developments in timber transport n.
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Developments in Timber Transport PowerPoint Presentation
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Developments in Timber Transport

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Developments in Timber Transport - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developments in Timber Transport
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Developments in Timber Transport FEG Conference Penrith Colin JT Mackenzie BSc BSc(Eng) CEng MICE FIHT Project Consultant to the Highland Timber Transport Group

  2. Structure of Presentation • Introduction • The rise of the Super Single • Road Friendly Vehicles • The Crystal Ball Colin JT Mackenzie

  3. Introduction: What is the Problem? Colin JT Mackenzie

  4. The rise of the Super Single Twin wheels Super Singles COST 334: Super Singles superior in • Safety • Running costs • Environment BUT Highly damaging to fragile local roads - x7! Colin JT Mackenzie

  5. Road Friendly Vehicles • Key issue: How do we make timber trucks less damaging to roads? • Make tyre footprint as big as possible • Increase tyre width • Lower the tyre pressure • Use multiple wheels Tyre Footprint Colin JT Mackenzie

  6. The John Scott LGP system • 5 years development by JST • Two basic systems: • Case 4x4 tractor plus trailer(s) • Volvo 6x6 plus trailer • Different systems, different uses Colin JT Mackenzie

  7. Rear Suspensions Balance beam Case: McCauley And multi wheel Volvo: King Colin JT Mackenzie

  8. Colin JT Mackenzie

  9. Volvo 80t Gross 45t load Off public road Red Diesel Economy Best for deep forest high volume haulage to transhipment point Best with exclusive use of road Colin JT Mackenzie

  10. Case tractor and trailer Colin JT Mackenzie

  11. Case 32t Gross 15t+ Load Can cope with poor roads On and off public road Good for short hauls outside forest but no crane Well suited to ‘all in’ roading and haulage contract Colin JT Mackenzie

  12. Central Tyre Inflation (CTI) • Onboard computer controls tyre pressure • Lower speed, lower pressure, greater traction • Excellent feedback. ROADEX report in November • 4+ units now in use in Scotland Colin JT Mackenzie

  13. Super Super Singles Wider, lower profile tyre Bigger footprint As good as twin wheels? Colin JT Mackenzie

  14. SSS Equipped truck Colin JT Mackenzie

  15. Which tool to use Colin JT Mackenzie

  16. The Crystal Ball • Road friendly vehicles • Sharing of data • A more holistic approach to transport procurement Colin JT Mackenzie

  17. Thank you! Colin JT Mackenzie