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A First Class Opportunity

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Class of 1963 50th Reunion Class Gift Campaign. A First Class Opportunity. 50 th Reunion Class Gift Campaign. The Trinity High School (THS) Auditorium shares 50-year milestones

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A First Class Opportunity

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a first class opportunity

Class of 1963 50th Reunion Class Gift Campaign

A First Class Opportunity

50 th reunion class gift campaign
50th Reunion Class Gift Campaign

The Trinity High School (THS) Auditorium shares 50-year milestones

with the Class of 1963:

  • Over 50 years ago, the class of ‘63 was integral to building the THS auditorium through the sale of massive quantities of World’s Greatest Chocolate Almonds and Ford “Ga-lax-ee” raffle tickets.
  • 50 years ago this Spring, the class of ‘63 was the first class to present a play on the new THS stage - “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • 50 years ago this June 4th the class of ‘63 became the first class to graduate from Trinity’s new state-of-the-art auditorium.
  • In the past 50 years, as members of the class of 1963 have experienced some “wear and tear”, so too has the 50 year old THS Auditorium. 
50 th reunion class gift campaign1
50th Reunion Class Gift Campaign

THS has identified the auditorium as not only a meeting space for

the school, but a viable revenue generating stream via rentals out

to the community-at-large:

  • As one of the largest auditorium/stage meeting spaces in the area THS has received a number of inquiries regarding rental.
  • Disrepair of auditorium seating, lack of air conditioning and insufficient bathroom facilities are currently three major impediments to rental.
  • A number of additional repairs and renovations are needed which, in aggregate, warrant a renovation of the auditorium.
50 th reunion class gift campaign2
50th Reunion Class Gift Campaign

Until such time as an auditorium renovation campaign is launched,

Trinity has prioritized the replacement of 255 seats in the center section

of the Auditorium. These seats are in the greatest need of replacing as

a large number of them, even entire rows, no longer raise or lower.

The 50th Reunion Class Gift will serve as a “First Class Opportunity” to

launch the auditorium renovation by raising funds to replace the center

section of seats.

Given the possibility of creating a future revenue stream for THS, this

50th Reunion Class Gift promises to be the “gift that keeps on giving”.

50 th reunion class gift campaign3
50TH Reunion Class Gift Campaign

All funds raised for the seating replacement will be directly payable to Trinity High School, either by check or credit card. Trinity will be solely responsible for the ordering and oversight of the replacement of the auditorium seats, as well as donor recognition.

seating replacement program
Seating Replacement Program

After 50 yrs. parts are no longer available which necessitates the

seating being replaced as opposed to repaired or reupholstered.

seating replacement program1
Seating Replacement Program

Beyond the wear and tear on the upholstery and seat finishes,

a great many seats no longer raise or lower, in some cases, leaving

entire rows non-functioning.

seating replacement program2
Seating Replacement Program


Insert photo of new seat

This is a sample. The final choice is under consideration by Trinity.

seating replacement program3
Seating Replacement Program
  • The THS Auditorium has 1,286 seats laid out in 3 horizontal sections, left, center and right and two vertical sections, labeled as front and back.
  • THS has prioritized the replacement of 18 rows in the front /center section with15 seats per row (270 seats). A benefactor has already “purchased” the first row leaving 17 rows (255 seats).
  • The cost for replacement and installation is $250 per seat. This includes donor recognition affixed to the seat.
seating replacement program4
Seating Replacement Program

A First Class Opportunity To…


  • A favorite teacher
  • A new or past graduate
  • A Trinity family
  • Current or past Mother’s Club/Father’s Club Presidents
  • A loved one
  • Special volunteer
  • Trinity Board Members past or present
seating replacement program5
Seating Replacement Program

Donor Recognition

  • A donation of $250.00 will “purchase” a seat that will have a recognition affixed to it with the donor’s inscription.
  • Larger plaques commensurate with the amount of larger

donations will be available for hanging in the building.

  • A singular donation of $1,000,000.00 earmarked for the Auditorium earns the right to name the building.
  • 2” x 3” inscription plates to be affixed to the chair arm will be available in either brass or a gold tone and hold up to 30 characters.
  • 3” x 5” inscription plates to be affixed to the end of a row(s) will also be available in brass or gold tone and hold up to 50 characters.
seating replacement program6
Seating Replacement Program

Donation Categories

  • World’s Finest Circle= Section I = (9) Rows 2-10 @ $33,750 or Section II (8) Rows11-18 @ $30,000
  • Galaxie Circle = Entire Rows @ $3750 per row*
  • First Class Circle = Individual Seats @ $250 per seat
  • Half-Century Circle = $51- $249
  • $50 for our 50th Circle = $50
  • Other Donations under $50

* Row choice is dependent upon availability