welcome to the state of n.
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Welcome To The State of…

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Welcome To The State of… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome To The State of…
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  1. WHERE? Welcome ToThe State of… Jefferson HISTORY VISIT TRIVIA PRESENT DAY LEARN MORE This presentation is compiled by Erin Herndobler, All the information in this Power Point is, sadly, true.

  2. Jefferson State includes parts of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Depending on the time period different counties are included. This maps shows some counties that have been proposed.

  3. Did you know? • In 1941, Jefferson State almost became the 49th state to enter the union (Alaska and Hawaii didn’t become states till the 1950’s). • The “revolt” resulted from the lack of funding from both states capitols to build highways in the area. “The Namesake” Thomas Jefferson • Advocates handed out “Proclamations of Independence” to travelers on Highway 99. • A newsreel promoting the succession of the State of Jefferson was set to air on television December 8, 1941. BUT A day before the program aired Pearl Harbor was attacked, beginning WWII.

  4. Visit Jefferson Country Click on any picture to learn more about our area

  5. Fun Trivia on Jefferson State In a contest to name the state Bonanza was a entry that was given serious consideration, winners won $2. On December 4, 1941 Judge John L. Childs of Crescent City in Del Norte County was elected governor of the state of Jefferson. This is the first map of Jefferson State

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