adventures ali baba bernstein n.
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Adventures Ali Baba Bernstein

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Adventures Ali Baba Bernstein - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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of. The. Adventures Ali Baba Bernstein. LindaC / Callison /2011. Other books by Johanna Hurwitz. . . . and more. several : more than one or two. Can you find several cowboys?. ranged : spanned between two things. Range of the blue circles (big to tiny).

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adventures ali baba bernstein



Adventures Ali Baba Bernstein



several: more than one or two

Can you find several cowboys?

ranged spanned between two things
ranged: spanned between two things

Range of the blue circles (big to tiny).

curious wanting to know about something
curious: wanting to know about something

Now I wonder what’s going on in here?

frequently often
frequently: often

When’s lunch?

Can I go to the bathroom?

What are we supposed to do?

sultan a ruler in some muslim countries
sultan: a ruler in some Muslim countries

A modern-day sultan: HajiBolkiah, Sultan of Brunei

An historic sultan from 16th century

silk road a trade route between china and persia
silk road: a trade route between China and Persia

Land Routes—Red

Sea Routes--Blue


High Interest Words

These are words from the story that you may not have seen before.

florescent a type of light bulb that uses mercury vapor to produce light
florescent: a type of light-bulb that uses mercury vapor to produce light

Florescent lights save energy.

word processor: an electric machine that is used to create and store writing. Not as advanced as a computer.
kasha varnishkas a classic jewish dish using buckwheat groats and noodles
kasha varnishkas: a classic Jewish dish using buckwheat groats and noodles

This was traditional comfort food for Russian Jews, brought to America by immigrants.

several ranged curious policy temporary frequently sultan civilizations silk road translation

High Interest Words






word processor

kasha varnishkas

severalrangedcuriouspolicytemporaryfrequentlysultancivilizationssilk roadtranslation