avaya anv ndarf rening sm te v ster s april 2011 l.
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Avaya Användarförening smöte Västerås April 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Avaya Användarförening smöte Västerås April 2011

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Avaya Användarförening smöte Västerås April 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Avaya Användarförening smöte Västerås April 2011. Introducing Avaya Desktop Video Device with the Flare ™ Experience. What is the Avaya Flare  Experience ?. The power of Avaya Aura™ video collaboration … at your fingertips!. Content Video. Content Video.

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Presentation Transcript
what is the avaya flare experience
What is the Avaya Flare Experience ?

The powerof Avaya Aura™video collaboration …at your fingertips!

avaya video conferencing solution

Content Video

Content Video

Avaya Video Conferencing Solution

Avaya 1030/1040/1050

Avaya Desktop Video Device

with the Avaya Flare TM Experience

Avaya 1010/1020

  • HD 720p, single display, content share
  • Personal Office: 20x26”, fixed focus camera with built in microphone
  • Huddle Room: 32x42”, motorized camera with MicPod
  • Lower price and better bandwidth utilization* (668Kp/s)than comparable Tandberg Edge 95 (1.5Mbps) or Polycom HDX6004 (2 Mbps)
  • HD1080p/720p, dual display, 50x65” , content share, motorized camera & dual Mic Pods
  • 1030 – No MCU
  • 1040 – 4-port MCU
  • 1050 – 8-port MCU
  • Lower price and better b/w utilization* (1Mbps) than comparable Tandberg C20 or C40 (1.7Mbs) or Polycom 7002 (2Mbps)
  • HD and large touch screen
  • High-quality speaker phone
  • Fully integrated UC experience
  • Innovative user experience
  • Lower price and better HD bandwidth utilization* (396Kb/s) than integrated video phones -- Tandberg 1700 (1.5Mbps) or Polycom HDX4002 (1.0Mbps)

Resolution and Performance



Work group

* Bandwidth comparisons at 30fps x 4CIF (Flare), 720p (all others)

how will avaya deliver this new experience
How will Avaya deliver this new experience?

Call Control expanded

Contacts Groups

Applications Group

Participant Cards


how will avaya deliver this new experience6
How will Avaya deliver this new experience?

Notification Bar


Date & time




Title Bars

Expanded contact

Contacts Fan

Contextual Fan

(Calendar, Apps, History)

Index (left and right)

Media menu

contextual conference experience
Contextual Conference Experience

© 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.


avaya desktop video device advd
Avaya Desktop Video Device (ADVD)


(Upright Mode)



(Tabletop Mode)

avaya desktop video device hardware
Avaya Desktop Video Device Hardware
  • Spotlight user interface
  • Large HD monitor
  • Multi-touch screen
  • High quality audio and video conferencing
  • Enterprise portability
  • Fully integrated UC experience
  • Innovative user experience
  • WiFi and 3G/4G modem ready
  • Docking station with I/O ports and cable mgmt
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
  • RJ11 Headset and handset jacks
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Integrated Sub-Woofer
advd in avaya aura sip environment
ADVD in Avaya Aura® SIP Environment


( with CM-ES)

Avaya Web Conferencing 6.0

(part of AAC)

Polycom Video

Conference Bridge

Avaya Infrastructure

System Manager

R 6.0


CM-FS or

CM-ES 6.0

Session Manager

Proxy/Registrar + PPM





AA Conferencing 6.0Standard Edition


Modular Messaging

R5.2 or R6.0






PS 6.0




MS Exchange Server

Upgrade/Settings File HTTP Server



Active Sync

Optional Microsoft servers

Social Network APIs

Avaya Aura™ Core Components


Optional Components for Avaya Aura™ Complete Solution

Optional 3rd Party Servers and Clients

collaboration server cs1k scenario
Collaboration Server/CS1K Scenario

Avaya UC/Video

SIP Endpoints

SIP/UNIStim/Analog/Digital Endpoints


  • Purpose Establish environment to experience HD video & wideband audio endpoints firsthand
  • Telephony Voice calls can be made between all endpoints.
  • Video A CS video endpoint can make a point-to-point call to another CS video endpoint.
  • Conferencing On-demand conferencing can be initiated from any CS endpoint. All video endpoints can participate in group conferences. Group dial-in conferences can be hosted by AAC on either system.

CS1000 R6 or later

Collaboration Server 6.1

G430 Gateway

SIP Trunk

Avaya Aura Conferencing Standard Edition 6.0

avaya aura solution for midsize enterprise uc in a box
Avaya Aura® Solution For Midsize EnterpriseUC in-a-box


  • Avaya Aura® Session Manager
  • Avaya Aura® System Manager
  • Avaya Aura® Presence Services
  • Avaya Aura® Session Border Controller
  • Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services
  • Communication Manager Utility Services
  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager and Communication Manager Messaging
  • Avaya Aura® System Platform on an HP Server, SAL, VPN

Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise

Uses System Platform technology

Avaya Common Server

Target 250 to 1000 users,

10’s of locations

Single path

install, fast, less costly

Utility Server including Enterprise Directory Server

Secure remote monitoring (SAL)

how do avaya aura services contribute
How do Avaya Aura™ services contribute?
  • Communications Manager & Session Manager
  • Core routing & bandwidth management
  • Applications sequencing
  • User mobility (hot desking)
  • Voice messaging
  • Signaling survivability
  • Conferencing
  • Multi-modal, multi-session collaboration
  • Audio /video conferencing
  • Advanced controls
  • Collaboration
  • Document sharing
  • White boarding
  • PC companion
  • Presences Services
  • Avaya IM
  • Aggregated telephony and OCS presence
  • Federated presence
gui concepts
GUI Concepts
  • Contacts
  • Communications Application
    • Meetings
    • Calls
    • Conferences
    • Video Calls
    • IM
advd contacts
ADVD Contacts
  • Personal contacts from multiple sources
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Exchange
    • Enterprise (LDAP)
  • Accessed via a scrolling fan.
  • Center contact expanded.
  • Communication channels available for contact – single touch communications
  • Presence information – user availability and channel activity.
  • Name and Corporation
  • Search
    • Contacts search
    • Enterprise LDAP contact search
contact sources
Avaya Propeitary anConfidential. Contact Sources
  • Filter fan view based on contact source or by tag
    • Sources
      • Exchange
      • Gmail
      • Facebook
      • Enterprise directory
    • Favorites
      • User selectable
    • Buddy List
      • Subscribe to presence of contacts identified as buddies (number of presence subscriptions is limited by PPM)
      • Current limit of 256 buddies
contact history
Contact History
  • Communication history with each contact.
    • Recent view shows
      • Last 2 calls
      • Last 2 IMS (if any)
      • Recent Emails with contact
      • Social interactions
    • Alternatively view interactions with contact by communication mode (voice, video, IM, email social) and communication type – incoming, outgoing, missed.

History View filter

Recent View selected

contact details
Contact Details
  • Phone
    • First item in list is “primary” number – used for touch to dial.
    • Work, Mobile, Home
  • IM
    • Not user editable
    • Based on enterprise E164 phone number – automatically loaded when “Buddy” selected
  • Email
    • Multiple addresses supported
  • Social
    • Facebook Id
  • Primary address/ number can be changed by the user
  • Channel Presence
    • Availability of communications channel
    • Voice, Video, IM
  • User Availability
    • Manually controlled or automatically calculated. Manual selection from Topbar.
  • Presence States
    • Available - Green
    • Busy – Yellow
    • Unavailable/off line – Red
    • Unknown – Grey
    • Out of office – tied to calendar information (future)





communications application
Communications Application

Spotlight Communications –

  • Person centric communications.
  • All communications treated uniformly – launch a call by pressing the desired channel button. No more having to decide how to call just select a person and select a communications channel that is available.
  • A meeting includes the participants and media sessions that they are participating in.
    • point-point meeting including one our more media channel(s) – voice, video and/or IM
    • Multi party meeting.
      • One or more media sessions within meeting
      • One or more participants in a voice/video session.
      • Multiple point-point IM communications within a meeting.
  • A media session is defined as a communication with one or more participants using a specific modality, e.g. voice, video or IM. communication
initiating a communication
Initiating a Communication
  • By: Touch Communication channel icon on contact card or contact details.
  • By: Dial pad
  • By: Call from history, calendar app
initiating a communication cont
Initiating a Communication (cont.)
  • Or By: Drag card to stage –
    • Initiate voice, video or IM communications by selecting channel icon
incoming call notification
Incoming call notification
  • Answer – New spotlight takes center stage.
  • Ignore – goes to coverage
  • Most recent communication with caller indicated
video communications
Video Communications
  • Video Window sizes supported
    • Basic (640x360)
    • minimized size (206x200)
    • Full Screen (1220x686)
  • Video mute independent from audio mute
  • Minimize video window to small size. Access other apps and participant controls in the spotlight.
  • Local preview window – PIP for larger videos, separate for smaller video sizes (160x90)
  • All communications represented in a spotlight.
  • If there are more than 3 active meetings, the additional meetings are represented by their “topboxes” in the ribbon.
    • 5 Meetings shown in picture.
  • Details of all meetings are available in meeting panel.
  • An IM media session that has a message that has not been viewed is indicated by a red light next to message.

Spotlight header ribbon

Meeting Panel

meeting panel
Meeting Panel
  • Each meeting accessibile from Meeting panel
  • Each meeting can include more than one media session including multiple IM sessions
  • Meeting in right spotlight indicates there is a new message for first listed IM session.
  • IM sessions accessible from meeting panel
spotlight ribbon
Spotlight Ribbon

Voice Meeting Header

IM Meeting Header

  • Represents each meeting.
  • Primary media indicated in ribbon icon
    • Video
    • Voice
    • IM
  • Meeting Panel view button


Meeting Panel View Button

New Call


  • New call button (brings to view empty spotlight)
  • Up to 13 meetings supported
    • Up to 3 voice calls
    • Up to 10 independent IM meetings (note, more than 1 IM session can be part of any meeting).
introducing avaya desktop video device with the flare experience31

Introducing Avaya Desktop Video Device with the Flare ™ Experience