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Unit 4 Activities. How to ask for and give directions?. Where’s the…, please?. How can I get to …?. +a specific place. Excuse me. Do you know the way to…?. Can you tell me how to get to …?. +a place in general. Is there a… near here?. Ask for directions. I’m sorry, I don’t know.

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Ask for directions

Where’s the…, please?

How can I get to …?

+a specific place

Excuse me.

Do you know the way to…?

Can you tell me how to get to …?

+a place in general

Is there a… near here?

Ask for directions

I’m sorry, I don’t know.

I’m afraid I can’t help you.

If you don’t know the way…

Sorry, I’m a stranger here.

Sorry. You could ask the bus driver.

Yes, there’s a … on + street/road name.

Give directions

It’s on + street/road name.

The easiest/quickest/best way is to…

go +right, left, down, up, through

take/go along +street/road nameturn +right/left at …crossing

walk … blocks

take the subway/bus/a taxi to…

If you know the way…

after that, then, next, when you get to, finally

You will see + a landmark on the right/left.You will pass + a landmark.

It’s + prep. + the landmark. You can’t miss it.

not far.


about a twenty-minute bus ride / walk.


Internet cafe

1. Go along/take Hyde Street.


2. Go through Grant Ave and Albany Ave.

After that

3.You will find the Internet café on your left. It’s in the middle of the block.

City Hall

Savings Bank

1. Go along/ go up / take Grant Ave .


2. Go through Mason street and Hyde street.


3. Turn right at the third crossing.

After that

4. Go along the Bloor street West and the bank is on your left. It’s in the middle of the block.

What's the best way to the post office?

  • Excuse me, where is the post office, please?

  •  __________ at the next corner.

  • Then ____________ until you come to the traffic lights.

  •  __________ there.

  • The post office is___________________ the cinema.

Turn right

go straight on

Turn left

opposite/across from

continue, end, excuse, get, left, next, opposite, right, second, straight on, thank, turn, welcome



  • _______ me, how do I ___ to the cinema?

  • Go ___________.

  • Turn _____ at the corner.

  • Then take the _______ crossing on your _____.

  • __________ to the ____ of the road.

  • ______ left there.

  • The cinema is on your _____, _________ the castle.

  • _______ you very much.

  • You're _________.

straight on











Activity where is the bank

B: Excuse me. Is there an ATM near here? second, straight on, thank, turn, welcome

A: Yes, there’s one on the corner of Davis Street and First Avenue.

B: Great. Thanks!

Activity -Where is the Bank?

Activity shopping list

B: We need flour for this recipe. Do you have any flour in your kitchen?

A: Yes, I do.

B: How much?

A: About one cup.

B: We need there and a half cups. Write flour on the shopping list.

A: How many onions do you have? We need two.

B: I don’t have any onions.

A: None?!

B: That’s right.

A: Okay then, we need to buy onions.

Activity - Shopping List

Homework your kitchen?

  • Recite the new words and phrases in this unit.

  • Prepare for the dictation.