monday 28 th march 2006 by james gray ceo coutts information services n.
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Presentation to the International Coalition of Library Consortia

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Monday 28 th March 2006 By James Gray – CEO Coutts Information Services. Presentation to the International Coalition of Library Consortia. Agenda. Introduction The Company A Changing Market – print to electronic The Coutts - MyiLibrary offer The MyiLibrary platform and content

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Presentation to the International Coalition of Library Consortia

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction
  • The Company
  • A Changing Market – print to electronic
  • The Coutts - MyiLibrary offer
  • The MyiLibrary platform and content
  • The MyiLibrary consortia model
  • Case Studies - UK National Health Service and University of Toronto
  • MyiLibrary title pricing and licensing
  • MyiLibrary future development
  • Summary
  • Questions and Answers
coutts a brief history
Coutts – a Brief History



group sales
Group Sales

Group Total Sales $110M (2006 projection $120M)

Library supply $63M

Campus / law $47M

mission statement
Mission Statement

Coutts Information Services (‘Coutts’) is one of the most progressive book and information supply companies

in the world. Its aim is to be a leader in the global library

and information markets.

Coutts will achieve this aim by working in partnership with its customers, suppliers and partners to develop an innovative and comprehensive range of services, through continual investment in our people, systems and processes.

global local
Global Local

Coutts Library Services USA

Coutts LibraryServices Canada

John Smith & Son

CouttsLibrary Services UK

Coutts Nijhoff International

Books Botswana



the market is changing
The Market is Changing
  • Book Industry Study Group:

a) Number of print books sold dropped by 44 million between 2003 & 2004

b) Projections for a flat print market to 2009, with some limited exceptions

c) Some evidence of erosion of print sales by electronic

  • In 2003 eBook sales represented 1% of books sales, 3% in 2004, 4.5% in 2005 (Taylor and Francis Publishing)
  • Estimates for future growth?
the coutts myilibrary offer
The Coutts – MyiLibrary Offer
  • Allows Acquisition of Print and Electronic books
  • Works with Libraries and Publishers to find innovative solutions in the transition from Print to Electronic
  • E-books can be bought in perpetuity, either individually or in collections. Some collections sold on subscription (World Bank etc.)
  • E-book acquisition can be integrated into New Titles programs and Approval programs by subject or publisher via the Coutts OASIS online acquisition system
  • Order level MARC records can be downloaded from OASIS into ILS systems for ordering purposes
  • Full MARC records available with each bought book
  • Custom upgrades to MARC records available
  • EDI ordering along with reports, invoices etc.
  • Comprehensive metadata integration with Journal A&I possible
the myilibrary platform
The MyiLibrary Platform
  • Allows full text cross searching of all content and individual titles.
  • Allows searching by LC classification
  • Allows searching of metadata
  • Takes all file formats from publishers; pdf, OEB etc.
  • Individual work book area – Cut and paste and print (subject to individual publisher restrictions)
  • Users can book mark pages and chapters or whole books
  • Single user or multi-user access
  • Platform software can be licensed for ‘local load’ options
  • Working with Publishers and Libraries for effective consortia pricing and licensing models
  • Already accessible to over 2 million patrons
  • COUNTER compliant usage stats available
  • Allows libraries to load their own content ie thesis, reports etc.
myilibrary content
MyiLibrary Content
  • Hosts over 35,000 current e-books with another 40,000 to be added in 2006 from over 200 publishers.
  • Aim over the next 5 years is to replicate the Coutts print business consolidating the acquisition of content from over 12,000 publishers.
  • Hosts important full IGO Collections – WB, OECD, ILO, IAEA, WHO, IOM plus many others to be added.
  • Of the 35,000 commercial titles loaded most are current front list with publication dates of 2004 or newer.
  • 2006 content being added today from OUP, CUP, T&F, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley (including all STM content), Blackwell Publishing, McGraw Hill, Pearson and many others.
  • In all cases plan is to add e-version of a book as print version is published. Some publishers are better than others!
  • Very strong STM and Social Sciences content
  • In advanced discussions with over 400 ‘new publishers’
the myilibrary consortia model
The MyiLibrary Consortia Model
  • Preferred unrestricted purchasing method is for individual libraries to buy and build their own collections.
  • Consortia can purchase shared collections in the same way as NL. Problem is more and more publishers will put restrictions on this model.
  • Individual Libraries can purchase their own collections and also have access to the shared collection.
  • Individual libraries can integrate OASIS with their ILS system and run detailed slip or approval plans.
  • Individual negotiations with consortia for joint print and e-purchasing
  • Consortia can license MIL software for archiving copies / local hosting
customer case studies 1 the uk national health service nhs
Customer Case Studies 1 – The UK National Health Service (NHS)
  • Open RFP late 2004
  • Requirement was to select aggregators to work with rather than individual publishers. Did not want to support 200 different publisher licensing arrangements, platforms, customer service arrangements etc.
  • Coutts selected as sole provider of e-books to Core Content Group. Proquest selected to provide aggregated medical journals and Thomson Dialog for A&I.
  • Licensing of e-books for access by 1.2M patrons – the largest licensing arrangement for e-books to date in the UK.
  • NHS outsourced all publisher licensing discussions to Coutts
  • Obtained deals with Elsevier, Springer, Wiley along with all other major medical publishers.
  • NHS estimates of savings ran into hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Arrangements allow individual hospitals / libraries to build their own specialist collections as well as access the Core Content Collection (available to all NHS England employees)
  • Working with NHS and other providers to allow single search across all content and integrate e-book metadata with journal A&I
  • Individual trusts now adding their ‘own produced’ content; reports, health and safety documents etc -.(Institutional Repository)
customer case studies 2 the university of toronto
Customer Case Studies 2 – The University of Toronto
  • Coutts working in partnership with the University of Toronto to engage in large scale pilot of e-books
  • MyiLibrary bulk purchasing large content collections from selected publishers for the University – 13,000 titles from T&F, 4,000 titles from OUP, 12,000 titles from Springer, all IGO collections plus many others.
  • All titles to be owned rather than subscribing to collections
  • Licensing MyiLibrary software and moving to a locally hosted version of the platform in 2006 to incorporate University owned content with commercial content.
  • Loading MARC records into Library OPAC
  • Integrating full e-book metadata into CSA journal abstracting database as primary discovery tool
  • Adding UofT own content including newly digitized archive collections
  • Integrating acquisition of new front list material into approval program and new title slip plans via Coutts web based acquisition management system - OASIS .
  • Working on combined print and electronic purchasing deals for the University
  • Working with University to monitor usage and take up of titles
  • Working with key textbook publishers to run trials of individual textbook sales to students and Library

