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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) PowerPoint Presentation
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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). Southeast District Meeting Louisville, KY June 6, 2009 Michele Morrison. Agenda. Overview APICS CSCP Statistics APICS CSCP Best Practices APICS CSCP Marketing & Administrative Portal – EduNetCentral APICS CSCP Updates and Processes

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apics certified supply chain professional cscp

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

Southeast District Meeting

Louisville, KY

June 6, 2009

Michele Morrison



APICS CSCP Statistics

APICS CSCP Best Practices

APICS CSCP Marketing & Administrative Portal – EduNetCentral

APICS CSCP Updates and Processes

Question and Answer

who is holmes corporation
Who is Holmes Corporation?
    • HC core competencies include design, development, marketing, fulfillment and ongoing support of educational programs supporting a professional association’s certification
  • Offering strategic educational support since 1970
  • Partners with many other recognized professional associations (IIA, IEEE, SHRM, APA, CPA, ASQ)
  • Established college/university delivery network option
  • Certification exams are developed independent of HC development
partnership roles
Partnership Roles








Development &


APICS Item Writers

& PearsonVue

CSCP Learning System

Holmes Corp & APICS SMEs

the apics cscp program
The APICS CSCP Program

APICS CSCP Learning System


  • Certification exam preparation & professional development training program
  • Combines 4 print module with interactive Web-based tools to provide customized learning experience
  • Reflects the current CSCP Body of Knowledge/ECM
  • Organizes 150 references into 800 pages of content
  • 40 – 80 hour investment
  • Paper and pencil offered 3 times/year. CBT is a new option.
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Exam content manual available
apics cscp 4 modules
APICS CSCP – 4 Modules

Web-based Study Tools

Access educational support activities to support print modules

  • Pre-test
  • Module-specific tests
  • Post-test
  • Online progress report
  • eFlashcards
  • Online glossary
  • Information center
apics cscp and cpim

APICS Certification Relationship

where does apics cscp fit
Where Does APICS CSCP Fit?


Your Enterprise

  • Business Focus
  • Finance
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Administration
  • Engineering


Supply Chain

Mgt. Fundamentals

Customer & Suppliers



IT Enablement

Operations, Planning & Logistics

  • Execution Focus
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing

Your Suppliers

Your Customers

Their Suppliers

Their Customers

industry acceptance
Industry Acceptance
  • 10,000+ APICS CSCP Learning Systems sold
  • 7,500+ individuals sat for APICS CSCP exam
  • 5,500+ APICS CSCP designations earned (globally 2006-2008)
  • Growing number of employers prefer candidates with APICS CSCP certification:

Abbott, Amgen, Boeing, Boston Scientific, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cisco Systems, DuPont, General Electric, General Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, Oracle, Robert Bosch, US Marine Corp, Tyco, Wipro Technologies

benefits of the apics cscp
Benefits of the APICS CSCP

Attainknowledge to effectively manage global supply chain activities.

Master concepts that create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology, and corporate-wide communication.

Increase professional value and efficiency of the workplace environment

Gainproven learning and organizational skills to strategically streamline operations and drive profits.

why offer cscp
Why Offer CSCP?
  • Revenue to fund other initiatives
  • New topics/products attract new members
  • New topics/products retain and add value for existing members
  • Market share and mind share to be captured
  • This new topic elevates and expands the credibility of APICS within the marketplace
  • Integrated with the APICS mission (membership, education, certification)
apics cscp course delivery
APICS CSCP Course Delivery


  • Traditional independent study
  • Study/work groups


  • Study/work groups
  • Instructor Assisted
  • Classroom delivery
      • Public course
      • Onsite corporate course
  • College/university
      • Classroom
      • Online
delivery best practices
Delivery Best Practices
  • Recommended 40 hour format
  • Consider audience
  • Interview each candidate
  • Many have added an initial session for kick-off and an ending session for review
  • Back-to-back full-day sessions not recommended
  • Break 40 hour corporate sessions into:
    • 2 sessions, 3 weeks apart
    • 4-5 consecutive Fridays
    • 9am-12pm, break, 2pm-5pm
set expectations early
Set Expectations Early

APICS CSCP is a different model:

  • Existence of LS, 1 exam
  • Eligibility requirements + exam registration deadlines
  • Students are expected to come prepared
  • Prep time: 40% users study 75+ hours
  • The LS is the content (consistency)
  • The instructor value stems from
    • topics reviews
    • answers to questions
    • real life scenarios
    • facilitation
    • adding clarity and practical application to the content
self study resale
Self-Study Resale
  • Revenue to fund other initiatives
  • Often times opens door to an organization for a corporate training opportunity
  • Establishes local point of contact & connection
  • Opportunity to meet local need – even if you are not offering a course
self study resale financial investment
Self-Study Resale – Financial Investment

* Chapter pricing is confidential information for chapter’s only

marketing best practices
Marketing Best Practices
  • Frequently & consistently market courses and self-study
  • Keep your local website current
  • Leverage existing tools before creating your own (e.g. flyers, PowerPoint, testimonials, & success stories)
  • Highlight CSCP at events/sessions
  • Invite a supplier partner and/or client to participate with you in the class
  • Target individuals & corporations with tailored messages
  • It’s okay to start small
    • Students from “small” classes become your market-ers
marketing to individuals
Marketing to Individuals

