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Trendy Political

Trendy Political

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Trendy Political

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  1. WelCome TO Trendy Political

  2. About To Trendy Political • Get all the goods and memorabilia in support of and against all the most prominent USA political leaders.  Get them before they are gone! Trump caps, Trump hats, Trump t-shirts, Hillary, etc.

  3. Hate Donald Trump Long Sleeve T-Shirt Do you think that Donald Trump inspires hate in the American People?  If so, then this shirts definitely for you! Patterned in the same style as the famous Che Guevara tees that have been worn for decades, this high-quality graphic tee is fabricated out of 100% knit-cotton and is sure to turn heads as well as make the political statement that you intend.

  4. Down With Donald Trump T-Shirt Do you think that Donald Trump should be run from our midst? This tee is for the true anti-Trumpist who finds him deplorable and a disgrace.  Show your political affiliations clearly with this Down With Trump Tee.

  5. Donald Trump's I Want You for World War 3 Enjoy this novelty Donald Trump tee.  Will he get America involved in a war due to his inflammatory comment? Who knows, clearly he's not taking crap off of anybody.  This shirt is a spoof off of the political posters of Uncle Sam saying that he wants you to fight in the military during WW2. You will love this tee and it will start a million political conversations that you will love.

  6. Trump - Pussy Grabs Back Funny Novelty Tee This novelty tee is a spoof of some of the comments that Pres. Trump made on talk radio that came to light during the election about grabbing women.  Just a few fun jabs at the man who we know puts his foot in his mouth on a regular basis.  This super soft tee features a cat holding Donald Trump by his hind-quarters saying that pussies grab back.  Pretty funny, huh?

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