Ud financials grants reporting
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UD Financials Grants Reporting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UD Financials Grants Reporting. www.udel.edu/financials. Grants Data and Queries added to Reporting Database . New Grants data and tables will supplement existing reporting capabilities (EZQ’s, etc.) New pre-written queries will give you more reporting choices (GMQ’s and PIQ’s).

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Ud financials grants reporting

UD Financials Grants Reporting


Grants data and queries added to reporting database
Grants Data and Queries added to Reporting Database

  • New Grants data and tables will supplement existing reporting capabilities (EZQ’s, etc.)

  • New pre-written queries will give you more reporting choices (GMQ’s and PIQ’s)

Session objectives
Session Objectives

  • For Query Viewers/Managers

    • Review Report and Production Databases

    • Explain Access/Security in the Report Database

    • Grants Revenue Recognition and Payments

    • Use the Pre-Written Queries (EZQs, GMQs, PIQs)

    • Look at BUDDY

  • For Query Managers

    • Review Additional Info Needed to Create Queries

    • Explain Design and Security of the New UOD Grants Tables

    • Data Dictionary

The report instance for the query viewer manager
The report instancefor the Query Viewer/Manager

  • Report database – Grants Reporting ready now

    • A copy of the production database

    • Updated nightly – data is one day older than production

    • Example: JV you do today will be there tomorrow

    • Security is based on Purposes or DeptID (for proposals)

    • Security changes/updates also take one day to be reflected in Reporting database

  • Where can I find the report instance?

    • www.udel.edu/financials

Production vs report access for the query viewer manager
Production vs. Report Accessfor the Query Viewer/Manager

  • Proposals entry/review - FIPRD (production database).www.udel.edu/grants

  • Run reports/queries on grants data - FIRPT (report database).www.udel.edu/financials

    • Some tables are secured by Purpose and others by Dept ID, your access will impact query results

    • Staff who enter proposals will need access to related Dept ID or Purposes in order to query the proposal/award

    • This is especially important for Grants with multiple projects and departments

Viewing your reporting access
Viewing your Reporting Access

Run these queries to see your current access:


    • Enter your user id to see DEPT IDs you have access to view


    • Enter your last name with the % (wildcard) to see the Purposes you have access to view

      To request new or additional access:

  • e-mail your Dean’s or Director’s Office contact with DeptIDs and/or Purposes. Your contact will forward approval to [email protected]

Understanding grants revenue recognition
Understanding Grants Revenue Recognition

  • In legacy system, grant revenue was recognized when cash was received

  • In new Financials System, grant revenue is recognized as expenses are incurred; not when cash is received.

  • A GMQ is coming that will show when cash is actually received (GMQ_CASH_RECEIVED_BY_CONTR).

Reports for the query viewer manager
Reportsfor the Query Viewer/Manager

Pre-written reports/queries:

  • EZQ’s provide Purpose fund balances

  • GMQ’s provide Proposal or Project detail

  • PIQ’s provide PI related information

  • See Handout: Grants Reporting Queries

    BUDDY – Quickly access transactions and add additional information to transactions (“tag data”)

And this report coming soon
And This Report Coming Soon!

  • PI Snapshot – Statement of all projects for a PI, returning the expenses in the major categories and current balance as well as obligations.

    • Will run on-request under the UD Processes menu

    • Will be an Excel spreadsheet

    • Results will be found in Report Manager (like monthly accounting statements)


Bringing University Data Directly to You

A web based dynamic report using UD People Soft financial data

Why would i use buddy instead of udfinancials query
Why would I use BUDDY Instead of UDFinancials Query?

  • BUDDY decreases response time for inquiry

  • For routine inquiries to transactions and balances

    • Easy way for PI’s and Chairs to get Purpose balances

  • Ability to tag/comment on transactions

    • 3 additional free form userfields (Comments) can be added after transaction is posted to UD Financials.

    • UD Chartfield (User Field) is updateable in BUDDY (does not write back to UDFinancials!!!!)

When is buddy data updated
When is BUDDY data updated?

  • Daily at 9:00 am from FIRPT.

    • Update process can take some time and is completed by noon.

    • A JV you process today will show up in BUDDY tomorrow afternoon.

    • www.udel.edu/buddy

Where do I find BUDDY?

Summary for the query viewer manager
Summary for the Query Viewer/Manager

  • Know thy Instance – FIPRD vs. FIRPT

  • Know thy EZQ and GMQ and PIQ

  • Know thy BUDDY

  • Know thy Grants Trainer – report problems

Writing reports for the query manager
Writing Reportsfor the Query Manager

  • How do I make my own queries?

    • Query Manager access needed

      • Take Query Class before access granted

      • Query Training on web (www.udel.edu/UDFS/info (click training tab)

    • Start with existing public query (GMQ) and ‘save as’ your own using your naming convention

    • Or start from scratch with ‘create new query’

Create new query for the query manager
Create New Queryfor the Query Manager

  • Data is stored in tables. “UOD Views” were created by combining the most commonly used Grants tables (records).

  • The UOD Views have row level security by DeptID or Purpose

The uod views for the query manager
The UOD Viewsfor the Query Manager

Five UOD Views in the Report Instance for Grants

(See the Data Dictionary at www.udel.edu/UDFS/info)

  • Award Attributes View UOD_AWD_ATRB_VW

  • Proposal Budget View UOD_PRP_BUD_VW

  • Proposal Attributes View UOD_PRP_ATRB_VW

  • Project View UOD_PRJ_VW

  • Project Resource View UOD_PRJ_RES_VW

    Coming soon…

  • Project Funding View UOD_PROJ_FUND_VW

The grants data for the query manager
The Grants Datafor the Query Manager

Learn about the data in the UOD Views www.udel.edu/UDFS/info

  • Data dictionary (Data & Terminology tab)

    • Defines fields within the Views

    • Provides field format, length and other attributes

  • Best to brush up on data before writing or running queries

Important codes for the query manager
Important Codesfor the Query Manager

  • Analysis Types – see Handout

    • Critical to querying on UOD_PRJ_RES_VW

    • Multiple rows created for transactions, duplication and erroneous balances will occur in queries if Analysis Types not considered

  • Other Important Codes – see Handout

    • Award Status

    • Project Status

    • Proposal Status

Let s run an ezq query viewer manager
Let’s Run an EZQ!Query Viewer/Manager

  • Log on to the Report Instance

    • www.udel.edu/financials

    • Select Reporting Tools/Query/Query Viewer

    • Type in “EZQ”


    • Fill in prompts

    • Returns project-to-date balance summarized by account category

Let s run a gmq query viewer
Let’s Run a GMQ!Query Viewer

  • Log on to the Report Instance

    • www.udel.edu/financials

    • Select Reporting/Query/Query Viewer

    • Type in “GMQ”

    • Follow the handout: “Grants Reporting Queries”



    • Use a proposal with multiple projects

    • Returns all budget info for Projects in a proposal