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Global Academic Network for Doctoral Researchers in Operations Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Academic Network for Doctoral Researchers in Operations Management

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Global Academic Network for Doctoral Researchers in Operations Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Academic Network for Doctoral Researchers in Operations Management. Established: 2005. Introduction to GANOM and Invitation to Join the Network. Presidents Message. Dear researcher,

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Global Academic Network for Doctoral Researchers in Operations Management

Established: 2005

Introduction to GANOM

and Invitation to Join the Network

presidents message
Presidents Message

Dear researcher,

GANOM was established due a desire to share knowledge and experiences with friends from around the world in the area of operations management at the 2005 EIASM doctoral seminar in research methodology for OM. As you well know a PhD is a very demanding time, by finding researchers in your area and friends we can support one another to achieve. In the future, we hope to meet at conferences, arrange seminars and possibly provide opportunities to work together on publications globally.

This presentation sets out to discover and establish a network for researchers by providing web forums, discussion groups, personal webpage's and networking events to support one another's research. Within, this world there are possibly a number of people who actually could understand your research!, but how do we find these people? We hope GANOM will achieve this, and grow in size to encourage all researchers in our field to come together and contact one another and share experiences.

On behalf of GANOM’s establishing team we hope you will want to be a part, contribute and tell your fellow researchers. We hope to see you at the first GANOM forums and networking events. Together we can achieve greatly, we have an opportunity to build a network that will be there to help future researchers. And provide the opportunity to maintain professional friendships when we have achieved our doctorates.

If you have any queries you wish to raise or want to know how you can contribute, then please contact me.

Miles Weaver,

President. or

Doctoral Researcher, (Hong, General Secretary)

Aston Business School, Birmingham UK

Endorsed by:

  • GANOM Aims
  • GANOM Origin
  • Networking at Eden Seminar
  • GANOM People
  • Knowledge Sharing and Advancement
  • Networking in GANOM
  • GANOM Website
  • Joining the Network
ganom aims
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences amongst the network
  • Provide a network of emerging experts to enrich members doctoral experiences and opportunities
  • Facilitate knowledge advancement and development by providing editorial, and reviewing services to members
  • Provide opportunities to learn new skills in a friendly, and inclusive network where improvement and knowledge sharing is key not disappointment
  • Enrich and motivate experiences by issuing newsletters, communications, personal web space, annual colloquium, conference meetings, joint publications etc
ganom origin
GANOM Origin
  • GANOM was established by 22 members from across Europe, Asia and South America at the EIASM EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Research Methods in Operations Management 2005
  • Seminar chaired by GANOM founding patron Prof. Christer Karlson and leading professors in the area of research methodology in OM
  • Network endorsed and supported by EIASM and EurOMA
  • Operations management doctoral researchers from around the world are invited to join the network
  • Please distribute this opportunity to all doctoral researchers in operations management
networking at eden seminar
Networking at Eden Seminar

ganom people see website for more detail
GANOM People (see website for more detail)

Honorary PresidentWalter Chung


Prof. Christer Karlsson

PresidentMiles Weaver

SecretaryHong Qiao

Vice-President for Marketing and CommunicationMaud Bay

Vice-Presidents for Knowledge Advancement and DevelopmentAndreas Brinkhoff and Aleksandr Miina

Vice-Presidents for Membership and Local CoordinatorsWalter Chung (Asia & Australia) Gregory Coraux (Europe) Mirko Kremer (America) Mark Moonen (Africa) Claus Seiding (North Countries)

Vice-Presidents for Network ActivitiesYana Selioukova and Jenny Bäckstrand

Founding MembersBelgium : Maud Bay (Liège) Mark Moonen (Leuven) Brazil : Paulo Cauchick (Sao Paulo) Danemark : Claus Seiding (Aalborg)

Estonia : Aleksandr Miina (Tallinn) Finland : Jukka Borgman (Helsinki) Yana Selioukova (Lappeenranta) Virpi Turkulainen (Hut)

France : Grégory Coraux (Genève) Germany : Andreas Brinkhoff (Münster) Mirko Kremer (Mannheim)

Hong Kong : Walter Chung (Hong Kong) Ireland : Mark Whelan (Limerick)

Netherlands : Niels Agatz (Rotterdam) Hans Moonen (Rotterdam) João Quariguasi (Rotterdam) Bart Van Hezewijk (Rotterdam)

Norway : Umar Burki (Molde) Sweden : Jenny Bäckstrand (Jönköping)

United Kingdom : Miles Weaver (West Midlands)Trevor Cadden (County Antrim) Hong Qiao (Cranfield)

knowledge sharing and advancement
Knowledge Sharing and Advancement


  • Opportunity to exchange essay, papers, presentations and ideas to editors for anomalous review within network
  • Regular newsletters, opportunities for publication, personal GANOM profile on web, network events at conferences and GANOM colloquiums

Knowledge Sharing and Exchange:

  • Submit work for review amongst a friendly community for quick response before showing supervisors, or publication process for positive revision and improvement ideas
  • Response rate within five days
  • Comments gathered by editor to facilitate learning and improvement in a positive manner

Concept and Process:

  • System is an exchange; each time a paper is submitted you will be added to the review list
  • Opportunity to ask editor to choose a reviewer from specific field (e.g. research methodology, research problem)
networking opportunities
Networking Opportunities
  • Researcher Profile page on GANOM website
  • Ability to contact people and exchange ideas via the network
  • Discussion groups, topics and web chat to discuss ideas and exchange experiences
  • Founding colloquium in February 2006
  • Networking activities at OM conferences
  • E-Newsletter discussing current issues, publications, social activities and OM news
ganom website http www seminar hec ulg ac be ganom
GANOM website:
  • Background to GANOM
  • Personal Profiles (e.g. contact details, research topic, areas of interest)
  • Discussion of EDEN Seminar in OM research methods
  • Opportunity to share experiences and ideas
  • Contact details of board and members
  • Services of knowledge advancement and development (called toolbox)
    • submit papers for review
    • submit ideas, discussions, articles for newsletter
join the ganom doctoral network
Join the GANOM Doctoral Network

Visit our website and have your own page:


Join our MSN Group:


Contact the General Secretary: