so kids can have fun at the gym too n.
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A fun easy exercise program

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So kids can have fun at the gym too!. A fun easy exercise program.

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Getting Children interested in a healthy lifestyle is crucial for them to maintain a healthy weightgym doesn’t have to be boring, and its not all about losing weight! And its certainly not just for adults!Focus on the fun element and let your children feel like grown ups.Here are some suggestions of activities they can undertake at the gym!This is for children between 10 and 17

Have fun doing cardio on a rowing machine!Do it with a partner, and pretend you’re having a race on the yarra to make it more fun!
Another Great cardio activity Is the Crosstrainer. It is great for children as it has minimal impact on joints!
another activity with a friend see who can do the most lunges then see who can do the most squats
Another activity with a friend.See who can do the most lunges. Then see who can do the most squats

Make sit ups fun by adding a ball!Have someone stand at your feet, and as you come up throw them the ball! On the next sit up you catch the ball!