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CARIBBEAN INTERNET FORUM 2007. TOWARD A REGIONAL COORDINATED POLICY FRAMEWORK Mr. Donnie Defreitas MSc, (Hav.) , ECTEL Bay Gardens Hotel Gros Islet Saint Lucia November 2007. Objective.

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caribbean internet forum 2007




Mr. Donnie Defreitas MSc, (Hav.), ECTEL

Bay Gardens Hotel

Gros Islet Saint Lucia

November 2007


The stated objective of the ECTEL Member States is the achievement of an Information based Society.

. In such a society all citizens are to be provided access to the full range of information and communications technologies, resources, and capabilities, with the opportunity to apply them in their daily lives, from education to jobs to homes and personal expression and entertainment.

identified gaps
  • Comprehensive quantitative data lacking
  • Low levels of ICT penetration
  • Absence of well coordinated approach nationally and regionally
  • Generally no single entity responsible for ICT
  • Significant shortfall in technology deployment
  • Lack of a defined technology delivery system
national information management authority nima
  • To be the national delivery system for ICT projects
  • Applying approved policies this body would ensure the delivery of sustainable ICT solutions to identified problems
  • Will liaise with regional body to ensure harmonization
information technology units
  • National focal points for ICT matters
  • Ensure ICT Platforms in place
  • Coordinate implementation of ICT Project ensuring stakeholders coordination
  • Enforcing standards in the industry
  • Governmental body as distinct from NIMA which has broad representation
regional coordinating machinery
  • Agency to enable and facilitate regional and national processes to achieve the stated goal of a knowledge based society
  • Enabling cohesive and integrated approach to ICT project deployment
  • Deliver an Innovative Production System, lifelong learning capabilities and products based on innovation that ensure sustainability as ICT Projects are deployed in the region.
targets of regional coordinating entity
Targets of Regional Coordinating Entity
  • Promotion of an infrastructure for ICT that facilitates growth, is pro-competition and has universal access and affordability elements across all major sub-components of the sector.
  • The RCE will ensure access to broadband data transmission and Internet access on a universal and affordable basis
possible mechanisms
Possible mechanisms
  • Increase the licensing of new telecommunications networks and services;
  • Increase capacity and competition for international data and Internet backbone transmission links;
  • Reduce prices for telecommunications services, especially wholesale and retail broadband connectivity;
  • Promote widespread deployment of wireless broadband access technologies;
  • Facilitate access to basic and advanced telecommunications services for users and communities without adequate access, through implementation of the Telecommunications Universal Service Fund
internet penetration
Internet Penetration

Regional and national bodies will work to:

  • Increase the use of the Internet and the level of internet penetration.
  • Develop appropriate management structures and institutional arrangements for the management of ccTLD.
  • Increase the usage of the ccTLD by Government and other national bodies.
  • Collaboration with other regional entities for the management of ccTLDs.
internet exchange points
Internet Exchange Points
  • The Regional body should be charged with the responsibility for determining the feasibility for the establishment of a regional IXP to enable improved Internet transmission efficiency, cost reduction, and improved security.
  • The study should include the development of an appropriate business case and management structure and Governments contribution should such regional exchange points be determined as being feasible.
work for rce
Work for RCE??

A work plan for the RCE and National bodies could include;

  • Ensuring the expanded availability and reduced prices for ICT hardware, including computers and computer components;
  • Establishing a regime that is without barriers to entry for the importation of ICT goods and services, including but not being limited to computer components, subassemblies and accessories.
  • The establishment and expansion of ICT equipment manufacturing, assembly, sale, and re-sale businesses;
  • Standardizing and centralizing the procurement procedures for ICT related equipment;
more work for the rce
More Work for the RCE
  • Assisting Governments in adopting ICT based procurement practices;
  • Heightening awareness of the importance and applicability of ICT within the private sector;
  • Increasing penetration of technology initiatives in families and small business initiatives;
still more work for the rce
Still more work for the RCE

RCE should set goals of:

  • Achieving the widest availability, diversity, openness of information products/content and the protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Expanded availability and reduced prices for information products including computer software;
  • Expanded deployment of open-source, non-proprietary software platforms and applications in both public and private sector operations;
  • The introduction and enforcement of appropriate intellectual property legislation and protections with respect to electronic information products, based on international protocols, standards and precedents;
yet more work
Yet more work
  • Promote the use of improved measures to prevent the spread of harmful and disruptive ICT software features, including viruses and “spam” advertising;
  • Promote the adoption of WIPO standards to ensure data security and privacy rights with respect to ICT software, applications, and electronic databases;
  • Have Governments provide incentives for the development and expansion of domestic ICT software and applications; and, facilitate local information content production for both customized products and general markets, embracing regional and global export opportunities
  • The point has been made that there is work to be done and a RCE can do this work
  • There are general issues to be included in the mandate of such an coordinating or implementing agency
  • While the emphasis has been on a coordinating entity perhaps we should focus on an implementing one!
elements of a regional approach
Elements of a regional approach
  • Harmonization of Policies and Plans – only possible if all agree on a common objective.
  • Establishment/designation of national entities that would act focal points for integration and coordination of all ICT activities and projects
  • Agreement on the purpose, function and mandate of a regional coordinating entity
legislative administrative framework
Legislative/Administrative Framework
  • Enactment of laws/regulations that would give effect and authority to National and Regional bodies.
  • Promulgation of Laws and Regulation incorporating Governance principles to govern the sector
  • Allocation of resources to enable the relevant bodies to carry out their mandate
regional initiatives
Regional Initiatives
  • Regional initiatives already exist and can serve as impetus for the implementation of a regional machinery;
  • The CSME, CKLN, E-Legislation development, Competition laws, CIF, ECTEL TICT Project, CRNM to list a few that could provide synergies
  • Importantly strategies to ensure buy in by all stake holders especially the policy makers, have to be designed
follow up
Follow up
  • Need to develop a strategy to ensure implementation of proposals
  • Entities that would have direct stake in a regional coordinating approach need to be identified and engaged
  • Entity or entities to be charged with the responsibility for follow up
  • CIF 2007 should designate a core group with the mandate to coordinate follow up activities including possibly the organization of CIF 2008
thank you
Thank you

ECTEL repeats its commitment to the regional development process.

We will continue to share our experiences for the benefit of all and importantly work to ensure that when all is said and done more will be done than said!

for further information
For Further information

Contact us at or

Donnie De Freitas

Director of Technical Services


Castries St. Lucia.

Phone (758) 458 1701

Fax (758) 458 1698