The APICS CSCP designation allows you to:

  • Develop competencies to manage complex worldwide supply chain activities involving suppliers, plants, distributors, and customers in a global environment.
  • Learn skills to create consistency and foster collaboration through global best practices, common terminology, and cross-company communication.
  • Create career advantage and differentiation.
  • Earn 30-60 APICS CPIM certification maintenance points
  • Achieve expertise and confidence leading to job satisfaction and potentially position enhancement/promotion

Sell Career Fulfillment and Differentiation!

maintenance points
Maintenance Points

*Successful completion is defined as earning 80% or higher on the Learning System online post-test.

marketing to corporations
Marketing to Corporations

Sell value to team and bottom-line results!

  • Create common understanding, vocabulary, processes, and frameworks within the organization to address supply chain challenges and opportunities.
  • Design successful supply chain strategies using global standards
  • Boost productivity, collaboration, and innovation
  • Effectively manage supplier and customer relationships
  • Enhance logistics, technology, and data integration to improve performance
  • Increase customer satisfaction and bottom-line results
  • Positively affect lead times, inventory, productivity and bottom-line profitability
corporate outreach
Corporate Outreach
  • Sell all learning format options
  • Personal visits by company coordinators
  • Corporate ‘road show’ of 3-4 scheduled visits
  • On-site APICS overview – ‘What APICS Training/Certification does for Your Organization’
  • Utilize PPT for corporations
  • Brochure or tailored ‘leave behind’
  • Insert testimonials
  • Leverage success stories





  • ENC is an administrative and marketing web portal for:
  • Comprehensive APICS CSCP course administration.
  • Repository of APICS CSCP marketing tools.
  • Log-in and password issued to each chapter.
edunetcentral enc value
EduNetCentral (ENC) Value
  • Establish instructor logins for web-based group reports (to monitor online progress of students)
  • Establish class sessions and enter class enrollment lists
  • Easy access to marketing and sales tools for expedited course planning and promotion.


  • Secure Access
  • Each APICS Chapter is given a unique ID and password
  • Obtain login from Regional Manager
edunetcentral com navigation
EduNetCentral.com Navigation
  • Profile Section Overview
  • Snapshot of your chapter’s contact information
  • Create course sessions for classes being offered
  • Enroll students in the web-based software for APICS CSCP LS
  • Input student lists for letters of recognition
  • Marketing Support Section Overview
  • Download marketing copy & templates for marketing campaigns
  • Download success stories for sales outreach
  • Download current product shots and logos
  • Other Features Section Overview
  • Forms available for download/printing (evaluation, order, etc.)
  • FAQs – Find answers to commonly asked questions
  • Contact Us – Contacts at APICS and HC
enc marketing support
ENC Marketing Support
  • Marketing Copy
  • Text, photos, graphics
  • Multiple templates available
  • Can be customized
  • New PowerPoint available
v2 0 edition 2009
V2.0, Edition 2009

Updates to Edition 2009

  • Alignment with CSCP Exam Content Manual (ECM)
  • About 150 new pages in Modules 1 through 3 addressing content in the Exam Content Manual
  • Module 4 (IT) had a 25% reduction of content to more accurately reflect ECM & industry practices
  • Reviewed and adjusted for global implications/examples
  • Addressed all comments and corrections submitted by instructors and students
  • Definitions updated to 12th edition of the APICS Dictionary
  • Web-based tool and Instructor Kit materials updated to reflect above changes

Web-based tools

  • Module-specific tests now include 20 questions each (previously 10)


  • Pricing did not change for 2009
v2 1 edition 2010
V2.1, Edition 2010

Stated objectives for updating Edition 2010

  • Add two professional development topics:
    • Lean
    • Green
  • Alignment with 2010 CSCP Exam Content Manual (ECM)
  • Reviewed and adjusted for global implications/examples
  • Addressed all comments and corrections submitted by instructors and students
  • Web-based tool and Instructor Kit materials updated to reflect above changes


  • Edition 2010 Participant materials and companion Student Slide Booklet price remains the same for 2009 ($595 & $16.50)
  • Edition 2010 Instructor Kit Upgrade will remained the same ($150) … budget accordingly

Delivery is expected for early Dec 2009

instructor kit upgrade process
Instructor kit upgrade process
  • There is a master list of all instructor kit owners.
  • An email communication is sent early November explaining the process for obtaining the E2010 instructor kit.
  • Orders are taken throughout November and orders are processed in the order they are received beginning in December. All instructor kit orders are shipped prior to the holidays.
  • Change Documents for instructors are sent with shipments of new instructor kits.
  • Change Documents for students can be found on Learncscp.com in the Information Center.
  • www.apics.org/cscp

Free demo, program overview, exam details

  • www.apics.org/membership/volunteers

Volunteer Resources, Leadership Central, ListServ

  • www.EduNetCentral.com

PPT, testimonials, templates, course administration

  • APICS Corporate Services
  • APICS CSCP Regional Manager

Thank You!