learning katakana with hello kitty n.
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Learning Katakana with Hello Kitty

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Learning Katakana with Hello Kitty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning Katakana with Hello Kitty. He llo Kitty woke up in the morning. Hello Kitty had a ha ppy face. She walked down her stairs to get breakfast. She almost slipped because she had so cks ( sa ) on.

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She walked down her stairs to get breakfast. She almost slipped because she had socks(sa) on.
There was a table sitting there. On it was there was a carton of milk for coffee, a watermelon slice, and a bowl of kumquats.
She also had toast which she made with her toaster. It was her morning breakfast.She quickly ate it and went out to her car. She was meeting up with her friend. She drove quickly and arrived at the mall.
Her friend Kerropi was there. Kerropi was shopping. Hello Kitty met up with him quickly. Hello Kitty made an angry face(i) at Kerropi. He was shopping without her. He apologized and she forgave him because he bought her some ramen noodles from the store.
Hello Kitty wanted to see the store. Outside, in the shop window there was a ManekiNeko. Hello Kitty and Kerropi wanted to check out clothes. In the store there was a display for Kimonos. Hello Kitty tried a Kimono on in the dressing room (ru) and it looked really good.