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CAD Outsourcing Services PowerPoint Presentation
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CAD Outsourcing Services

CAD Outsourcing Services

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CAD Outsourcing Services

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  1. Best CAD Service Provider CAD Outsourcing Services

  2. The construction industry has come a long way with Computer-Aided Designing (CAD) software which works as an important tool for architecture designing and mechanical designing. From the past 50 years, CAD has been used by top contractors, engineers and architects for smooth and error-free architectural designing. The evolution of the AutoCAD family has transformed the hand drawings to CAD drafting and 3D modelling. Now, architectural rendered drawings are also created using CAD. • Engineering and architectural companies have seen the worth in 3D CAD designs. Therefore they are delivering cad outsourcing services for the faster and hassle-free construction. CAD designs and models are the foundation of the construction process of complex buildings like skyscraper, hospital, houses, university, power plants, oil and gas industries.

  3. Why contractors choose CAD software to make 3D models of buildings? Today, most contractors, architects and engineers are using CAD to make innovate and unique architectural & structural drawings. Here are some of the vital features of AutoCAD that make it exceptional software for architectural, structural and mechanical designing- 1) Improve design communication with 3D CAD models In the 3D CAD model, every feature is explained in details. They are much easier to understand than 2D CAD drafting. For each building components like beam, columns, roof and walls there is a realistic depiction in the 3D CAD model. Whereas in the 2D CAD drafting only lines and arrows used to represent building components. The detailed and accurate CAD designs eliminate and save time for engineers and architects. When architecture design plans are clearly shown, workers are less likely to misinterpret it and make errors. Using AutoCAD software also enhance the design quality and reduces the chances of rework.

  4. 2) CAD software simplifies the documentation process Along with 2D CAD drafting and CAD 3D modelling, CAD software also helps in preparation of construction documents. Construction documents include the following drawings and reports that are prepared through CAD: 1) Site plan 2) Structural design 3) Wind design data 4) Earthquake design data 5) Fire safety system 6) Sewage disposal drawings 7) Soil report 8) Flood hazard documentation 9) Construction documents for structural concrete, masonry, truss drawings

  5. 3) Gives access to Virtual reality and augmented reality Rendering of 3D CAD models to create VR and AR of the building gives a positive impact on the final result of the construction work. An architectural rendering of the floor plan is very helpful in explaining and marketing design ideas. Nowadays, architectural designs are becoming customised as per the demand of the customers.Using architectural walkthrough to explain the designs to the client will put the architectural company on the top.

  6. Some primary benefits of CAD 3D modeling are: As the AutoCAD software family keeps growing, the idea of 'CAD benefits for the construction industry' is also shooting up. Here are some quick and ultimate benefits of CAD designing in the construction industry: 1) Smooth design communication 2) Digitization of the whole construction drawings 3) Easy to find and solve errors 4) Clients can understand designs with ease 5) Simple construction material management 6) Eliminating paperwork and budget 7) Comperatively lower cost 8) Quick trun around time After looking at all these benefits of CAD 3D modeling, construction companies cannot ignore the CAD outsourcing services. Starting from contractors, drafters, detailers and architects everyone is embracing CAD 3D models as the basic requirement.

  7. Looking For CAD Outsourcing Services? • Contact us: Adress : 331-332, Patel Avenue Nr.Gurudwara, S G Road, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA Mobile no. - + 91-79-2685-2558 Email ID : Website :