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Picture Vocab

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Picture Vocab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name: _______________________ Pd: ________ Date: ___________. Picture Vocab. Chapter 12: Early Civilizations of the Americas (pgs 334-358). Directions: Each of the pictures on the pages that follow matches with ONE of the terms or people on your study guide for this chapter(s ).

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Name: _______________________ Pd: ________ Date: ___________

Picture Vocab

Chapter 12: Early Civilizations of the Americas

(pgs 334-358)


Each of the pictures on the pages that follow matches with ONE of the terms or people on your study guide for this chapter(s).

Decide which word matches the picture, then write it on the lines next to the picture.

You must also include the page number where the word or name can be found in the chapter in your book.

You must also write the definition of the word, or description of the important person.

HINT: It is easier to fill out the terms and people on your study guide FIRST, and then use them to match to the picture. This is not required, but recommended.

  • Tens of thousands of pieces of pottery have been found that once belonged to this ancient group. The pottery seen here once belonged to them.
  • The man in the center of this picture is gathering information on the number of people, and their jobs, etc… in his town in 1810. The Incas did the same thing over 600 years earlier.
  • All of these have this particular shape (round).
  • This is a picture of the home of THESE PEOPLE (see similar picture on pg 336)
  • This specific REGION was home to many Native Americans, for hundreds of years.
  • This capital city started as swampy land.
  • He is one of the leaders of the Early American Civilizations.
  • This is a method used for growing crops.
  • These early Native Americans moved huge amounts of dirt one person at a time, by hand, in small baskets.
  • A birds eye view of the Incan’s home atop this specific geological feature.
# 17
  • One of the first calendars, using hieroglyphics, was developed by THESE PEOPLE before the 900s.
  • He is considered responsible for the fall of the Incas.
  • This capital city was the center of both government and religion for its people.