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By: Alexandra Szczupak. Grunge Movement. overview. What is grunge Why it is overlooked How and When it started Seattle influences The Style Pearl Jam and Nirvana Analyzing Lyrics Other bands of the era End of the era. What is Grunge.

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By alexandra szczupak

By: Alexandra Szczupak

Grunge Movement


  • What is grunge

  • Why it is overlooked

  • How and When it started

  • Seattle

  • influences

  • The Style

  • Pearl Jam and Nirvana

  • Analyzing Lyrics

  • Other bands of the era

  • End of the era

What is grunge
What is Grunge

  • When you think back 20 years or so you might think of only the 80’s

  • But an often overlooked era of music,style,and poetry was created in the early nineties

  • This period of music was the grunge movement

Often overlooked
often overlooked

  • Many people overlook the music styles of grunge because of the attitudes of the artists

  • Artists were very apathetic and often rebellious

  • Grunge music gave us some of the most poetic and moving lyrics

  • Also very deep and profound artists

How and when it started
How and when it started

  • There is some debate as to how the era was started, a general consensus states around 1990-91

  • It provided as a getaway for people who listened to the music

  • When people think of grunge music they mainly think of just one song, Smells Like Teen Spirit…many beg to differ

  • The movement technically was not started by Nirvana,it was started by the band that inspired them such as the Melvins and the Mudhoneys in the mid 80’s


  • Many of the songs were inspired by teen angst/hatred

  • Suppressed emotions and depression

  • Song had meaning and purpose, in turn many of these song influenced others to become independent and on the verge of rebellious

  • Many may look down upon the intense lyrics but they can equally be viewed as poetic


  • Seattle provides the home for a large part of the grunge music scene

  • The heavy rainfall in this northwestern city provides much angst and depression which in turn provided great music

The style
The style

  • The style of the grunge scene goer greatly showed their apathetic attitude

  • Almost haggardly and distressed

  • Torn distressed jeans, flannel shirts, Doc Marten boots or converse

  • Designer labels were looked down upon for a more simplistic style

  • What made this style stick out was how everyday the clothing items were and how the musicians made them a trademark

More to grunge than one angry song
More to grunge than one angry song

  • The two main bands that started the movement were Seattle based bands such as pearl Jam and Nirvana


  • The band was formed by front man Kurt Cobain of Aberdeen Washington-troubled by a divorce of parents as a child and high school drop out

  • Other members were bassist Kurt Novoselic and drummer was often changed but longest member was Dave Grohl

  • Released first album Bleach in 1987 and soon became a part of the Seattle music scene

  • The band got their biggest break with smells like teen spirit

    • Cobain is thought of as a leader of a new movement

Pearl jam
Pearl Jam

  • American rock band formed in 1990

  • Most notably led by frontman,Eddie Vedder

  • Formed in Seattle Washington

  • Was actually criticized by Kurt Cobain as being a sellout band

  • Proved that statement wrong by refusing to adhere to mainstream musical trends like music videos

  • First album, Ten was a hit a proved as a getaway for many people through poetic and angry lyrics

All apologies
“All Apologies”

  • By Nirvana

  • “What else should I beAll apologiesWhat else should I sayEveryone is gayWhat else could I writeI don't have the rightWhat else should I beAll apologies”

  • This was reportedly Kurt Cobain’s giving up on everything and the rock world, started to feel to commercialized and eventually Cobain did give up and committed suicide in 1994


  • sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay were laid spread out before me as her body once didall five horizons revolved around her soul as the earth to the sun now the air i tasted and breathed has taken a turn

  • i know someday you'll I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star, in somebody else's sky, but why why can't it be mine?".

Other bands of the era
Other Bands of the Era

  • Soundgarden

  • Temple of the Dog

  • Radiohead

  • Alice in Chains-most notable for heavy and interesting guitar riffs

The end of an era
The End of an Era

  • The suicide of Kurt Cobain Brought on the end of the grunge era

  • Soon after many of the bands switched to an alternative rock mainstream sound

  • 1996 is around when grunge’s heyday was over