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Some Tips For Speedy Recovery After Pregnancy Termination

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Some Tips For Speedy Recovery After Pregnancy Termination - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Once finished with the abortion process, some care needs to be taken for the betterment of your health. For the both the abortion method care is required whether it be medical or surgical. In case of surgical technique extra care is required.

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Some Tips for Speedy Recovery After Pregnancy Termination

Intercourse After Abortion
  • You should not attempt any kind of sexual activity at least for 2 weeks after the termination to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Avoiding intercourse until two weeks, it gives your body the best chance to recover after treatment.
  • If you act irresponsible by not using contraception then you are at risk of a new pregnancy.
  • Consult your healthcare professionals for any queries or advice.
Ultrasound After Termination
  • After termination procedure especially in case of medical method, check whether the fetus got removed completely out of womb through ultrasound.
  • Ultrasound ensures you whether the process has been successful and your body has returned to normal.
  • If the test comes positive, your medical experts will advice you for further medication.
Pregnancy Prevention After Termination
  • Once you’re done with abortion, contraception is required immediately.
  • If given with contraceptive pills, began consuming the pills the day after abortion.
  • There can be the possibility of becoming pregnant again. So, don’t wait for your bleeding to stop or start your first period.
  • Contraceptive implant, contraceptive injection, or coil given to you at clinical centre are very effective and starts to work immediately.
Take Shower After Procedure
  • When finish with the treatment have shower after 24hours. It is not at all harmful to wash yourself after abortion.
  • After medication you might face some side effects like weakness, dizziness, or even faint. Preferably, have someone at home with you while taking your shower.
  • Avoid the usage of dettol or any heavily scented products around your vagina and genital area.
  • As unscented products reduces the risk of irritation and infection.
  • If you’re in a habit of douching then avoid it for two weeks.
Things To Be Carried After Process
  • Carry painkillers to beat the side effects caused due to pregnancy ending method to reduce the pain.
  • And also thermometer, heating pads, comfortable clothes and glucose.
  • Carry tampons or sanitary pads to minimize the risk of infection.
Things To Be Avoided
  • You should not do exercise for at least two weeks.
  • Do not indulge into physical activities like swimming, team sports, horse riding, gyming or anything that causes exertion as these can lead to heavy bleeding.
  • Avoid carrying your young children for the first few days unnecessarily, especially up and downstairs.
  • You must not drink alcohol for at least 48 hours following abortion or while taking antibiotics because alcohol increases the risk of heavy bleeding.
Leaking Breasts
  • Leaking breasts is common following pregnancy cancellation. The body enlarges your breasts to produce milk for breastfeeding as your body was preparing for pregnancy few weeks ago.
  • It takes some time to get breasts back to normal and during this it may leak.
  • Do not squeeze or stimulate your nipples or breasts for next few weeks as it might increase the leakage.
  • Start wearing supportive bra to help with discomfort.
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