Information Delivery from MyiLibrary to the Student

Marc Record

Library Catalogue

University of Toronto

Student Researcher


Illumina Database

Meta Data


The Future of Searching

Research Student

ILLUMINA A&I Database also called Scholars Portal

Library Catalogue Records



title and collection pricing
Title and collection pricing
  • For individual libraries title pricing is based on print and either a single user or a multi user price is offered
  • IGO subscription pricing based on FTE count
  • Subject collections available for bulk purchase
  • Discounts increase with spend
  • Each library signs a license agreement for individual acquisitions.
  • US$500 per annum platform fee per library
  • Flexible payment terms to work with budget cycles
  • Rent to buy option to spread cost over two years
  • Publisher specific negotiations for large bulk sales
  • Consortia shared collection pricing based on single user or multi-user pricing, 1-12 libraries 2 copies, 12-25 libraries 4 copies, 25-50 libraries 6 copies
  • Large consortia deals negotiated individually with an emphasis on creating a partnership for long term collection development.
future developments
Future Developments
  • New release to be launched soon with upgraded search functionality
  • Developed in partnership with customers – NHS technical development group, University of Toronto etc
  • Launching user group late 2006
  • Multi- language (already French and Spanish)
  • PDA formatted content trials (medical use)
  • Text book sales in partnership with Pearson, McGraw Hill and others
  • Pricing for individual chapters and pages
  • MESH subject headings for medical content
  • Working on Inter-library loan model with publishers and selected partner.
  • Sophisticated e-book acquisition system – OASIS
  • Competitive price structure
  • Integration with Slip and Approval plans
  • Broad and growing selection of content
  • Focus on library market - over 35 years experience in partnering with libraries
  • Trusted publisher partner
  • Large development team
  • World wide distribution through Proquest and other partners