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The Status of International Business in Community Colleges

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The Status of International Business in Community Colleges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Status of International Business in Community Colleges. Presented by: Gretchen Carroll, J.D., M.B.A. Professor of Management & Leadership Owens Community College. First The Facts. There are 1,195 local community colleges in the United States.

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the status of international business in community colleges

The Status of International Business in Community Colleges

Presented by:

Gretchen Carroll, J.D., M.B.A.

Professor of Management & Leadership

Owens Community College

first the facts
First The Facts
  • There are 1,195 local community colleges in the United States.
  • According to the American Association of Community Colleges over 80% of these community colleges have integrated international components into course work.
  • 83% of them sponsor activities to promote global awareness among students.
fast facts
Fast Facts……
  • Community Colleges make up 42% of all higher education institutions and enroll 40% of students nation wide.
  • With 11.5 million students, credit and non-credit, community colleges play a crucial role in preparing students to become productive members of a global workforce.
  • Close to 100,000 international students attend community colleges, about 39% of all international undergraduate students in the United States.
  • reflecting demand, enrollment in community colleges with international business programs grew from 23% to 60% over the last 5 years.
  • Close to 100,000 international students, 39% of all international students in the United States attend community colleges & contribute 1.87 billion annually to the US economy.
  • international student enrollment at CCs increased by 57.9% from 93-03.
5,776 community college students studied abroad in 2003/04, less than 1% of all community college students in the US.

Community College study abroad generally mirrors study abroad at all institutions.

85% of community college students who do study abroad are in Latin America or Europe.

The overwhelming majority of community college study abroad students (73%) are on short-term programs.

73% of community college students that did study abroad, did so for fewer than 8 weeks.
  • The American Association of Community Colleges actively advocates an international role for community colleges in all dimensions of worldwide education and training.
  • There is increasing support that other countries are reflecting a heightened interest in adopting the community college model. (Bologna Agreement)
in 2001 2002 ace compiled an internationalization index
In 2001-2002 ACE Compiled an Internationalization Index
  • A random sample of 552 community college presidents were surveyed (52%) of which 233 (43%) responded.
  • Asked a variety of questions in six major categories that comprised the index.
six key areas of international involvement
Articulated Commitment

Academic Offerings

Organizational Infrastructure

External funding

Institutional Investment in Faculty

International students and student programs.

Six Key Areas of International Involvement
dismal report card
Dismal report card…
  • 61% received an overall internationalization score of low
  • 33% scored in the medium range
  • 5% in the medium to high range
  • 0% in the high range
of the community colleges considered to be highly active
Of the community colleges considered to be “highly active”
  • 65% highlighted international education in recruitment literature.
  • 75% had programs for students to study abroad without delaying graduation.
  • 66% administered study abroad programs for undergraduate credit.
  • 92% had an office for international education programs.
study abroad programs
Study abroad programs
  • Offered by 1/3 of the community colleges surveyed, but less than 10% administered international field study, internships, or service opportunities.
  • Even in the highly active institutions, only 2% of students study abroad annually.
investment in faculty
Investment in Faculty
  • Although faculty involvement is key to internationalization of the curricula and the student experience, the majority of community colleges scored “low” or “zero” on institutional investment in the faculty.
  • General lack of support for faculty and for opportunities to be involved in international education.

Should community colleges be advancing short cycle study abroad and internationalizing campuses and curricula?


  • All of the regional accrediting associations have adopted standards or policies to guide two-year institutions as they move into international education.
  • Many two-year institutions have altered their mission statements to include foreign study for students as a means to develop global perspectives.
  • American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in their standards and guidelines for business school accreditation encouraged business schools to adopt a systematic acceptance of internationalization in their curriculum.
  • Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) included in their standards, for two year institutions, that students develop a global perspective, and the study of the international environmentshould be included in the business curriculum.
aacc acct joint statement on the role of community colleges in international education
AACC- ACCT Joint Statement on the Role of Community Colleges in International Education
  • “Community Colleges should develop strategic plans for global awareness and competence that respond to the needs of the community’s learners, businesses and institutions.
american association of community colleges policy on international education
American Association of Community Colleges Policy on International Education
  • “To ensure the survival and well-being of our communities, it is imperative that community colleges develop a globally and multi-culturally competent citizenry. In meeting this challenge, community colleges should provide:”
  • internationalized curricula
  • multicultural activities and programs
  • foreign language programs
  • cultural and ethnic studies
the aacc s policy also includes
Study abroad programs

