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Advertising Awareness!

Advertising Awareness!. Created by Jordan and Logan of the Maurice’s Monkeys. Advertising is when someone tries to sell you their product through the use of media.

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Advertising Awareness!

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  1. Advertising Awareness! Created by Jordan and Logan of the Maurice’s Monkeys

  2. Advertising is when someone tries to sell you their product through the use of media. Advertisers try to make you buy their product by showing it to you over and over again through the use of television, radio, magazines, internet, billboards, posters, etc. What is Advertising?

  3. Propaganda is when someone makes you think that something is right even though it may not. They may not be telling you the whole truth, but only what they want you to know. By doing this, it’s much easier to get you to believe in their idea. What is Propaganda?

  4. Advertisers target people of all ages. From commercials for toys to commercials on life insurance. Everyone is a target! Who Do Advertisers Target?

  5. There are many different advertising techniques that advertisers use to try to make you want to buy their product. We’ll learn about these techniques next. How Do They Do This?

  6. In this half of the presentation, you’ll learn common techniques that advertisers use to persuade their audience into buying their product. Common Advertising techniques and explanations

  7. An advertiser might try to get someone with high respect and/or authority to accept their product. Then, maybe, the people who have respect for that person will also accept the product and get it for themselves. Transfer Example: If the most popular person at school starts wearing a certain brand, then others might also want to buy that brand.

  8. Advertisers might pay celebrities to endorsetheir product. If someone famous likes their product, then you should too. Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player, can be seen in many commercials, even today. The Testimonial

  9. Euphenisms are when propagandists and advertisers change a name of something to make it more pleasant. An example is when in the 1940’s America changed the name of the War Department into the Department of Defense. Euphenisms

  10. A commercial for Hardee’s said that they give you a half a pound of meat unlike other companies that give you mostly bun instead of meat. By that, they were referring to McDonalds Big Mac. Name Calling The name calling technique links a person or idea to something negative. The advertiser or propagandist hopes that the audience will not like that person or idea because of the negative image that he gives it.

  11. When advertisers try to make people believe that if we don’t use their product, something bad could happen. A good example of a commercial that uses this sort of techniques are commercials about wearing your seatbelt. Fear Another good example are the new “Don’t smoke” commercials that show graphic images of what’s really happening to your body when you smoke.

  12. The product placement technique is being used frequently now. Advertisers will have their product in music videos, television shows or movies. We may not even be aware that the product is there, but by seeing that product in the video, show, or movie, we might be persuaded into buying it. Product Placement An excellent example is Nelly’s music video “Air Force 1”, starring the Nike shoes “Air Force 1”. MuchMusic thought this video was so much of an ad that they actually pulled it off the air.

  13. The average commercial is 30 seconds long. In this given time, they do as much as they can to try to convince you to buy their product. Don’t forget!

  14. We chose to analyze the Crunch chocolate bar commercials. They’re using the testimonial technique by paying a celebrity like Shaquille O’Neal to promote their product. They also have plenty of excitement in their commercials. They’re marketing to all those basketball and Shaq fans out there (mostly guys). Analyzing a Product

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