probing the scalar sector with zzh n.
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Probing the scalar sector with ZZH

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Probing the scalar sector with ZZH - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Probing the scalar sector with ZZH. Debajyoti Choudhury, Anindya Datta, Katri Huitu, hep-ph/0302141. outline: Introduction Models: higher representations radion (nonSUSY/SUSY) Conclusions. Introduction. Assume that EWSB due to Higgs mechanism

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probing the scalar sector with zzh

Probing the scalar sector with ZZH

Debajyoti Choudhury, Anindya Datta, Katri Huitu,





higher representations

radion (nonSUSY/SUSY)


LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

  • Assume that EWSB due to Higgs mechanism
  • Light scalars not taking part in the EWSB can mix with Higgs
  • In extensions of the Standard Model new scalars and new representations- spontaneous CP violation, - supersymmetry, - left-right model, - gauge unification,...
  • What can a detected set of scalars tell about the model?
  • Related works: Burgess et al, IJMP A17(2002) 1841; Ellis et al, PLB 502 (2001) 171; Kane et al PRD 64 (2001) 095013; Ambrosanio et al NPB 624 (2002) 3.

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

zzh coupling
ZZH coupling


  • gets contribution from any nonsinglet VEV
  • ZZH coupling essential in production:or gauge boson fusionuse to separate between models

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

e g su 5 gut
E.g. SU(5) GUT

The SM fermions in

contain neutral scalars


Y=1 triplet

in minimal SU(5) problems with realistic spectrum  need more representations

These contain singlets, triplets (Y=0,1), 4-plets (Y=3/2,1/2), 5-plets (Y=2,1,0)

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu


A strong constraint from the r-parameter,

experimentally r 1. We demand r= 1.

Parametrize the ZZH coupling:

C  1  BSM Physics

4 max (T3i2 ) C  4 min (T3i2 )

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu


Z mass:

  • fermions of the SM couple to doublets
  • Yt increases with decreasing v1/2:


LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

triplets added
Triplets Added

Georgi, Machachek,NPB 262 (1985) 463.

Triplets(3,0) and (3,1)

 1 < C < 4

fine tuning

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

fiveplets added
Fiveplets added

(5,0) and (5,1) enhance 

(5,2) suppresses 

(5,0) and (5,2):

1 < C < 16

(5,0) and (5,1):

1 < C < 12

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

higgs mixing with radions
Higgs mixing with radions

Randall, Sundrum, PRL 83 (1999) 3370, 4690.

5-dim universe, compactify on S1 / Z2





  • massless fields: hmngravitongmn
  • rc modulus T(x)

T(x) has zero potential  stabilize,

radion    e-k(T-rc), m  O(1 TeV)

Goldberger, Wise, PRL 83 (1999)4922, PLB475 (2000)275.

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu


Curvature-Higgs mixing

Giudice, Rattazzi, Wells, NPB 595 (2001) 250;

Csaki, Graesser, Kribs, PRD 63 (2001) 065002.


LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu


positivity of kinetic terms:

Couplings to physical scalars (V=general gauge boson):

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu


constant C curves

unitarity bounds


PRD 64 (2001)076003

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

supersymmetric rs model
Supersymmetric RS model

To make contact with the superstring theory, the RS model may need to be supersymmetrized.

Extra dimensions may be connected with the supersymmetry breaking method:

Stabilization  e.g. AMSB possible.

Luty, Sundrum,

PRD 62 (2000) 035008

We consider

J.A. Casas, J.R. Espinosa, I. Navarro, NPB 620 (2002) 195

Supplement MSSM with a radion T and

dilaton S in the bulk (susy breaking along FS):

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

the warp factor
The warp factor


note: K is model dependent

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu


Coupling to the singlet radion from the trace of stress-energy tensor:

Diagonalize H10,H20,t sum of the squares of scalar couplings (normalized to SM value):

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu

  • Sum of the ZZH couplings can be an efficient separator between models
  • For scalars in higher representations of SU(2)L, the  parameter and perturbativity of the top Yukawa-coupling constrain C
  • In higher dimensions, the Higgs-curvature mixing may effect C strongly

LCWS Amsterdam, Katri Huitu