how to deal with bullying appropriately n.
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How to deal with Bullying Appropriately PowerPoint Presentation
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How to deal with Bullying Appropriately

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How to deal with Bullying Appropriately - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to deal with Bullying Appropriately
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  1. How to deal with Bullying Appropriately By Alec Stover

  2. Fourth grade is hard enough for Jimmy Ryan. He just switched bowling lanes because he is in a different grade. Fourth – Sixth Grade Bowling Pins

  3. Forth – Sixth Grade Bowling Balls There is a bowling ball school right across the lane. Everyone says that they are not very nice.

  4. Jimmy feels tiny next to all the big kids. He does not like that.

  5. Today is Jimmy’s first day so his older brother, Nathan gave him a book called “How to Deal with Bullying Appropriately”.

  6. The book said, "Here is one way to deal with bullies. You can walk away from the problem.

  7. It also says that you can tell a teacher about the bullies.

  8. Jimmy didn’t have time to read the rest. The bus just left!

  9. Jimmy ran as fast as he could. He thought about the book and how he could use it while he ran.

  10. AL’S FUN IN THE SUN OUTDOOR BOWLING ARENA Luckily, Jimmy made it on time.

  11. Can I use this? Jimmy pulled out his book and thought about the bullying . “ Can I use this to help me?” he thought.

  12. Now is the time to find out! A bowling ball is coming Jimmy’s way!

  13. “Hey, loser! Gimme your lunch money!” Said the bowling ball. Jimmy thought about which technique he could use for this situation for what seemed like a year. He finally made up his mind. He would stand up for himself!

  14. “I am tired of all of you big kids pushing me around!” yelled Jimmy. “ You need to be nice to people so they will be nice back!” The bowling ball was so shocked that a little kid actually stood up for himself . Now he felt really small.

  15. Now that Jimmy learned to stand up for himself all the people , including the bowling balls, respected Jimmy. And that made him very happy.

  16. The End