve funding, both local allotments and gate receipts.

  32. Concluding Statement The Sports Program at Holmes Middle School plays a vital role in the development of a significant segment of the school population. It encourages develop of strong personal characteristics and improves achievement, attendance and behavior.

  33. References C. Wyrick (personal communication, April 28, 2008). Draper, R. (2007). Sport Playing Its Part: The Contribution of Sport to Meeting the Needs of Children and Young People. Sport England. London: Yew Consulting. Gehring, J. (2002, September 11). Sports and Academics Can Go Hand in Hand, Brookings Study Finds. Education Week, 22(2), 7, Retrieved May 5, 2008 from Academic Search Premier database. Jefferies, S. and Nethery, V. (2002) Cutting Kids from Athletics: Truths, Myths and Misperceptions. Washington: Central Washington University.

  34. References (continued) Ledford, S. (2000). A Program Evaluation: Jefferson County Public Schools Sprots club Education Program. University of Louisville. M. Dillon (personal communication, April 25, 2008). S. Carter (personal communication, April 29, 2008). School Demographic Report. (2008) Retrieved May 2, 2008 from: