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FRANCE. Tidal Barrage. Company/Organization - Electricite de France (EDF) Technology/Plant Name - La Rance Barrage Technology Genre - Tidal Barrage Power take-off system - Bulb Turbine

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tidal barrage
Tidal Barrage

Company/Organization - Electricite de France (EDF)

Technology/Plant Name - La Rance Barrage

Technology Genre - Tidal Barrage

Power take-off system - Bulb Turbine

  • The EDF Group's strategy is meeting these challenges by developing competitive and low carbon emitting energy solutions. Building a sustainable energy future requires considerable efforts and investment:
  • fostering “decarbonised” electricity generation by developing low-carbon technologies,
  • promoting demand-side management and developing environmentally friendly end uses,
  • ensuring the competitiveness of the solutions that are chosen, to maintain employment and households' purchasing power,
  • investing in R&D to prepare for the energy of the future,
  • exploit the opportunities connected with the latest technologies,
  • help with the development of CO2 capture, transportation and storage technologies,
  • seek out major hydroelectric infrastructure projects within a local sustainable development policy.
tidal barrage1
Tidal Barrage

La Rance Tidal Barrage was built in the 1960's near St. Malo in France. A dam 330 metres long was build in front of a 22 square kilometer basin. The tidal range (the difference between high and low tides) averages 8 metres and reach up to 13.5 metres. The plant consists of 24 bulb type turbine generators 5.35 metres in diameter, 470 tonnes in weight, and rated at 10MW each which generate electricity whether the tide is going in or out (developed by Électricité de France). This peak of 240MW of power is sufficient to power 4% of the homes in Brittany - equivalent to the consumption of a town the size of Rennes. The average power generated is 68MW for an annual output of around 600 million kWh units of electricity. In November 1996 the La Rance tidal power plant celebrated 30 years of active service during which time 16 billion kWh of electricity were generated without major incident or mechanical breakdown. The initial capital cost of the power plant (620 million Francs) has long since been recovered, and the cost of electricity production is now below 0.02 Euro per kWh.

tidal current technologies
Tidal Current Technologies

Company/Organization - Pole Mer Bretagne

Technology/Plant Name - Marenergie

Technology Genre - Horizontal Axis Turbine - Ducted

Power take-off system – Unspecified

Use the force of tidal currents to generate electricity, is the idea of ​​society Hydrohelix who gathered around the project MARENERGIE / SABELLA, eight companies and research centers. The partners are developing the offshore installation of a first turbine of 200 kW: a large diameter turbine, coupled to an electric generator that will transform the kinetic energy of tidal currents into electrical energy sent by cable to the coast. After a test period, a 1 MW module production consists of five turbines will be connected to the network.

The use of tidal, astronomical origin, predictable power and not subject to the vagaries of weather, is one of the answers to the reduction of fossil fuels, diversification of sources, and use of renewable energy and not generating greenhouse gases

ocean wave technologies
Ocean Wave Technologies
  • Company/Organization - FluidMechanicsLaboratory - Écolede Nantes
  • Technology/Plant Name - Searev
  • Technology Genre - Absorber - Point
  • Power take-off system – Unspecified

SEAREV, EcoleCentrale de Nantes, France

  • The SEAREV is a wave-absorbing buoy similar in design to the PS Frog. The buoy oscillates with the waves, and its oscillations relative to a large internal mass are used to generate power. The exact power take-off mechanism is unclear, but it may involve the use of hydraulics. A series of mathematical simulations were used to refine the shape of the buoy, and the simulations indicated that the use of a latched control system (that would lock the mass in place during certain points of the wave cycle) would provide improved performance. The final form of the buoy is mushroom-like, with a cylindrical internal mass located in the lower section. It is unclear whether any scale model testing of the buoy design has taken place.

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