Faculty and student exchange programs

Professional development

Technical assistance to other countries and their business/industries

Local/state/national and international forums

International student enrollment

The AACC’s Policy also includes...
government supported these initiatives with an international education policy
Government supported these initiatives with an international education policy
  • To continue to compete successfully in the global economy and to maintain our roles as a world leader, the US needs to ensure that its citizens develop a broad understanding of the world, proficiency in other languages, and knowledge of other cultures.
  • A coherent and coordinated international education strategy (which includes community colleges) will help us meet the twin challenges of preparing our citizens for a global environment while continuing to attract and educate future leaders from abroad.
how does the government support the initiative
How does the Government support the initiative?
  • Encouraging students from other countries to study in the United States;
  • Promoting study abroad by U.S. students;
  • Supporting the exchange of teachers, scholars and citizens at all levels of society;
  • Expanding high-quality foreign language learning and knowledge of other cultures.
  • 20% of community colleges have received U.S. government funds to help support international programs.
international education must be part of the community college s mission why
International Education Must Be Part of the Community College’s Mission.... Why?
  • We’re building a world of learners. Community Colleges are no longer just preparing a workforce, they are developing an active citizenry, prepared to navigate and participate in a global community.
  • Community college enrollments are projected to be over 13 million by 2010, over half of all Americans will begin their education at a community college, as well as increasing numbers of international students.
  • The ‘community’ identified in the mission statement is no longer confined to a limited geographical area as distance education expands the scope and reach of all colleges, and international students migrate to community colleges for a variety of reasons.
  • “The argument for international education programs exists on the human level, in economic terms, and on the civic plane.”
how owens community college is meeting the standards
In 1997, after attending the MSU IBI, we began developing an international focus in the business program and across the curriculum. It was an nine step process that included:How Owens Community College is meeting the standards...
  • 1) Overcoming resistance in the department about the need for an international focus.
  • 2) Presentation at a division meeting on incorporating a global perspective in all business classes.
  • 3) Presentation at a College-wide faculty development seminar on incorporating a global perspective across the curriculum.
4) Selecting management, marketing, and business law texts that included an international focus.
  • 5) Adding International Business as a required course for all management majors.
  • 6) Adding an International Business option which includes: international business, international marketing, human geography, international transactions, multicultural diversity and a foreign language requirement.
  • 7) Adding Canadian Studies Transfer degree which includes the opportunity to study for a semester at a Canadian two-year college.
8) Joining the Toledo Area International Trade Association and the International Trade Assistance Center to develop ties with the business community.
  • 9) Creating strategic relationships with BGSU, University of Toledo, University of Findlay to facilitate transfer students and professional development for faculty.
eu us atlantis project
EU- US Atlantis Project
  • Joint projects of the Department of Education and the European Commission.
  • Supports transatlantic cooperation between institutions of higher education in US and EU, both 2 and 4 year institutions.
  • Objectives: facilitation of student and faculty exchange, development of joint/dual degree programs, exchange of best practices.
university of toledo owens community college atlantis project
University of Toledo & Owens Community College Atlantis Project
  • Response to the Bologna Agreement
  • Two international partners- International University College (Bulgaria) & LEIDO (Netherlands)
  • Focus in on the role of short-cycle higher education in the US & EU in addressing social and economic needs.
  • Ultimate goal – creation of a dual degree/certificate program between OCC and EU partner institutions.
future plans for international business education at occ
Future Plans for International Business Education at OCC...
  • Increased focus on getting international students enrolled at Owens and in our business transfer programs.
  • Participate on a College wide committee to send students to study and travel internationally. Attempting to get the program grant funded by the DOE.
  • Consider collaboration with other international education organizations including Youth for Understanding International Exchange, Sister Cities International, and People to People International. .
hosting three international conferences
Hosting Three International Conferences
  • June 2009- Golden Sands, Bulgaria Focus is recognition and accreditation of SCHE programs and the alignment of educational systems to facilitate student exchange and meet global workforce needs.
  • October 2009- Toledo, Ohio Focus is the role of SCHE in economic & community development.
  • June 2010- Amsterdam, The Netherlands Focus is the contribution of SCHE in creating ladders in life long learning.
for more information on atlantis
For more information on Atlantis….
  • We’d love to have you as a participant or a presenter representing short cycle higher education.
  • We’d also love to hear what you are doing in any of these areas regarding economic or social development or life long learning.
the challenges to international studies
The Challenges to international studies ....
  • 1) Faculty support.
  • 2) Marketing the program to the business community to establish a strong job market for a two year graduate.
  • 3) Student Interest- over 18,000 students at OCC but fewer than 300 have selected the IB option, although this is up dramatically. (Eliminated the language requirement and enrollment doubled.) But, it remains difficult to run advanced courses without student numbers.
some bright spots c c success stories
Some Bright Spots…………C.C. Success Stories
  • Anne Arundel Community College (MD)
  • College of Lake County (IL)
  • Crowder College (MO)
  • Essex County Community College (NJ)
  • Glendale Community College (CA)
  • Harford Community College (MD)
  • Maricopa Community College District (AZ)
  • North Shore Community College (MA)
  • Tidewater Community College (VA)
saber es poder
“Saber es poder”
  • Knowledge is power and community colleges are on the front lines of the global shift.
  • Our reach has been expanded and enhanced by the convergence of technology into the education arena, expanding our sphere beyond our community. (every course in the BM curriculum is now available through distance education)
  • Expanding international education strengthens democracy, encourages prosperity, and inspires new intellectual thought and inquiry.
International Education does a lot for shedding egocentric and ethnocentric attitudes.
  • What happens outside of the U.S. does indeed affect the price of the automobile, per-capita income, national security, your job and perhaps personal freedom. (Even in Toledo, Ohio)
  • Global education can help community college students make this connection.
so what is the status of international business in community colleges
So what is the status of International Business in Community Colleges?
  • After assessing economic trends, marketplace challenges, demographic changes, programming opportunities, and technology developments, 80% of Community Colleges across the country have developed some type of international curricula, 43% offer international community activities, and 49 % have study abroad/exchange opportunities.
  • The world is our new community and it is up to community colleges to educate the workforce, educate the electorate, and educate the people to navigate and participate in a new global community.
thank you
Thank you!
  • Questions???????
  • Contact information:

Gretchen K. Carroll, J.D., M.B.A.

Professor of Management & Leadership

Director of Atlantis Project

Owens Community College


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