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  1. Vertebrates Project 1 Erica O’Malley

  2. Before we begin let’s review a few instructions… Back to question Back Homepage Next Slide Quiz ?

  3. What exactly is a vertebrate? • A vertebrate is an animal that has a backbone or a spinal column. • There are 5 types of vertebrates 1 Mammals 2 Fish 3 Birds 4 Reptiles 5 Amphibians

  4. A quick review before we begin… 1 What is the definition of a vertebrate? they do not have a backbone or spinal cord they do have a backbone or spinal cord none of the above a b c

  5. Incorrect! Try again… a. They do no have a backbone or spinal cord Review 1

  6. Correct! Great job! b. They do have a backbone or spinal column

  7. Incorrect! Try again… c. None of the above Home Review 1

  8. Now that we know what a vertebrate is we are ready to learn about the 5 types of vertebrates… Click one the vertebrates to begin. Fish Mammals Birds Reptiles Amphibians

  9. Fish Characteristics: • Aquatic vertebrates • Cold-blooded • Lay eggs • Have two sets of paired • fins • Have skin covered in scales • Have gills used for breathing • Live in all types of water at a variety of different depths • About 28,000 living species today Vertebrates

  10. Examples of Fish Vertebrates

  11. Fish Review What is unique about fish? they are only found in water they live in all types of water they are warm-blooded a b c Vertebrates

  12. Correct! Great job! a. They are only found in water Vertebrates

  13. Incorrect b. They live in all types of water (this is true but this is not what makes them unique) Vertebrates

  14. Incorrect c. They are warm-blooded Vertebrates

  15. Mammals Characteristics: • Warm-blooded • Have sweat glands • Have hair • Have specialized teeth • Have three middle ear bones • used for hearing • Give live birth • Have a neocortex region in the brain • They are endothermic • About 5,000 living species Vertebrates

  16. Examples of Mammals Vertebrates

  17. Mammal Review What are two characteristics of mammals? warm-blooded and give live birth warm-blooded and lay eggs cold-blooded and give live birth a b c Vertebrates

  18. Correct! Great job! a. warm-blooded and give live birth Vertebrates

  19. Incorrect Try again… b. warm-blooded and lay eggs ?

  20. Incorrect Try again… c. cold-blooded and give live birth ?

  21. Birds Characteristics: • Warm-blooded • Lay eggs • Range in size from two inches to nine feet • Have feathers • Have a beak with no teeth • Have a four-chambered heart • Most but not all can fly • Found in most all ecosystems from the south pole to the north pole • They communicate with each other through song • About 10,000 living species today Vertebrates

  22. Examples of Birds Vertebrates

  23. Bird Review All birds are warm-blooded and can fly. True False Vertebrates

  24. Incorrect Try again… True ?

  25. Correct! Great job! False Vertebrates

  26. Reptiles Characteristics: • Cold-blooded • Skin is covered in scales • They breath with lungs • Found on every continent except Antarctica • They lay eggs but some give live birth • They can walk, crawl, slither, and or swim depending on their species • About 8,000 living species today Vertebrates

  27. Examples of Reptiles Vertebrates

  28. Reptile Review How are reptiles born? by hatching from eggs live-birth both a and b a b c Vertebrates

  29. Incorrect Try again… a. by hatching from eggs

  30. Incorrect! Try again… b. live birth

  31. Correct! Awesome! c. both a and b Vertebrates

  32. Amphibians Characteristics: • They have four legs • Exothermic meaning that they regulate their body temperature based on the temperature of their environment • Spend part of time on land and or other part in fresh water depending on the species • Able to breath through lungs, gills, and or their skin • About 6,200 living species today Vertebrates

  33. Examples of Amphibians Vertebrates

  34. Amphibian Review Amphibians are the only vertebrates that have the ability to spend time in and/or out of water. True False

  35. Correct! Great job! True Vertebrates

  36. Incorrect Try again… False

  37. Now that we know all about the five different types of vertebrates, let’s review with a short quiz to test your knowledge of vertebrates. Vertebrates

  38. Question 1 What is the definition of a vertebrate? nothaving a backbone or spinal column having a backbone or spinal column none of the above a b c

  39. Incorrect a. not having a backbone or spinal column Q1

  40. Correct! b. having a backbone or spinal column

  41. Incorrect Try again… c. none of the above Q1

  42. Question 2 Which type of vertebrate is endothermic? bird mammal fish reptile amphibian a b c d e

  43. Incorrect a. bird Q2

  44. Correct b. mammal

  45. Incorrect c. fish Q2

  46. Incorrect d. reptile Q2

  47. Incorrect e. amphibian Q2

  48. Question 3 Which type of vertebrate ranges in size from 2 inches to 9 feet tall? Mammal Fish Reptile Bird Amphibian a b c d e

  49. Incorrect a. mammal Q3

  50. Incorrect b. fish Q3