v o cabulary week 12 n.
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V o cabulary Week 12

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V o cabulary Week 12

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V o cabulary Week 12

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  1. Vocabulary Week 12

  2. Mark knew he could justify getting home from school late after explaining that the bus got a flat tire.

  3. Justify– (verb) to give a reason for something

  4. Stella’s enthusiasm for the ballet soon had the whole class eager to attend the performance

  5. enthusiasm- (noun) a strong feeling of excitement or interest

  6. The telephone company decided to establish Internet service in large cities before small towns.

  7. Establish - (verb) to set up

  8. As the fisherman removed the hook from its mouth, the flounder began to flounder and trash in the bottom of the rowboat.

  9. Flounder (noun) – a flatfish that lives in salt water (verb) – to struggle awkwardly

  10. Though the water in the lake was frigid in December, it remained unfrozen.

  11. Frigid – (adj.) very cold

  12. End Day 1

  13. Which of these situations could you probably justify? • Swatting a fly • Stealing a diamond ring • Returning a library book after the due date • Eating a piece of your sister’s Halloween candy • Lying to your teacher Tell about a time when you avoided getting in trouble because you could justify your behavior

  14. Copy and complete this concept map for enthusiasm: Other ways to say it: Examples enthusiasm What makes you feel enthusiasm? How do you express it?

  15. Which of these might flounder about? • a cat that falls into a tub full of water • A runner headed for the finish line • Someone trying to learn to balance on a unicycle • A ballerina performing onstage • Someone walking through an unfamiliar room in the dark Name some creatures that might flounder about when removed from their natural habitat.

  16. End day 2

  17. Which of these do you do when you establish something? • Form something new • Demolish something • Install something new • Create something • Eliminate something When was the United States of America established as an independent nation?

  18. Complete the Word Maps for your vocabulary words. word

  19. Copy and complete the Venn diagram for flounder: flounder flounder Have you ever eaten flounder? Have you ever felt like you were floundering?

  20. Which of these would be frigid? • A January morning in New York • The summit of Mount Everest • A sand castle • An iceberg • A July afternoon in Florida Have you ever been swimming in frigid water? Have you ever been outdoors in frigid weather? Tell your shoulder partner about it.

  21. End day 3

  22. Match Mine • Each set of face partners receive a set of vocab cards. • Face partners distribute the cards so that one partner has all the words and the other has all the definitions. • Partners set up barricades so they cant see each others cards. • Partner A puts their cards in whatever order they want. • Partner A reads their cards one by one and partner B places their cards in the order that they think matches. • Partners reveal their cards and check for correctness. • Partners switch roles and now Partner B places their cards in order and Partner A matches.

  23. End day 4