take wise decision of ending your unwished pregnancy with abortion pills n.
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No More Complications During Abortion Via Abortion Pills PowerPoint Presentation
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No More Complications During Abortion Via Abortion Pills

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No More Complications During Abortion Via Abortion Pills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Abortion pills i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol supports in ending of unplanned pregnancy, which is not more than 9 weeks or 63days of gestation. Abortion pills offer pain-free and infection-free abortion at home without any complications. Buy Abortion pills today at a nominal rate from our popular online pharmacy and get a quick delivery at your doorstep.

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undesired pregnancy is a not only a financial

Undesired pregnancy is a not only a financial stress on the couples but poses a great mental pressure on the mother, leading to physical manifestations as well. Therefore there is a need for an aborticide that is safe, reliable and easy on the pocket. Also, it should be user-friendly and provide its users the ease to be used in the privacy of their homes. One such method that qualifies all the above-mentioned points is ABORTION PILLS.

abortion pills are an exquisite solution

Abortion pills are an exquisite solution to terminate an undesired pregnancy of fewer than 9 weeks. This medication is used by a large number of women all across the globe to put an end to their undesired gestation. This is the preferred method of abortion as it is not only safe and reliable but is an extremely private mode of abortion. The two active components of abortion pills are mifepristone and misoprostol. Where mifepristone is involved in blocking the growth of the fetus, misoprostol is involved in triggering the contractions of the uterus that expels the fetus out.

dosing regimen of mifepristone pills
Dosing Regimen Of Mifepristone Pills:

To terminate your unwanted gestation of fewer than 7 weeks take three tablets of mifepristone orally with suffice water and wait for two days. On the 3rd day visit a gynecologist to check the status of your abortion. In case it is unsuccessful, take two tablets of Misoprostol vaginally or orally and after two days, verify your abortion with ultrasonography.

dosing schedule of misoprostol pills
Dosing Schedule Of Misoprostol Pills:

To end your unwished pregnancy with Misoprostol take 12 of them in three divided doses at the interval of three hours, orally or vaginally. Wait for 2 days, on the 3rd day corroborate your abortion via an ultrasonography examination.

dosing plan of mtp kit
Dosing Plan Of MTP Kit:
  • To terminate your undesired pregnancy with MTP kit, take a single tablet of mifepristone orally and wait for 2 days.
  • On the 3rd day take all four tablets of misoprostol and single dose orally or vaginally, and wait for 14 days.
  • Get an ultrasonography done to confirm the termination of pregnancy.
adverse effects that are likely to be present

Adverse effects that are likely to be present with the use of Abortion pills are nausea, vomiting, heavy vaginal bleeding, stomach cramps, pelvic pain, dizziness, drowsiness, stomach upset and diarrhea.

safety measures to follow with

Safety measures to follow with the use of Abortion pills are staying away from the consumption of alcohol and other sedatives.do not attempt driving and other strenuous tasks while using this medication. You must get your IUD’s removed before using abortion pills. This medication is prohibited in case of ectopic pregnancy. This medication should not be used by elderly women, children, and girls below 18 years of age.