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LEARNING ANY NEW LANGUAGE FROM. IYER LANGUAGE CLASSES THANE WEST. TESTIMONIALS. “ I came from Punjab to Mumbai in search of learning Italian Language on an SOS basis. I tried contacting many institutes when I landed in Mumbai. I then came across Iyer Language Classes situated at Thane. I

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learning any new language from





“I came from Punjab to Mumbai in search of learning Italian Language on an SOS basis. I tried contacting

many institutes when I landed in Mumbai. I then came across Iyer Language Classes situated at Thane. I

expressed my problems to them. Mr. Iyer immediately arranged the class for me within a short span of time.

I now became mentally relieved. The Italian faculty member was very courteous and took optimum care of

me. I had literally no clue about the language. But I had to learn as fast as possible. The teaching technique of

their institute is par excellence. Their hospitality is very warm and one really feels at home. Their branches

are coming up at many other places in India. I would only request everyone that if you are looking for

"Quality Learning and Quality Teaching", then you should blindly join Iyer Language Classes. They have a

dedicated team for most of the languages who will be able to take care of you whenever you require.

Language Learning is the need of the hour. So please don`t comprise on Quality as time is of great essence.

Thank you once Mr. Iyer for teaching me Italian Language. MAY YOUR INSTITUTE`S NAME KEEP GROWING


– Jasleen K


“I wanted to learn Chinese language desperately. I was standing confused where to join. While

surfing , I came across Iyer Language Classes. I met Mr. Ganesh Iyer and told him my

requirements. He immediately guided me so well, that I couldn’t wait for long to commence the

Classes. The Chinese faculty member was so helpful and so nice in teaching that during the entire

course, I always felt that I just shouldn`t miss a single class for any reason. That was the interest

I started developing. Both Mr. Iyer and the Chinese faculty member were always very

accomodoative, that it made me to express my sincere feelings for Iyer Language Classes. I would

anytime recommend that if you want Quality Learning do not hesitate to join Iyer Language Classes.

Even though you might feel the fees are a bit high, the personal attention and the homely feeling

that one gets, is anytime worth spending as one cannot repeat to spend on the same language

again and again. So my recommendation is"CLOSE YOUR EYES and JOIN BLINDLY

IYER LANGUAGE CLASSES" in case you want to learn any language. I would once again like to thank

Mr. Ganesh Iyer and his team for taking care of me so well that I will never be able to forget them

and their institute where ever I am. Looking forward to their institute grow globally. Thank you”.

– Rashmi


“Hi. I am from Germany. I came to India earlier on a short visit. It then made me feel that I should settle in India

forever . I like Indian people, the culture, their simplicity. I had very little knowledge of Hindi words.

When I landed in Mumbai, I came across Iyer Language Classes through internet. On speaking with Ganesh Iyer,

I felt very homely and started my classes instantly. Today, after finishing the course, I can proudly say that their

teaching approach, their hospitality, the flexibility in timings and days is just too good to express in words. They

are too soft by nature and very courteous. I can today, read, write, speak fluently is just because of

Iyer Language Classes. I would say that foreigners coming from abroad whether for a short visit or a long stay in

India, and if they intend to join Language Classes, then they shouldn`t hesitate to join Iyer Language Classes as

they are very dedicated. I can truly see them growing at pace and establishing their organization globally.

Wishing Iyer Language Classes and their team BEST OF LUCK”.

– Heike B


“I wanted to learn Telugu Language and I was searching for a good institute who could understand me and

teach me accordingly. I came across IYER LANGUAGE CLASSES when surfing. On speaking with Mr. Ganesh Iyer,

I internally felt that here is the type of language class I was looking for. I immediately joined without any

hesitation. I wanted a Home Tutor to come and teach me and my wife. When I requested to Mr. Iyer, he

immediately helped me and I could start the class instantly. The Home Tutor was excellent. He was coming very

regularly and his teaching approach was also very simple, easy to understand. As I am working with a MNC, I

understand the importance of "Quality". Iyer Language Classes helped me right till the completion of the course

whenever I needed their assistance. They are into teaching Indian and Foreign Languages. I certify that they

are just the type of language class we all are in need today, where learning an extra language is very much

essential. I wish Iyer Language Classes BEST OF LUCK and may their institute grow all over the world.

Thank you for all the help”.

– Mohan P


“I was always poor in learning English. My mother tongue is Marathi. I was desperate to speak English fluently.

Honestly, it was because of Mrs. Iyer from Iyer Language Classes that I took the initiative in learning the

language. If I am able to speak today fluent English, the real credit goes to Iyer Language Classes and their

entire team. I have now become so confident that I can see a change in myself. That`s what I was looking out

for. My personal opinion is " JUST GR8" to learn at Iyer Language Classes. Go ahead and join immediately as you

will rarely find a class with a homely environment, wonderful hospitality and always caring. You would surely

never want to miss them. I wish "Iyer Language Classes" GOOD LUCK in all their ventures. Thank you for taking

care of me so well and helping me in shaping my future, I was ever wanting to. Will always be in touch with you.

Good Day”.

– Saroj


“I am a Maharashtrian staying in Mumbai. My husband is from Tamil Nadu. I was worried since I didn`t know

Tamil Language. I was in dire need of learning Tamil. I then joined Iyer Language Classes situated at Thane

West. Today, I am able to speak Tamil it is just because of Iyer Language Classes only. My husband and in-laws

are amazed. Truly, the method of teaching is fabulous. The environment is homely and special thanks to

Mrs. Jayanthi Iyer and Mr. Ganesh Iyer. I am sure they have a very great future in the field of Language

Teaaching. I wish Iyer Language Classes all the very best and they establish their offices world wide. I would

recommend everyone that who ever wants to learn any language, blindly join Iyer Language Classes as they

teach nearly 40 languages with excellent faculty members. They are truly too good. Thank you once again for

making me united with my husband`s family”

– Vaibhavi Iyer


I was in need of learning Malayalam as I am getting married to a Mallu. I wanted to learn the Language asap. On

scrolling the internet, I found Iyer Language Classes, situated within a short distance. I joined with absolute zero

knowledge about the language. After joining the course, I got the confidence within myself that I will be able to

speak. All due credit goes to Iyer Language Classes. In one word "Fabulous" method of teaching. I always felt

homely when learning. Special thanks to Mrs Jayanthi Iyer and Mr. Ganesh Iyer. Yes, I wouldn`t be shy to state

that "Iyer" surname normally are genuine, dedicated and devotional in their approach as I have a lot of friends

by their surname. This statement I am making out of my practical experience. ILC have nearly 40 languages under

their umbrella and growing very fast globally teaching face to face and online. When it comes to learning any

language, quality is the main essence, as one cannot repeatedly spend time and money for the same activity.

For that matter, I appreciate Iyer Language Classes, who truly give value for both. I pray that their institute

achieves a global trademark in the times ahead as today learning one extra Indian or Foreign Language is very

important. At the end I can only pray and say from the bottom of my heart

"GOD BLESS IYER LANGUAGE CLASSES" and their entire team, times ahead.

– A.H.


Each of these four elements obviously has their own quirks:

  • How to read
  • What beginners should Read
  • How to accelerate your Progress
  • How and when to use a Dictionary
  • How to Listen
  • What to Listen for
  • How to Accelerate your Listening Skills
  • What to Write
  • Grammar
  • How to Avoid or Correct Mistakes
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • How to Gain Confidence
  • Conversational melody.

We’re still missing something!

Our picture is starting to look a bit more complete but there is still something missing.

Our 4 major elements are still missing something in the middle. Something connecting them all.

This next section can literallysave you years.





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