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Virtual Centre. for Monitoring, Forecast and Early Warning of Severe Meteorological Events in the Region of Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Expert Meeting on NMSs’ Participation on DRR Coordination Mechanisms and Early Warnig Systems. Geneva, November 26-28, 2007.

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virtual centre
Virtual Centre

for Monitoring, Forecast and Early Warning

of Severe Meteorological Events in the Region of

Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay

Expert Meeting on NMSs’ Participation on

DRR Coordination Mechanisms and Early Warnig Systems

Geneva, November 26-28, 2007

Dr. A. D. Moura & Dr. Lauro Fortes

INMET / Brazil


Area of Interest

Flash Floods: SP-2000



Cascading process to distribute

the meteorological information

Information from global models ~ 7 days

Regional Models ~ 2 days, satellite imagery, derived products

Alerts from the global centers to regional centers

Local models, radars ~ 3 hours to 1 day

Alerts from the regional

centers to national centers

Feedback at each stage

National centers distribute the information to local institutions

virtual centre1
Virtual Centre

for Monitoring, Forecast and Early Warning

of Severe Meteorological Events in the Region of

Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay


The IV Meeting of the Conference of Directors of Iberia-American NMHs held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from 15 to 17 of November, 2006, in its recommendation number 10, stated its support to the actions towards the creation of a Virtual Centre for Monitoring, Forecasting and Early Warning of Severe Meteorological Events to be established among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, having been agreed upon to promote the training of a group of experts of the participant countries.

virtual centre2
Virtual Centre
  • Goals
  • Maintain a virtual cooperation network among the member countries.
  • Exchange information in order to allow for the optimization of the operational work of forecasting and monitoring of any prospective adverse event.
  • Create a data basis of adverse phenomena over the region.
  • Promote the capacity building of personnel from the participant institutions.
  • Exchange numerical models’ data in order to produce derived products.
  • Promote joint research activities.
virtual centre3
Virtual Centre
  • Objectives
  • To support the forecast and monitoring of adverse meteorological phenomena over the South American Southeastern Region in order to contribute for the minimization of its social, economical and environmental impacts.
  • To increase to support to the participant countries’ Civil Defense Organizations
  • To improve the monitoring of phenomena by means of:
    • Automatic meteorological stations
    • Satellite data;
    • Radio sounders
    • Radars;
    • Ocean Buoys;
    • Real time efficient communication.
virtual centre4
Virtual Centre

The Region in Focus

Data Collection

virtual centre5
Virtual Centre

Weather Forecast

Centers from each participant institution produce their forecasts. In the case a severe event is perceived, there is a teleconference

among all of them and a consensus is reached.

virtual centre6
Virtual Centre

Initial Concept

VirtualCentre= the joint coordination of National Centers connected by an Intranet network that allows the participation of the forecasters working from their desks at their centers, in their hoe countries.

INMET - Brasilia

INPE/CPTEC - C. Paulista

CHM - Rio de Janeiro

EPAGRI-Ciram - Florianopolis

virtual centre7
Virtual Centre

Present Stage

Regular and coordinated discussion among the centers making use of VisitView and Yahoo Messenger

virtual centre8
Virtual Centre
  • Present Stage
  • Exchange of Warnings and Alerts by means of Institutional e-mails
virtual centre9
Virtual Centre
  • Present Stage
  • Exchange of Alerts and Warnings through Institutional e-mails
    • sepre.df AVISO Nº 232 - INMET
    • DPT CNAP Advertencia Uruguay
    • Meteop –Epagri-Ciram – Previsão Climática
    • PrevisorCHM - avisos de mau tempo nrs 675 ao 680
    • CPTEC Avisos Meteorológicos CPTEC/INPE
    • Alertas Paraguay

Virtual Centre

Alert issued by SMN - Argentina

virtual centre11
Virtual Centre

Alert issued by SIMEPAR- PR-Brazil

virtual centre12
Virtual Centre

Training Course

Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia - Spain

Training of Forecasters for the Virtual Center for the Forecast of Severe Phenomena over the South-Southeast Area of South-America

Place: MADRID, Spain (under the auspices of the INM of Spain)

Period: from May 21 to May 31, 2007

virtual centre13
Virtual Centre


Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia - Spain


virtual centre14
Virtual Centre
  • Participants of the Training Course
  • at INM, Madrid
  • Antonio Felipe Gil – Argentina
  • Claudio Mattio – Argentina
  • Marta Nora Castro –Argentina
  • Luiz Cavalcanti – Brasil - INMET
  • Márcia dos Santos Seabra – Brasil - INMET
  • Emma Giada Matschinske – Brasil – CHM
  • Marcelo Enrique Seluchi – Brasil –CPTEC
  • Cesar Augustus Assis Beneti – Brasil – SIMEPAR
  • Hugo José Braga – Brasil – EPAGRI-CIRAM
  • Eduardo Mingo – Paraguay
  • René Mariano Rodríguez Gómez - Uruguay
virtual centre15
Virtual Centre

Participants of the Training Course

(photos at INM)

virtual centre16
Virtual Centre
  • Future Activities
  • Meeting of Working Group for elaboration of the Project Final Report and to establish the responsibilities of each participant institution-
  • Establishment of INTRANET network linking the Member Centers
  • Other Issues
  • Identify new areas (for instance, area of severe phenomena common to Central America
  • Produce maps showing in different colors the types and intensity of observed phenomena
  • Integrate the network of RADARS available in the Region
virtual centre17
Virtual Centre
  • Aknowledments
      • INM of Spain
      • WMO
      • SMA - Argentina
      • DINAC - Paraguay
      • Directoria de Meteorologia - Uruguay
      • INMET - Brazil
      • CPTEC
      • CHN – Brazilian Navy
      • CIRAM
      • SIMEPAR
virtual centre18
Virtual Centre

Thank you for your attention

Antonio Divino Moura

Lauro Tadeu Guimarães Fortes