Sickness and health
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Sickness and Health. Presenter: Jessica Gordon. Getting Prepared: All The Cards. Be sure to take the Kenko Hoensho (Medical) card with you to every doctor you see Be sure to get registered with your nearest hospital as soon as possible!

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Sickness and health

Sickness and Health

Presenter: Jessica Gordon

Getting prepared all the cards
Getting Prepared: All The Cards

  • Be sure to take the KenkoHoensho (Medical) card with you to every doctor you see

  • Be sure to get registered with your nearest hospital as soon as possible!

  • Most likely, your nearest hospital will give you a slip of paper and/ or card as well.

    • Highly suggested: Keep all medical slips and cards together in case of emergency

Checklist for visiting the doctor
Checklist for visiting the doctor

  • Do you have your medical card?

  • Do you have this clinic’s / hospital’s registered card?

  • Do you have a Japanese/ English medical dictionary?

  • Do you have your supervisor/ JTE?

    • Not always necessary for a cold or something small

    • Very necessary if you have no idea what’s wrong with you

Taking sick leave
Taking Sick Leave

  • First, call your school and tell them you’re sick

  • Next, go to the doctor and get a sick leave slip

    • Warning! It will cost you money.

    • If you’re lucky, your school may accept a medicine slip as a leave slip.

  • You have about 10 days of paid medical leave

    • BUT! It can get tricky to use it

      Since most teachers in Japan don’t use their leave, oftentimes ALTs will feel pressured into not using their leave as well.

      Also, using medical leave in general has caused tension between ALTs and their Boards of Education.

Medical fees
Medical Fees

  • With your medical insurance card, you don’t pay for most doctor’s visits

    • All clinic visits are paid for by the BOE

    • Specialists can require you to pay upfront, but you should get your money back from the BOE for necessary medical needs.

  • You may have to pay some money for the medicine at the clinic

    • Somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 yen

    • Sick leave slip: 1,000 to 3,000 yen

The medical check process
The Medical Check Process

  • Answer a bunch of medical questions on this paper they thrust at you.

  • Take off your shirt. They need an X-ray.

  • Weight and height check.

  • Urine sample required.

  • Blood drain

  • Sight test

  • Hearing test

  • Stomach poking and prodding