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Introduction to Astrophysics

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Introduction to Astrophysics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Astrophysics. Andrew Liddle . Movie credit: The Virgo consortium. Introduction to Astrophysics. Department of Physics and Astronomy Term 1, Autumn 2005

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introduction to astrophysics

Introduction to Astrophysics

Andrew Liddle

Movie credit: The Virgo consortium

introduction to astrophysics1
Introduction to Astrophysics

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Term 1, Autumn 2005

Aims: to explain primarily at a descriptive level the contents, dimensions and history of the Universe. This will include a survey of the basic astronomical tools, and will seek to explain the way in which some basic physical laws can be applied in order to understand the observed phenomena.

course times
Course times

The course has two lectures per week, which are

Monday at 11am and Thursday at 3pm

both in Chichester 3R241.

These are supported by a weekly workshop on

Friday at 9am

in Pevensey 2A12. All classes will start promptly.

As the course is just starting, there will be no workshop on Friday 7th.


Assessment for Introduction to Astrophysics is entirely based on coursework carried out during the term.

There will be four problem sheets, each contributing 10% of the overall assessment, and one end-of-term quiz contributing 60%. The quiz will take place in the workshop session of week 9, i.e. on Friday December 2nd.

The marks for this course do not contribute to your final degree result, but you may be required to pass it to progress to the second year, depending on your degree program and overall average.


Andrew Liddle Arundel room 204

Office hour: Thursday 11:30 to 12:30. Please try and use it and the workshop in the first instance if you have problems.

Check out the course WWW site for additional information and links to useful resources.

on the www
On the WWW

Please bookmark the course WWW page, as given in the course document, for later use:

As well as giving up-to-date course information, the page will contain links to various electronic resources supporting this course. For example, you will easily be able to follow links to find the pictures you are about to see.

The WWW site will include access to all the PowerPoint slides for the lectures, building up as term proceeds.

course textbooks
Course textbooks

For astronomy students and other keen students, I suggest 21st Century Astronomy by Hester et al, though it is on the expensive side.

If you are on a tight budget, Introductory Astronomy by Holliday is an alternative.

Your course document lists several other books that you might find useful for consultation in the library.

If you buy on the internet, don’t go straight to Amazon. Use to get the best deal.

reminder what s next
Reminder: what’s next

Next “Introduction to Astrophysics” Class:

Thursday at 3pm

(no class on Friday morning)